Nov 14, 2016

Wine + Pottery = Fun Girl's Day

You know those Monday mornings when you wake up and can tell yourself "I had a great weekend".  I woke up with that feeling this morning.  Spent this weekend with close friends and it was a fantastic time.

Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for one of our best friends.  He was definitely surprised because when he walked in the first thing that came out of his mouth were "What the fuck" as we all yelled SURPRISE in his face.  We ate a fantastic dinner and then continued to stuff our bellies with really good dessert.  It was so nice to just be together celebrating a joyous occasion.. especially after all the negativity that has been happening in the world this past week.

Birthday Boy
 photo Picture_20161114_082746779_zpsaxzqllk9.jpg

And can I say there is nothing cuter than the below picture.  Sophia was so excited when GG came over.  They played all night!
 photo Picture_20161114_082903301_zpsf3z2pkbp.jpg

Sunday we had a girls day planned.  Sis-in-crime takes pottery classes and was able to set up a private session.  Best part was that we were able to bring wine along while munching on snacks that were provided.
 photo Picture_20161114_083456273_zpspcav8u95.jpg

This was the best experience EVER.  Can I tell you that the owner at Madison Mud was FANTASTIC.  Like, she was so down to earth, hilarious and had the patience to deal with us ladies who were in need of a day out.  But honestly, if you live in NJ you have to go check out her place.  We each were able to make 3 pieces.  Two of the pieces were on the wheel and the other was a hand building piece.  So much fun!

 photo Picture_20161114_105110029_zpslttaqbfc.jpg

 photo Picture_20161114_105412403_zps7wh6fkdw.jpg

Nov 11, 2016



Reading Search Inside Yourself.  This book was gifted by my director to help with my individual development plan.  So far it's good and has witty humor in it.  Nice book to change your mind of thinking.

Listening to Telescope song from the show Nashville.  I LOVE the show and love the music even more.  So currently on Spotify I am listening to the Nashville cast channel.

Watching too many shows on TV.  TV is my weakness and makes me "escape" real life, so I'll take it.

Excited for vacation for the week of Thanksgiving!  We booked this cruise two years ago with our friends and it's finally almost here.

Celebrating that I made it another day.  Work has been stressful and being a parent to a toddler is not easy either.  So my motto = If we wake up the next day fed, clothed and alive... I won.

Wearing jeans and comfy shirt since I feel like shit right now.  Days like today is when I'm glad we have a casual dress code at work.

Discovering that I am getting sick thanks to a toddler who has been sick this week.

Annoyed by all of the negativity that is around about our President Elect.  Just when you think the world is at a better place... you realize that we have somehow reverted back to our old racist ways.

Starting to look at new opportunities for my future.

What are you currently up to these days?

Nov 9, 2016

Move Forward

History was made yesterday.

Now, whether we like it or not.... there's one thing we can ALL agree on.


It is what it is.  The people have spoken, as we do every election.

A President was chosen.

Now, we must think positive that the President will lead us on a good path.  Yes, that path may have a few speed bumps along the way.  Yes, we will say we should turn right and the President will say no, we need to make a left. We will disagree.  We will agree.

WE will move forward with hope for our the country we live in.

Oct 24, 2016

Things I Am Loving

I often say "It's the little things that make me happy" and they truly are.  So here's what I'm loving over these past few weeks.

  • Coffee.  Because a good cup of coffee can make you forget the nuances of life with every sip you take
  • Fall weather.  Snuggling in a good sweater and stepping on leaves with boots on while a fall breeze rustles through your hair is just one of the best feelings. 
  • Chocolate. Because duh, it's chocolate 
  • Being 26 days away from a vacation you planned two years ago.  
  • Spending time with your close friends who you consider family 
  • Listening to music while I work - drowns out the annoying people at work 
  • Getting high praises at work for doing a good job 
  • Snapchat filters - they make a boring day so much better 
  • When I kill at winning my match in fantasy football 
  • The color of the leaves
  • Sleeping with my flannel sheets
  • Looking at what new possibilities are out there

What are some of things you are loving today? 

Oct 17, 2016

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday!

This past weekend was jam packed for us.  There wasn't a minute where we weren't moving from here to there.


