Feb 17, 2016

Heart Shaped Pizza the Way to My Heart

These last couple of days have kicked me in the ass.  Starting last Thursday, I started coming down with a cold... by Saturday it was full blown.  Then the hubs got sick too and we were both out of commission on the weekend where as Baby Giggles was running around training for a marathon it seemed.  Then yesterday I woke up with a migraine on top of still feeling like shit and sounded like a man.  Work was TOUGH yesterday... and I come home from work to a child who has snot running down her face and a fever.  No bueno.  So needless to say, these germs need to be gone like now... because I would like to start feeling normal again.

Between the sickies... the hubs managed to go out on Valentine's Day to pick up some dinner.  And this is what we had:

 photo 6dbbbe52-1b79-433f-8d45-453c4c11a746_zpszny9oart.png

HOW AMAZING IS THAT?  We've seen these heart shaped pizza last year and I kept saying that we needed to do that.  Well, wish granted and I think I want to make this our new tradition.  Also, how PERFECT is that heart shape?  They did a fantastic job.

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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