Jan 24, 2017


My calendar reminded me that yesterday was my blog anniversary.  Crazy how time flies.

Obviously, lately I have ignored this little blog of mine.  It's been hard to find the time to sit and write.  To be honest, I'm scared to write. I'm scared of what I may say.  I'm scared of realizing that when I write, my true feelings come out and quite frankly, half of them I just want to keep stuffed deep down inside and not deal with it all.  The mark on the calendar though is making me remember the reason I started blog in the first place.  Because I was searching for a community who I can relate to.

So today in an effort to attempt to reconnect with you all, I'm going to list my struggles.  The struggles that have prevented me from blogging and from even living.

I'm struggling with getting it all done as a wife, mother and woman.
I'm struggling to keep myself motivated at work.
I'm struggling with anxiety that has reached an all new peak.
I'm struggling with balancing my time with everyone.
I'm struggling with knowing who I am and my worth.
I'm struggling with writing.
I'm struggling with coming up with new recipes to cook dinner every night.
I'm struggling with the thought of maybe trying to have a second child.
I'm struggling on researching a simple place to go on vacation.
I'm struggling with my migraines that are getting progressively worse and are starting to become debilitating.
I'm struggling with major things and minor things, as you can see from the list above.

The struggle is real.  But it's part of life that we must always have.  I'm trying my hardest to overcome these struggles and what I have quickly realized is that some of the struggles have quick fixes while others take a long time.

So from here on out, baby steps to tackle each of my struggles.  I'm sure I will find new ones along the way, but hoping I'm in a better head space to deal with them head on.

What are you struggling with today?