Jul 19, 2016



  • Exhausted... thanks to spending all night at dealership getting new car and coming home late to then have a toddler wake up in middle of night and come into our bed and toss and turned ALL NIGHT LONG. 

  • Wishing for a new back... since I have not been sleeping for the past few weeks, my back is killing me.  Why does everything need to go to shits when you get older. 
  • Making a list for vacation.  Trying to not forget to pack any essentials we may need! 
  • Getting as much work wrapped up before I leave for vacation which is giving me major anxiety. 
  • Eating Hershey Kisses for breakfast. 
  • Having a bad hair day thanks to humidity

  • Counting down the days till vacation... 11 days.  Hello cruise vacation. 

  • Trying everything in my power to not walk out of work and go home becuase i'm just that tired. 
  • Getting a cup of coffee to get this day "actually" started 

Happy Tuesday! 

Jul 8, 2016

We Will Never Understand Why


These are all the feelings I feel  after this week's sad events.  You would think in the world we live in today, these issues wouldn't be happening, but they are.  We need to accept that our world will never be perfect.

I had a friend post on Instagram "I don't want to see pics of your happy-go-lucky, carefree life today."  That statement right there makes me furious.  I understand that sad things are happening that the media is pushing even more into our faces, but why am I to stop living my positive life because of that?  When I have sad moments in my life, the world doesn't stop for me.  I get  it, we need to bring awareness to it and all, but not everyone wants to see the negativity every minute of the day.

People angry about what happened are also the ones who keep posting the videos to bring "awareness" and we need to "band together to make it stop."  I just don't believe posting a video of a person dying is the way to go about it.  Out of respect for the person and their family and friends, maybe you should stop sharing the video of a person taking their last breaths dying in a brutal way.  To bring awareness, you can simply write "We must find a peaceful way to correct a situation that seems to be race/religion driven."  Or something along those lines.

I even have friends on FB who are so "passionate" about what happened that are putting up statuses saying they will delete you if you don't agree with their opinion.

Is this what we have come to?  They are preaching that nobody should be judged, but they are judging someone else because of their opinion at the same time.  It doesn't make sense.

What happened is sad.  I pray that situations like that don't happen often.  But unfortunately we live in a world where there is right and there is a wrong.  We can't control everyone else in this world to make it perfect.  Can we influence?  Yes, we can.  But there's a proper way of influencing change.

We will never understand why things happen.  All we can do is love our family and friends and be kind to one another in hopes that we remain safe and unharmed.

I challenge you today to spread love and positive vibes into this world.

Jul 5, 2016

Rain Won't Stop Us

Howdy friends!

I don't know about you, but I'm DRAGGING myself this morning.  Yes, this always happens after a three day weekend but that doesn't mean I can't complain about it.  I honestly don't know how I made it out of the house this morning and made it to work.  You know those moments when you are driving and all of a sudden you are at your destination but have no idea how you even got there because you can't recall?  Yeah, that was me this morning.  Also, it's 9:50am and I have yet to do anything super productive at work.  The great thing about a long holiday weekend is all the fun we try to jam pack into three days.

Saturday, we went to my mom's for a family BBQ...  There was tons of food and alcohol.  And drinking with my family is like feeling as if we were all 21 again.  Lots to drink and LOTS of laughter.  Cheers to that!

 photo IMG_20160702_203603_zpsblkitk1c.jpg

Sunday we went to my brother's house for an impromptu BBQ he planned and let me tell you, Sophia had such a great time playing with her cousins.  It was so nice to see them running around playing with the tennis balls and soccer ball.  Of course we ate tons of good food and ended it watching a movie.

Then yesterday I really wanted to see fireworks.  We had a time we were going to head out and I was getting out of the shower when hubs tells me it's suppose to start raining at 8 which is the time we were going to head out.  We decided to chance it and head out.  After looking for parking for 10 minutes, we finally found a spot and grab our lawn chairs and started walking to the high school with Sophia in her stroller. Once we walked over and settled on a spot, we felt the rain drops coming.  It was about 8:05 at this point... then the rain started coming down even harder.  Thankfully I grabbed two ponchos and a sweater.  We wore the ponchos while I put the sweater over Sophia's legs in the stroller.  She was dry the whole time, us... not so much.  But because of the rain, our town decided that fireworks were going to start early.  So at 8:30 the fireworks went off and we sat there in the rain and enjoyed a nice night out.  Anyways, a little rain doesn't hurt anyone.  There was no thunder or lightening so we were safe to stay out.

Sophia enjoyed the fireworks for a good 10 minutes before she started to say no more. LOL
 photo 20160704_204618_zpskqmob4sv.jpg

Hubs and I looked REALLY COOL in our ponchos.
 photo 20160704_204628_zps2r6e3xlb.jpg

 photo 20160704_204635_zpsiwmjgvjw.jpg

 photo 20160704_204641_zpsuwcvg8xn.jpg

 photo 20160704_204643_zps5wzmexng.jpg

We made the best of our night.  Watching fireworks in the rain was a fun experience and a good story we will always remember.

How did you enjoy your holiday weekend?