Feb 15, 2016

Here I Am

My last post was in November.  Crazy.

I knew that with time, this blogging would evolve.  I just didn't realize how much the evolving would affect me.  I took steps back from blogging because it started to feel like work.  I miss the time that it was easy to write.  I miss the community of friends that gave out constant support in the good and bad times.  For weeks I kept thinking to myself, how can I get back to doing something I love?  Well, there is no easy answer.  But here I am, writing a post and trying to work through it.

To be honest, there are times where I wish I kept my blog private from family and friends.  I feel like they have hindered a lot of writing topics for me.  So, I made some changes.  My blog no longer publishes automatically to my FB.  I realized I only had "friends" reading because it was pushed through their news feed, not because they actually wanted to read.  I know that most of my friends and family do not get this blogging thing.  They think it's silly that I share personal stories with "strangers."  But we all know that blogging is SO MUCH MORE.  It took me a while, but here I am.. ready to write again as freely as I can.  Without feeling the pressure of what my friends and family think.

I've missed you all. For those who are loyal readers, THANK YOU.  You are the reason I am going to continue this and find my passion for writing again.

1 comment:

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