Oct 24, 2016

Things I Am Loving

I often say "It's the little things that make me happy" and they truly are.  So here's what I'm loving over these past few weeks.

  • Coffee.  Because a good cup of coffee can make you forget the nuances of life with every sip you take
  • Fall weather.  Snuggling in a good sweater and stepping on leaves with boots on while a fall breeze rustles through your hair is just one of the best feelings. 
  • Chocolate. Because duh, it's chocolate 
  • Being 26 days away from a vacation you planned two years ago.  
  • Spending time with your close friends who you consider family 
  • Listening to music while I work - drowns out the annoying people at work 
  • Getting high praises at work for doing a good job 
  • Snapchat filters - they make a boring day so much better 
  • When I kill at winning my match in fantasy football 
  • The color of the leaves
  • Sleeping with my flannel sheets
  • Looking at what new possibilities are out there

What are some of things you are loving today? 

Oct 17, 2016

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday!

This past weekend was jam packed for us.  There wasn't a minute where we weren't moving from here to there.


  • Finally got Sadie to the groomer's so she doesn't look like a black cloud rolling around my floor, but more like the yorkiepoo she is.
  • After dropping her off, we came home and I made a quick lunch for Sophia and myself since we were waiting on the hubs to come and pick us up. 
  • Hubs came home then we got into the car and headed out to Red Bulls Stadium for their season ticket holder seat selection event.  Now that Sophia is past 2, we have to buy a seat for her.  There was no more seats available in the section we sit now so we had to find a new section.  Makes me sad to leave our group... for the past 4 years we have sat with the same people around us and we love seeing them for every game.  We won't be too far away, but it won't be the same.  I am hoping that our new seat neighbors are cool and not boring. 
  • After that event, we headed to our friends grand opening up his florist shop.  He moved to a new location which happens to be in our town so it was fun to stop by and catch up with him. 
  • Then we came home and I was able to relax for maybe a good hour before Sophia and I headed to my moms to pay a visit since Sunday I knew we wouldn't be able to stop by as per our usual. Also, the first thing Sophia says when we go to visit is "eat".  She already knows that my mom is a great cook and always has food ready for her. 
  • After my mom's we ran over across the street to pay a quick visit to Joelle and Erik to say hi since it's been a while we have seen them. 
  • One of my cousin's was visiting from CT so then we got into the car and drove over to my sisters house and hung out there for a while.  It was about 9:30 at night by the time we left and came home. 
  • Rise and Shine at 7:30am for me so I can get everything ready before we headed to the Miracle Walk.  This walk directly benefits the NICU Sophia was at when she was born.  I want to make it a tradition that we do this every year and I hope that Sophia continues even as an adult.  That NICU means a lot to us and I want her to remember that because of the doctors and nurses, she had the best care possible that allowed her to thrive. 
  • After the walk, we dropped Sophia off at my sisters and hubs and I headed to a Red Bulls game.  It was an important game and we won which means we are in playoffs.  Let's go Red Bulls! After that game ended, Red Bulls II had a game as well that we were able to stay for.  We stayed for the first half of the game because it was an exhausting day. 
  • Picked up Sophia and walked into the house at around 8.  

So needless to say today I am EXHAUSTED.  I don't know how I made it into work, but here I am. 
Here's to hoping your Monday is a good one, praying mine is. 

Oct 10, 2016

A Reason to Cheer

Happy Monday!

Let me tell you, this past weekend was fantastic.  After a LONG work week needing some time hanging out with friends is just the cure to help you forget work.

And Saturday night was already planned... as if the universe knew!  We celebrated my friends birthday.  I had the greatest time just hanging out and catching up with everyone.  It feel like it was a long time that most of got together to enjoy good food, drinks and laugh the night away.

The food was amazing thanks to all of our friends who cooked.

 photo 20161008_203801_zpsdyh8m07q.jpg

I'm not going to lie, I got pretty buzzed (maybe drunk, I'll never tell) and I was feeling very nice.  My snaps definitely let you know that I was drinking and having the best time ever.  I just felt like I was finally able to relax and have a good time.  That night, I forgot about all the troubles at work and stress.  I was able to forget everything on my to do list.  It was glorious.  Also, my friend Carlos who is always the bartender has never forgotten my nickname.  Long HILARIOUS story behind that, but when I was handed this cup with alcohol and my nickname.. I knew it was going to be a fun night.

 photo Snapchat-1122558055860186901_zpsnab15brh.jpg

Celebrating friendship is a must in life.  My friends are part of my village and they have supported me through the good and bad times.   And Saturday night was a testament to how far we have all come.  From being young and careless to being parents and responsible.  I sat there watching my friends laugh and dance... and I reminded myself that we are in each other's life for a reason... and that reason is to love and care for each other.

I thank God for bringing them into my life.

Cheers to friendships.

 photo 20161008_224540_zpsqc5b9cpz.jpg

Oct 6, 2016

Mom life is f*cking hard

When they say that it takes a village... IT LEGIT DOES.

Sometimes I feel like it takes multiple villages when raising a little human.  I don't know where I would be with out all of my villages.  Well, I do know.. I would be under the covers crying as I pour wine down my throat and wish for everything to go away. But thank goodness for the villages, I haven't gotten to that point yet.

Mom life if HARD y'all.  It is not easy especially when your toddler is OBSESSED with the word "mama".
No one else can pour milk into a bottle like "mama' does.
No one else can put PJ's on like "mama" does.
No one else can cut up dinner in small pieces like "mama" does.
No one else can hold the child while walking into a get together like "mama" does.
No one else can hold hands while walking outside like "mama" does.

The list goes on and on.   It's crazy how the word we all tried so hard to be the first word they would say where we would practice for days on days on days which didn't matter because of course "dada" was said first.... that word we poured hours into repeating... would become the word you would cringe at when the toddler years came barreling through into your life. "MAMA!"

On top of raising a tiny human who I feel has become a dictator in my life at times, being a full time employee.. and then trying to keep the house to not be a shit show (even though you are failing miserably)... and cook dinner at least twice a week... and running to swim class and noticing a half hour before that you didn't shave your legs... and trying to find some time for yourself that isn't at 11:00pm when you are so exhausted you can't function... SOMEHOW this "mama" makes it into the next day.

How? I have no effin clue. I'm a zombie.  Is there a name for a mom turned zombie - Mombie?  Is that a thing?

Well, I'm here to let you all know you are not alone. Mom life = hot mess life.  It's reality.  So join me in accepting this mom life as a positive.  Because if we don't stick together... then who will be in my village when I'm having a panic attack?


Honestly, wouldn't have it any other way.