  • Finally got Sadie to the groomer's so she doesn't look like a black cloud rolling around my floor, but more like the yorkiepoo she is.
  • After dropping her off, we came home and I made a quick lunch for Sophia and myself since we were waiting on the hubs to come and pick us up. 
  • Hubs came home then we got into the car and headed out to Red Bulls Stadium for their season ticket holder seat selection event.  Now that Sophia is past 2, we have to buy a seat for her.  There was no more seats available in the section we sit now so we had to find a new section.  Makes me sad to leave our group... for the past 4 years we have sat with the same people around us and we love seeing them for every game.  We won't be too far away, but it won't be the same.  I am hoping that our new seat neighbors are cool and not boring. 
  • After that event, we headed to our friends grand opening up his florist shop.  He moved to a new location which happens to be in our town so it was fun to stop by and catch up with him. 
  • Then we came home and I was able to relax for maybe a good hour before Sophia and I headed to my moms to pay a visit since Sunday I knew we wouldn't be able to stop by as per our usual. Also, the first thing Sophia says when we go to visit is "eat".  She already knows that my mom is a great cook and always has food ready for her. 
  • After my mom's we ran over across the street to pay a quick visit to Joelle and Erik to say hi since it's been a while we have seen them. 
  • One of my cousin's was visiting from CT so then we got into the car and drove over to my sisters house and hung out there for a while.  It was about 9:30 at night by the time we left and came home. 
  • Rise and Shine at 7:30am for me so I can get everything ready before we headed to the Miracle Walk.  This walk directly benefits the NICU Sophia was at when she was born.  I want to make it a tradition that we do this every year and I hope that Sophia continues even as an adult.  That NICU means a lot to us and I want her to remember that because of the doctors and nurses, she had the best care possible that allowed her to thrive. 
  • After the walk, we dropped Sophia off at my sisters and hubs and I headed to a Red Bulls game.  It was an important game and we won which means we are in playoffs.  Let's go Red Bulls! After that game ended, Red Bulls II had a game as well that we were able to stay for.  We stayed for the first half of the game because it was an exhausting day. 
  • Picked up Sophia and walked into the house at around 8.  

So needless to say today I am EXHAUSTED.  I don't know how I made it into work, but here I am. 
Here's to hoping your Monday is a good one, praying mine is. 

Oct 10, 2016

A Reason to Cheer

Happy Monday!

Let me tell you, this past weekend was fantastic.  After a LONG work week needing some time hanging out with friends is just the cure to help you forget work.

And Saturday night was already planned... as if the universe knew!  We celebrated my friends birthday.  I had the greatest time just hanging out and catching up with everyone.  It feel like it was a long time that most of got together to enjoy good food, drinks and laugh the night away.

The food was amazing thanks to all of our friends who cooked.

 photo 20161008_203801_zpsdyh8m07q.jpg

I'm not going to lie, I got pretty buzzed (maybe drunk, I'll never tell) and I was feeling very nice.  My snaps definitely let you know that I was drinking and having the best time ever.  I just felt like I was finally able to relax and have a good time.  That night, I forgot about all the troubles at work and stress.  I was able to forget everything on my to do list.  It was glorious.  Also, my friend Carlos who is always the bartender has never forgotten my nickname.  Long HILARIOUS story behind that, but when I was handed this cup with alcohol and my nickname.. I knew it was going to be a fun night.

 photo Snapchat-1122558055860186901_zpsnab15brh.jpg

Celebrating friendship is a must in life.  My friends are part of my village and they have supported me through the good and bad times.   And Saturday night was a testament to how far we have all come.  From being young and careless to being parents and responsible.  I sat there watching my friends laugh and dance... and I reminded myself that we are in each other's life for a reason... and that reason is to love and care for each other.

I thank God for bringing them into my life.

Cheers to friendships.

 photo 20161008_224540_zpsqc5b9cpz.jpg

Oct 6, 2016

Mom life is f*cking hard

When they say that it takes a village... IT LEGIT DOES.

Sometimes I feel like it takes multiple villages when raising a little human.  I don't know where I would be with out all of my villages.  Well, I do know.. I would be under the covers crying as I pour wine down my throat and wish for everything to go away. But thank goodness for the villages, I haven't gotten to that point yet.

