Sep 16, 2015

Why Fall is better than Summer

It's no secret that I am not a big fan of summer, especially here on the east coast when every summer day is usually accompanied by 80% humidity. Not fun.  But now that we have hit September I am so excited because Fall is right around the corner.

  • Nothing better than the smell of Fall outside
  • Wrapping a light sweater around you while the crisp cool breeze is the best thing ever
  • Fresh pumpkins to make pumpkin pie
  • Being able to keep the windows open and no longer needed to blast an AC
  • Long walks while admiring the beautiful fall colors
  • Curling up with blankets while watching a movie at home with a cup of hot tea
  • Football season - hello fantasy football and buffalo wings
  • Hot chocolate with extra mini marshmallows
  • Changing colors of the leaves
  • Haunted houses during Halloween
  • Boots galore
  • Scarves galore
  • Winery trips with friends
  • Fall TV lineup returns

What do you love about Fall?

Sep 15, 2015

Taco flavored kisses, taco taco burrito burrito

If you don't know where the title of this post is from, then I don't think we can friends. Just saying.

But talking about tacos, we went to our very first taco festival on Saturday.  We had so much fun. There was a good amount of taco trucks and hot sauces galore.  We were able to try different varieties of tacos and we came out with full bellies.  At the end, hubs and I indulged in Coldstone Creamery ice cream to finish off the day.  We were literally in a food coma!  And blogger fail on my part, I didn't take one pic of the deliciousness we had.  It was a great day with friends to enjoy while we drank some Angry Orchard and watched lucha libre wrestling that was going on at the event.

Sunday we helped my brother move.  So happy that they will be closer to us now!  Amazing how much fun you can have with good friends while moving furniture into a house.  And when I say we I mean NOT me because I had a child who was attached to my hip who didn't want to go to anyone.  So I was there for moral support. And also, friends who help move, stay together! LOL

 Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Sep 9, 2015

Causal Farm Chic

Happy Wednesday, we are halfway through the week.  You can push through!  This is based on the assumption that this "short" week thanks to the holiday feels like the longest work week ever for you as it does for me. But let's talk about the long weekend.  On Saturday we had a wedding to go to for our dear friend and boy did she blow it out of the park with all the details.  The wedding took place on a farm and the weather was perfect! The setting was beautiful and it was so nice to enjoy the outdoors at such a fun event.

 photo eb5b86bb-46e2-45d3-aa46-77a64477ac0a_zps2lfuqe8i.jpg

I felt great in my dress and had a good make up and hair day... WIN!

 photo 1ab04d89-f2da-42da-b334-8148d3e45407_zpsnm5zsx3d.jpg

And when you wear hot pink lipstick and it comes out perfect... another WIN!

 photo e8029d45-8634-43f8-a818-8235fd1c0be7_zpsuwvjj6ic.jpg

Thanks to my brother for watching baby giggles for us, hubs and I were able to enjoy a great day/night out.  We laughed, we drank, we danced and we ate fantastic food.

 photo 2725a6e4-b279-4b1a-b71e-299c0f8cf5ff_zpshogxawcw.jpg

This was the first wedding we have gone too that was on a farm.  I was glad I read their website and wore wedges so my heels didn't sink into the grass. Ha!  It was also a great time for us to catch up with some old friends that we haven't seen in a while.  It was pretty much a reunion! I am so grateful that this wedding brought all of us together.

For the rest of the weekend we relaxed and didn't do much.  Did some shopping for baby giggles and watched movies.   We haven't had a chill weekend in a long time so it felt great to recharge.

How was your holiday weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Sep 4, 2015

When you get to catch up with friends over wedding bliss

Tomorrow we have a wedding to go.  I am excited because I know we will see a group of friends that we don't get to see often.

Thanks to my brother who will be watching baby giggles for us, we will be able to enjoy the wedding. Thanks bro!  Also, the weather is suppose to be absolutely beautiful for an outdoor wedding.  There are some friends flying in for the occasion so there will be so many good laughs and memories had.  I am so glad to say that I became really close with friends who I met through my husband through his fraternity.  They are just awesome people, and shhh... some of then love me more than they do my husband. HA!  But don't tell the hubs that, I think he's still in denial.

I can't wait to share pics of my dress.  It was something that I saw on the hanger and said, "Eh, might as well try it." and I ended up LOVING it.  It's so DIFFERENT from my norm and it's such a fun dress.  It's not something I would have ever even tried on.  My mom was with me when I bought the dress and she even approved!  You know if it's mom approved, you are good to go, especially when you have a mother who is brutally honest with you. Oh vey.

I am also sure we will have beautiful pictures from the venue, they are getting married on a farm!

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Happy Friday my peeps.

Sep 1, 2015

And just like that....

Oh hey there!  I know, it's been a long time since I've visited this little space of mine.  But I have good reason to be so absent... I was out enjoying so much of the summer which has been insane for us that trying to find 5 minutes to visit here seemed impossible.

So much has happened since I last wrote.

  • My contract gig with work ended.... after a long two years I found out in July that it was going to officially end.  So with that, I started the process of job hunting.  At first, I heard nothing... then all of a sudden, I was getting phone calls all day long and had a gazillion phone interviews and a gazillion in person interviews.  Then it came down to two positions that were on the same exact schedule... I chose a position as a Project Manager... which meant I stayed working for the company that I freelanced for, just a different department. and most importantly, as a full time permanent employee.   Funny how that works huh?  I am super excited to be in a challenging role that is new to me.  So far, I am enjoying it.  There's a lot of changes and new things being thrown around, but that stuff is what excites me and I thrive in a new, challenging environment.  I have made myself uncomfortable and it's amazing.  Remember, the minute you get comfortable in your job... that tells you that YOU need to change something.  I was too comfortable and glad that I was forced to realize that.  
  • I have a ONE YEAR OLD.  I can't believe that a year has passed since we were blessed with our baby girl. This time last year was hard for us as we had a baby in the NICU.  But here we are now with a healthy baby girl who loves to giggle just like me and is filled with life and love.  We couldn't ask for more.
  •  photo f8ed7571-5f99-4230-b0b2-54947468240f_zpso8cqozwq.png
  • Apparently all of our friends decided to get married this year.  We have gone to one wedding two weeks ago which was fun.  I had the best experience ever going dress shopping for it as well.  Went into the fitting room with 3 dresses to begin with and walked out with 1 of them.  I think we were in the store for an hour.  I felt great and everyone complimented me saying it looked good so WIN. This Saturday we have another wedding and then another one in October. Wedding bells are ringing! And our wallets are hurting. LOL
  • And just like that, September is here.  The summer is winding down and I can't wait for the fall weather to come!  I am not a big fan of this heat wave we have this week.