Jul 8, 2016

We Will Never Understand Why


These are all the feelings I feel  after this week's sad events.  You would think in the world we live in today, these issues wouldn't be happening, but they are.  We need to accept that our world will never be perfect.

I had a friend post on Instagram "I don't want to see pics of your happy-go-lucky, carefree life today."  That statement right there makes me furious.  I understand that sad things are happening that the media is pushing even more into our faces, but why am I to stop living my positive life because of that?  When I have sad moments in my life, the world doesn't stop for me.  I get  it, we need to bring awareness to it and all, but not everyone wants to see the negativity every minute of the day.

People angry about what happened are also the ones who keep posting the videos to bring "awareness" and we need to "band together to make it stop."  I just don't believe posting a video of a person dying is the way to go about it.  Out of respect for the person and their family and friends, maybe you should stop sharing the video of a person taking their last breaths dying in a brutal way.  To bring awareness, you can simply write "We must find a peaceful way to correct a situation that seems to be race/religion driven."  Or something along those lines.

I even have friends on FB who are so "passionate" about what happened that are putting up statuses saying they will delete you if you don't agree with their opinion.

Is this what we have come to?  They are preaching that nobody should be judged, but they are judging someone else because of their opinion at the same time.  It doesn't make sense.

What happened is sad.  I pray that situations like that don't happen often.  But unfortunately we live in a world where there is right and there is a wrong.  We can't control everyone else in this world to make it perfect.  Can we influence?  Yes, we can.  But there's a proper way of influencing change.

We will never understand why things happen.  All we can do is love our family and friends and be kind to one another in hopes that we remain safe and unharmed.

I challenge you today to spread love and positive vibes into this world.

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