Nov 11, 2015

The shit that happens when you are a working mama

It is no easy task working a full time job while being a mama and a wife.  These past weeks at work have proven to me something that I said I would never do... take work home with me often.  Now, taking work with me home every now and then is OK.  Whether I have some catching up to do or just need to get something done that is urgent.  But lately, I have been opening up my work laptop more often than I care for... all while baby giggles is with me.  At first it was because there is so much shit blowing up at work that it was just impossible to do everything during the day and for my own sanity I needed to get some stuff out of the way... but what I learned yesterday.  IT'S NOT WORTH IT.  When I work, I'm all in. I will do whatever I possibly can to get stuff out the door... but lately, work has been so bad that it's impossible to do that anymore, especially when a lot of other people don't have the same mindset as you.  So last night as I held a child who cried every time I put her down while cooking dinner and having my work laptop open on the counter top... that's when I realized I don't need to do this anymore.  I put in 250% now... so why am I putting that extra at home when I should be enjoying my time with  my family?  Because clearly I wasn't thinking.

But isn't this the battle with working moms all the time?  Being a mother is a full time job... on top of a working full time job... and then being a wife.

Let's get real though, this is the life of a working mom...

  • Gets up earlier than usual in morning to prepare bottles, diaper bags, etc. 
  • For some, wake up a baby and go through morning routine and get ready for daycare drop off. 
  • Coffee... grab the coffee because if not, you DAY IS RUINED AND YOU CAN'T FUNCTION. 
  • Go to work and pray that you outfit matches because most of the time, moms are getting ready in the dark.  Me, I get ready in the dark and yesterday I wasn't entirely too sure if my outfit made sense until I ask co-workers and they said "yeah you are great!"...  Win #1 of the day 
  • We work all day while constantly checking our cell phones in case a call comes in about the child.  Because you just never know when you will literally need to drop what you are doing to run home. 
  • Miss your child all day long.  This gets easier with time, but I know some mamas have a harder time than others. 
  • Grab more coffee... you know, to get you through that 4th meeting of the day that is most likely useless. 
  • Go the bathroom at 2pm at that's when you realize you have spit up on shirt.  yay!  This is of course AFTER you made a big presentation in front of all the big bosses. 
  • Shove your lunch down your throat to continue working... of course that's IF you even have time to eat. 
  • 4pm.... repeat to yourself how much time you have left and all the things you have to do when you get home. 
  • 5pm... realize you never defrosted meat for dinner.  HAPPENS TO ME EVERY FREAKING DAY. ugh. 
  • Sit in 45 minutes worth of traffic because people don't know how to drive. 
  • Get home and spend a few minutes with child before you decide what you can put together and call "dinner". 
  • Attempt to cook dinner with a child who is now standing in the kitchen playing with the knobs from the stove while you curse at yourself for not getting a safety gate that fits the wide opening of your kitchen. 
  • Pry child off while cooking and put TV on to entice her to stay in living room and curse at yourself for being a bad mother because you just sat your child in front of the TV so you can finish cooking food that will most likely get burnt after you turn away to yell at the dog who is french kissing your child who by the way thinks it's hilarious. 
  • The hubs walks through door and you think you have relief... but no, that never really works that way either when you have a child who just wants to be with mama because oh hey separation anxiety. 
  • Eat burnt dinner and then will yourself out of the seat to wash the dishes. 
  • Oh, it's 8pm and now you have to give child bath and bend over so your back can break even more.  
  • Make yet again another bottle of milk and hope your child falls asleep early today so you can at least enjoy 10 minutes of interrupted sitting. 
  • 10:30pm and child is partying it up and you are just sitting there thinking I am so tired and need to go to bed why won't she go to sleep. 
  • Baby is asleep and you feel like a mac truck hit you. 
  • Sleep and then get woken up 3 times throughout the night thanks to teeth that are bursting their way through your child's gums. 
  • Wake up and repeat.... oh hey new day. 

I am sure lots of mama's can relate to some or all of these things.  It's a hard life we lead, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  

I am SO grateful that I have a job.  I am SO grateful that I can be a mama.  I am SO grateful for the crazy hectic life I lead.... because it means I am living. 

Now, I just need to keep repeating that to myself 500x over and over again when I have those particularly bad days. 

And to my working mama's... 

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