Mom life if HARD y'all.  It is not easy especially when your toddler is OBSESSED with the word "mama".
No one else can pour milk into a bottle like "mama' does.
No one else can put PJ's on like "mama" does.
No one else can cut up dinner in small pieces like "mama" does.
No one else can hold the child while walking into a get together like "mama" does.
No one else can hold hands while walking outside like "mama" does.

The list goes on and on.   It's crazy how the word we all tried so hard to be the first word they would say where we would practice for days on days on days which didn't matter because of course "dada" was said first.... that word we poured hours into repeating... would become the word you would cringe at when the toddler years came barreling through into your life. "MAMA!"

On top of raising a tiny human who I feel has become a dictator in my life at times, being a full time employee.. and then trying to keep the house to not be a shit show (even though you are failing miserably)... and cook dinner at least twice a week... and running to swim class and noticing a half hour before that you didn't shave your legs... and trying to find some time for yourself that isn't at 11:00pm when you are so exhausted you can't function... SOMEHOW this "mama" makes it into the next day.

How? I have no effin clue. I'm a zombie.  Is there a name for a mom turned zombie - Mombie?  Is that a thing?

Well, I'm here to let you all know you are not alone. Mom life = hot mess life.  It's reality.  So join me in accepting this mom life as a positive.  Because if we don't stick together... then who will be in my village when I'm having a panic attack?


Honestly, wouldn't have it any other way.

Sep 13, 2016

When you negotiate a ticket

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending 7 hours in a court room just so I can get points taken off a ticket I got.

7 hours.

The fact that I spent that much time was crazy... but I had to do what I had to do.  As I sat there for 7 hours, I felt like I was in an episode of law and order.  I heard about a gazillion cases yesterday.

  • There were about 30 cases of people who let their grass grow too high.  So these people who got fined had to come to court for their ticket.  Fine was $75 and court fees of $33. So this is a warning for you that make sure you cut your grass because if not, the police will come after you. 
  • Then there was a case of a girl who apparently beat the shit out of her boyfriend.  Looking at her, you would have never known she had so much rage. 
  • Then there were 3 people who came in from jail.. handcuffs and all. I thought they were all guys until the judge called the name... and holy shit she was a female.  Would have never known thanks to her shaven head and "manly" outfit.  She went crazy in a CVS pharmacy by stealing and assaulting one of the employees.  Part of her deal was that she was being checked into rehab after jail.  
  • THEN THE KICKER - guy was caught masturbating in his car in a public parking lot. HEARD IT ALL! 

So that was my day in court.  Hope your Monday was much better than mine. 
And onto Tuesday we go... 

Jul 19, 2016



  • Exhausted... thanks to spending all night at dealership getting new car and coming home late to then have a toddler wake up in middle of night and come into our bed and toss and turned ALL NIGHT LONG. 

  • Wishing for a new back... since I have not been sleeping for the past few weeks, my back is killing me.  Why does everything need to go to shits when you get older. 
  • Making a list for vacation.  Trying to not forget to pack any essentials we may need! 
  • Getting as much work wrapped up before I leave for vacation which is giving me major anxiety. 
  • Eating Hershey Kisses for breakfast. 
  • Having a bad hair day thanks to humidity

  • Counting down the days till vacation... 11 days.  Hello cruise vacation. 

  • Trying everything in my power to not walk out of work and go home becuase i'm just that tired. 
  • Getting a cup of coffee to get this day "actually" started 

Happy Tuesday! 

Jul 8, 2016

We Will Never Understand Why


These are all the feelings I feel  after this week's sad events.  You would think in the world we live in today, these issues wouldn't be happening, but they are.  We need to accept that our world will never be perfect.

I had a friend post on Instagram "I don't want to see pics of your happy-go-lucky, carefree life today."  That statement right there makes me furious.  I understand that sad things are happening that the media is pushing even more into our faces, but why am I to stop living my positive life because of that?  When I have sad moments in my life, the world doesn't stop for me.  I get  it, we need to bring awareness to it and all, but not everyone wants to see the negativity every minute of the day.

