Apr 20, 2015

VIP status, blates, baby shower and movies.... weekend rolled up into one

This weekend was jam packed.

Friday night we had a chance to be VIP at the Red Bulls soccer game.  Last season, season ticket holders where entered  into 30 days of giveaway.  Hubs and I were lucky to have won twice.  One of the prizes was a soccer ball, and the second prize was field seats for a game in 2015 season.  We chose Friday night and it was so awesome.  The seats we sat in cost $150.00 per person.  INSANE.  Thank goodness we won those tickets because we would never pay that much for one game.  When we arrived at the arena, we walked through the red carpet through the club doors.  They gave us wrist bands and VIP badges.  We then got escorted to our seats.  We were so close to the sideline that I can smell the sweat off the players.  Not really because that's gross but you get the idea of how close we are.  We had such a great time... we also had the privilege to hang out in the club lounge where there was free food.  Felt like a rock star. The best part, it was a beautiful night out and perfect weather.

Saturday we had a family blate!!!  Met up with Alexa and Nikki to have dinner with the husbands and babies.  Had such a good time and I still can't believe that #babybigtruck is going to be 1!!! Seems just like yesterday Nikki shared the news that she was having a baby!  Also, it was the first time that Sophia sat in a high chair at restaurant.... she's getting so big!

Sunday I had my dear friends baby shower to attend.  I have known her since my first real job and we have kept close ever since.  I am so excited for her and they are blessed with a baby girl so Sophia will have another play mate!!!!  She looked AMAZING.  The food was delish and her family brought in polish desserts which are fantastic!  Then after we dropped Sophia off at my mom's house who so kindly watched her while hubs and I got to enjoy a movie date to see Furious 7.  It was great and included The Rock which made perfect eye candy.

Somewhere in between that weekend I was able to get some sleep and battled another migraine... but I enjoyed the weekend the best I could so that's what really counts.

Hope you all had a good weekend.  Did you do anything exciting?


Jen said...

I love how you always embrace the weekends! :)

Samantha said...

Wow! You had an amazing weekend!
My husband and I just sat around lol actually he had to work most of Saturday! Yuck!!

lil desiqua said...

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. VIP treatment is the best- happy you had such a great time!

Every time I see/hear about The Rock I always think of you lol!!