May 7, 2015

Those moments

There are so many moments in life that I feel we sometimes take for granted.  The little moments that pass through which we pay no mind to because they are so small.  Then we have the big moments that we will always remember.  Some of these moments may be good, and some may be bad, and some may be sad.  Too often, people tend to ignore the sad and bad moments.  Why?  I keep thinking to myself, those moments are part of life.  They are what completes our purpose.

This past week and half, I have had some good moments and some shitty moments.  I keep telling myself, it's going to be OK Kenya, it's going to be OK. But I also realized that I need to stop and enjoy ALL of my moments.  Because they are gone too quickly.  I have no idea what tomorrow will bring... none of us do.  I can win the lottery tomorrow (you never know!).  Or I can not win the lottery.  I can get great news, or get bad news.  Whichever way, it's a moment that happens which means I am ALIVE.

I am alive. I am on this earth once again for another day to enjoy the beauty.  For that, I am grateful.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome reminder to stop, take time and appreciate everything that comes our way. Sometimes the bad things are really blessings in disguise. There's no way of knowing if we don't take them for what they are (lessons) and move forward.

Samantha said...

Oh I know...I'm the same way with getting pissy over bad days but you never know when it will be your last. Great post.

Jen said...

I appreciate this post so much. I find myself taking for granted those little moments as well and I need to stop focusing on the bad and realize that every moment in life is so worth it. Thank you sweet friend!