Feb 16, 2021

Here I Am

Hello old space of mine.  Man do I miss writing.  I honestly don't know what happened with this blog of mine.  I just stopped and have yet to figure out the reason I did. But all I know is that I miss it.  I miss the community, even though it's VERY different than what it was a few years ago.  But most of all, I miss writing feelings that I felt like my inner circle just wouldn't get.  This blog of mine was a special outlet where I actually felt like I wasn't alone.  

So, here I am.  

Will anyone read this? No clue.  But if someone does, then welcome back and I hope we both are able to share new experiences together and go through this journey of life, especially during a pandemic. 

Pandemic, who would have thought in the year 2021 I would be using that word.  

Wow, just wow. 


Unknown said...

Hello dear old friend! It's been a while, eh? In a crazy, who knows how I got here, way...I stumbled upon MY OWN old blog and decided to click on your blog link to see if you are still around! Anyway - I hope life is great for you! I know the pandemic hit everyone in the gut! I can't believe your daughter is 6! So...just saying HELLO!!! :-)

Unknown said...

LOL - the comment shows as "Unknown". Guess I should say who I am - remember "She Just Got Married"? and my old blog "Brownies for My Breakfast"? It's me...Denée. I think you follow me on my IG page but I just followed YOU on my OTHER IG account (Love Thy Enneagram Number)! So much following!! LOL!!!