People angry about what happened are also the ones who keep posting the videos to bring "awareness" and we need to "band together to make it stop."  I just don't believe posting a video of a person dying is the way to go about it.  Out of respect for the person and their family and friends, maybe you should stop sharing the video of a person taking their last breaths dying in a brutal way.  To bring awareness, you can simply write "We must find a peaceful way to correct a situation that seems to be race/religion driven."  Or something along those lines.

I even have friends on FB who are so "passionate" about what happened that are putting up statuses saying they will delete you if you don't agree with their opinion.

Is this what we have come to?  They are preaching that nobody should be judged, but they are judging someone else because of their opinion at the same time.  It doesn't make sense.

What happened is sad.  I pray that situations like that don't happen often.  But unfortunately we live in a world where there is right and there is a wrong.  We can't control everyone else in this world to make it perfect.  Can we influence?  Yes, we can.  But there's a proper way of influencing change.

We will never understand why things happen.  All we can do is love our family and friends and be kind to one another in hopes that we remain safe and unharmed.

I challenge you today to spread love and positive vibes into this world.

Jul 5, 2016

Rain Won't Stop Us

Howdy friends!

I don't know about you, but I'm DRAGGING myself this morning.  Yes, this always happens after a three day weekend but that doesn't mean I can't complain about it.  I honestly don't know how I made it out of the house this morning and made it to work.  You know those moments when you are driving and all of a sudden you are at your destination but have no idea how you even got there because you can't recall?  Yeah, that was me this morning.  Also, it's 9:50am and I have yet to do anything super productive at work.  The great thing about a long holiday weekend is all the fun we try to jam pack into three days.

Saturday, we went to my mom's for a family BBQ...  There was tons of food and alcohol.  And drinking with my family is like feeling as if we were all 21 again.  Lots to drink and LOTS of laughter.  Cheers to that!

 photo IMG_20160702_203603_zpsblkitk1c.jpg

Sunday we went to my brother's house for an impromptu BBQ he planned and let me tell you, Sophia had such a great time playing with her cousins.  It was so nice to see them running around playing with the tennis balls and soccer ball.  Of course we ate tons of good food and ended it watching a movie.

Then yesterday I really wanted to see fireworks.  We had a time we were going to head out and I was getting out of the shower when hubs tells me it's suppose to start raining at 8 which is the time we were going to head out.  We decided to chance it and head out.  After looking for parking for 10 minutes, we finally found a spot and grab our lawn chairs and started walking to the high school with Sophia in her stroller. Once we walked over and settled on a spot, we felt the rain drops coming.  It was about 8:05 at this point... then the rain started coming down even harder.  Thankfully I grabbed two ponchos and a sweater.  We wore the ponchos while I put the sweater over Sophia's legs in the stroller.  She was dry the whole time, us... not so much.  But because of the rain, our town decided that fireworks were going to start early.  So at 8:30 the fireworks went off and we sat there in the rain and enjoyed a nice night out.  Anyways, a little rain doesn't hurt anyone.  There was no thunder or lightening so we were safe to stay out.

Sophia enjoyed the fireworks for a good 10 minutes before she started to say no more. LOL
 photo 20160704_204618_zpskqmob4sv.jpg

Hubs and I looked REALLY COOL in our ponchos.
 photo 20160704_204628_zps2r6e3xlb.jpg

 photo 20160704_204635_zpsiwmjgvjw.jpg

 photo 20160704_204641_zpsuwcvg8xn.jpg

 photo 20160704_204643_zps5wzmexng.jpg

We made the best of our night.  Watching fireworks in the rain was a fun experience and a good story we will always remember.

How did you enjoy your holiday weekend?

Jun 24, 2016

The Busy Weekend Life

This work week has been a ROUGH one.  I honestly don't know how I made it through.. but here I am about to clock out of work (thank you Summer work hours) and enjoy this weekend.  It's pretty jam packed but after this work week, it will be great to have the distraction and other things to look forward to.  This will also not let me look at my work email and open up the work laptop over the weekend so WIN.

Tonight, headed to brother's house for a game night which will be so much fun.  Haven't seen a few of the guests in a long time and looking forward to catching up and enjoying good company.  Then Saturday Sophia's summer session swim class starts up again which is bright and early. Then I unfortunately cracked the edge of my screen of my phone so going to repair shop tomorrow to see how much the damage is going to be.  Hoping it's under $125, because if so, my phone insurance will cover it and I won't have to pay for deductible.  If it is over, then I need to pay deductible of $50 which is still nothing compared to if I didn't have insurance.  Phew.  Then we have a soccer game viewing party later in the day.

