Nov 2, 2015

Halloween and Marathons

It's November, how in the world did that happen.

And I know, I've been gone, for a long time and it kills me.  But when life is happening, sometimes you just need to step back and figure it out.  I think that's what I am doing now... hoping to figure it out.

But today I want to talk about how our Halloween went.  On Friday, work had a trick or treat event and the hubs was able to leave work early and bring Sophia along.  She was an owl for Halloween and let me tell you, it was quite hilarious.  This is best part of being a parent... dressing up your kids and laughing on the inside on how cute and funny they look.  Then Saturday we took the niece and nephew out for trick or treating.  I was looking forward to Saturday walking around with the kids while I strolled Sophia along.  Next year, she will be walking up and down the steps.. it's going to be so crazy! It's exciting to know that this will be our thing we do every year now with her.  The weather was great so that was a plus.  We enjoyed our time and got home exhausted!

Then Sunday morning we packed up and headed into the city.  Our dear friend was here from Florida ready to run the NYC marathon.  We were able to cheer him on and it was the greatest experience ever.  It's amazing to see so many people running for different reasons.  You can see some of them in pain and with the look of defeat... but we cheered for them, complete strangers, and they looked at us and gave a smile and kept running.  I don't think people realized that cheering really does help them get through those miles.  A lot of runners even wrote their names on their shirts so we started cheering for them via name.  It was hilarious because they would look at us with the "Do I know you face?" but we know that for some, we kept them going.  Our friend look SO GREAT running.  He had such a great pace and his face lit up when he heard us screaming like crazy when he passed.  We are so proud of him.  He did such an amazing job and I was honored to be there cheering him on as he embarked on this journey in memory of his mom.

What I also realized is that we live so close to the city, but rarely take advantage.  I can't stand going into the city.  It's just not my thing.  But yesterday I stood there underneath the World Trade center and thought to myself, this is an iconic place that we can be in within a half hour... how lucky am I to be able to enjoy it.  I know there are many of you who dream of a vacation in NYC because it's NYC! I felt like I never took advantage of living next to a place that everyone wants to visit once in their lifetime.  And now that we had ventured in the city with Sophia and stroller and diaper bag and EVERYTHING THAT GOES ALONG WITH TOTING A CHILD AROUND.. I realized, it wasn't that bad. We definitely got a workout going up and down stairs to subway with baby and stroller... but we made it. We had fun.  We can do this again.  I look forward to the next time we can go into the city to enjoy it.  Definitely a must.

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