Jun 23, 2016

This Space

I remembered years ago when I decided to start "a blog".  I had no IDEA what I was doing. But all I knew was that I was looking for an outlet that allowed me to connect with people who were in the same boat I was - the newlywed boat.  And once I found that space, I immersed myself into it like no other.  I put all I had in it.... because it made me happy and feel relevant in this world.  Now, here we are years later and I've ignored this blog of mine.  Over the past couple of months, I made changes about who I told about my space here.  Friends and family no longer see my posts automatically posted to my FB page.  I started worrying about what other people thought of my writing.  I let them get into my head and stopped writing as much.  I stopped writing about things I wanted to write about.  Then I just stopped writing.  I miss it so much.  I have SO MUCH to talk about.  But I am still hesitant to put it out there because of those non-bloggers who just don't understand the kind of therapy this is.

When I gave birth to baby giggles, my life turned upside down.  First, because she came two months early.  Then I had to sit every day in the hospital as I watched over my first born fight to become the healthy almost two year old she is now.  During this time, my freelance contract was up with work and literally didn't have a job lined up.  It was what it was.  I just prayed that something would work out in our favor.  Needless to say my stress level was through the roof.

Then slowly, very slowly everything started to come together.  I became a mother who took things day by day.  I deal with my anxiety as best as I could.  I was offered a full time job and took it.  I just try to make it through.  But then I think about the support I had before my life changed to parenthood and how supportive this space and my blogger friends were.  Seriously, we should call ourselves Bloggers aka Therapists.  Because we help each other during the good times and during the bad times.

So as I start getting out the slump I have been in for the past 1 1/2 years... I want to bring this space back to discuss life with you.  To discuss new and exciting things.  To discuss the things that annoy me.  To discuss the things that make me sad, angry and frustrated.

For those who have stuck around, thank you.
I look forward to writing about stupid corny thing and also about great things... because that's what life is about.

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