Then Sunday going over to a mama tribe play date.  Can't wait to hang out with Nikki and the girls to play.  I'm so looking forward to Sunday to catch up and JUST BE MYSELF.  Love that Nikki doesn't judge. LOL.  I may even show up in PJ's Nikki, you've been warned.

Then Sunday night we will be back home to watch the final game for the Copa America!!!  We are big soccer fans so it will be a great way to wind down the weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Jun 23, 2016

This Space

I remembered years ago when I decided to start "a blog".  I had no IDEA what I was doing. But all I knew was that I was looking for an outlet that allowed me to connect with people who were in the same boat I was - the newlywed boat.  And once I found that space, I immersed myself into it like no other.  I put all I had in it.... because it made me happy and feel relevant in this world.  Now, here we are years later and I've ignored this blog of mine.  Over the past couple of months, I made changes about who I told about my space here.  Friends and family no longer see my posts automatically posted to my FB page.  I started worrying about what other people thought of my writing.  I let them get into my head and stopped writing as much.  I stopped writing about things I wanted to write about.  Then I just stopped writing.  I miss it so much.  I have SO MUCH to talk about.  But I am still hesitant to put it out there because of those non-bloggers who just don't understand the kind of therapy this is.

When I gave birth to baby giggles, my life turned upside down.  First, because she came two months early.  Then I had to sit every day in the hospital as I watched over my first born fight to become the healthy almost two year old she is now.  During this time, my freelance contract was up with work and literally didn't have a job lined up.  It was what it was.  I just prayed that something would work out in our favor.  Needless to say my stress level was through the roof.

Then slowly, very slowly everything started to come together.  I became a mother who took things day by day.  I deal with my anxiety as best as I could.  I was offered a full time job and took it.  I just try to make it through.  But then I think about the support I had before my life changed to parenthood and how supportive this space and my blogger friends were.  Seriously, we should call ourselves Bloggers aka Therapists.  Because we help each other during the good times and during the bad times.

So as I start getting out the slump I have been in for the past 1 1/2 years... I want to bring this space back to discuss life with you.  To discuss new and exciting things.  To discuss the things that annoy me.  To discuss the things that make me sad, angry and frustrated.

For those who have stuck around, thank you.
I look forward to writing about stupid corny thing and also about great things... because that's what life is about.

Mar 9, 2016


As we all know, ice cream makes everyone happy.

NJ is being hit with amazing weather this week, so me and work BFF's decided we are busting out of work during lunch time to have ice cream for lunch.  Yep.. BEST. LUNCH.EVER.

Work has been insane for all of us, where we are pretty close to jumping off the edge.  So in order to keep us sane, we are running for the hills to Maggie Moo's.  I honestly don't know if I am going to be able to physically walk back in the door at work because I may just want to keep driving towards home.  But, gotta work to pay those bills... so if I have to be dragged back in crying.... then it is what it is.

And as I was writing this, we downloaded the app for Maggie Moo's and GOT COUPON FOR FREE ICE CREAM.

Day = made.

Happy Wednesday.

Mar 7, 2016

Freezing my ass off

Happy Monday peeps.

I hope your weekend was a good one.  Ours was pretty good, despite the fact I froze my ass off yesterday.

On Saturday, we had a pretty chill day.  Finally dropped off Sadie to get groomed so she didn't look like a black mop anymore.   She now looks like the yorkiepoo she is!

 photo IMG_20160305_163723_zpshkcsah0t.jpg

Sunday we had the Red Bulls home opener game.  So glad the season is back.  Hubs and I enjoy going to the games so much and we also have awesome season pass seat neighbors that we all get a long and enjoy each other's company so it was great to see everyone again.  What I didn't realize what exactly how cold it was.  I froze my ass off.  My dumb ass decided to wear leggings with a fleece hoodie on.  NO BUENO.  My hands were frozen, my legs were frozen. I was just frozen.  It WOULD have been worth it if the Red Bulls won, but they didn't.  We lost 2-0.  WOMPS.  But, we enjoyed the fireworks and good company so that was a plus.

 photo IMG_20160306_143946_zpsskmb8knb.jpg

So besides being frozen yesterday, weekend overall was a good one and I am ready for the spring like weather Jersey is suppose to get hit with this week!!!!  Come on Spring.

Feb 22, 2016

The Weekend of Birthday Parties

Happy Monday!

Today is going to be a long day at work.   A brand new system is launching today and the problems that are going to be occurring are probably going to be non-stop.  It wasn't even 8:15 and I have already encountered a problem that brings my whole process to a stop.  YAY.

BUT, it gives my brain a chance to play catch up after a weekend filled with birthday parties.  On Saturday, we went to our friends house where he threw a surprise birthday party for his wife.  We always have a good time when we hang out with them and their family and friends are awesome.  We were on of the first guests to arrive and Baby Giggles was a bit cranky since she just woke up from her nap when we got there.  Thankfully, an 11 year old girl came and Baby Giggles fell in LOVE with her.  The little girl was so happy to be playing with her and kept her entertained for the WHOLE party.  She was so good with her that I felt a sign of relief because I was actually able to sit back and enjoy the party while they played.  Every time a new person came to the party, the girl would tell everyone to meet her new BFF.  Adorable.  It made me so happy because as a parent of a toddler who is now on the go and wants to be in everything and everywhere, I didn't have to hover over her and risk myself not having a good time because I was constantly watching over her.  That little girl probably had no idea the IMMENSE help she was in making our day much more enjoyable.

Then Sunday, we went to celebrate little sissy's birthday!  Sophia was also super cranky when we got there because she just woke up from a nap and was hungry.  But after a few chips with spinach dip, she started to calm down and then started playing and having a good time.  She ate like a monster too, so crazy.  I kept finding myself stuffing her face with pasta.  Just like her mama, loves Italian food. She even had ice cream and fruit to finish off the day.

And that brings us back to here, good ole Monday.  I'm ready to attack this week, are you?

Feb 17, 2016

Heart Shaped Pizza the Way to My Heart

These last couple of days have kicked me in the ass.  Starting last Thursday, I started coming down with a cold... by Saturday it was full blown.  Then the hubs got sick too and we were both out of commission on the weekend where as Baby Giggles was running around training for a marathon it seemed.  Then yesterday I woke up with a migraine on top of still feeling like shit and sounded like a man.  Work was TOUGH yesterday... and I come home from work to a child who has snot running down her face and a fever.  No bueno.  So needless to say, these germs need to be gone like now... because I would like to start feeling normal again.

Between the sickies... the hubs managed to go out on Valentine's Day to pick up some dinner.  And this is what we had:

 photo 6dbbbe52-1b79-433f-8d45-453c4c11a746_zpszny9oart.png

HOW AMAZING IS THAT?  We've seen these heart shaped pizza last year and I kept saying that we needed to do that.  Well, wish granted and I think I want to make this our new tradition.  Also, how PERFECT is that heart shape?  They did a fantastic job.

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Feb 15, 2016

Here I Am

My last post was in November.  Crazy.

I knew that with time, this blogging would evolve.  I just didn't realize how much the evolving would affect me.  I took steps back from blogging because it started to feel like work.  I miss the time that it was easy to write.  I miss the community of friends that gave out constant support in the good and bad times.  For weeks I kept thinking to myself, how can I get back to doing something I love?  Well, there is no easy answer.  But here I am, writing a post and trying to work through it.

To be honest, there are times where I wish I kept my blog private from family and friends.  I feel like they have hindered a lot of writing topics for me.  So, I made some changes.  My blog no longer publishes automatically to my FB.  I realized I only had "friends" reading because it was pushed through their news feed, not because they actually wanted to read.  I know that most of my friends and family do not get this blogging thing.  They think it's silly that I share personal stories with "strangers."  But we all know that blogging is SO MUCH MORE.  It took me a while, but here I am.. ready to write again as freely as I can.  Without feeling the pressure of what my friends and family think.

I've missed you all. For those who are loyal readers, THANK YOU.  You are the reason I am going to continue this and find my passion for writing again.