Jan 26, 2015

Things that happen before a big storm hits

I am pretty sure you have heard about this "historical blizzard storm" that is going to hit the North East Tuesday.  Well, I live in NJ so we are smack dab in the middle of it.  But what cracks me up about these big snowstorms is what people do before.  Sometimes I feel like people believe the world is ending. Here's a list of what has been going on the past two days by neck of the woods:

  • People run out and buy bread and milk.  I get the bread, but what people don't realize is that with big storms like these, the power going off is a big possibility.  So all that milk they buy can potentially go to waste.  What they should be stocking up on is water... which I barely see people do.  
  • People run to Home Depot to buy shovels and salt and then throw a big hissy fit when they are sold out.  WE LIVE IN THE NORTHEAST.... you should be prepared BEFORE JANUARY with shovels and salt.  So, get your shit together. Yell at yourself for waiting till last minute and not at the poor Home Depot representative. 
  • The weather people get CRAY CRAY.  This is like the best day ever on the job for them.  The pure excitement you see out of meteorologist is pretty amazing. This is what they live for. 
  • Everyone will post pictures of the snow all day long.  Not going to lie, but I have done this as well... but for me is to show all of my blog friends who don't experience it to see. LOL
  • The news channel blow the storm out of proportions 95% of the time.  So far, I  have heard that our area will get somewhere in between 18 to 36 inches of snow.   Everyone says something different. 
  • Jobs close down and every adult feels like a little kid jumping around saying we have a snow day. Then the reality hits when they have to grow up again and go outside and shovel a gazillion inches of snow. 
  • People get bored and cabin fever... so they either eat all the emergency food they bought within one day or make love which results in 10 months from now a boom in babies being born. 
  • Someone will fall on snow/ice every 3 seconds around the northeast. 
  • Kids make the snow days so much better because they are so happy and anxious to play that as an adult, you ditch the shovel and play in the snow for a little bit as well and relive your elementary school days 
In all honesty, it's suppose to be pretty craptastic here.  So for all my Northeast bloggers, I pray you and your families are safe during this storm. 

Have a great couple of snow days! 


Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

I've never understood the shovel thing either! How do you make it to January without one??

Hope you guys stay safe and warm!

Jamie Hirujo said...

I went to the store with mom earlier and there was NO gallons of water...none! I went for bread and milk but we were just out of that stuff lol

Stay warm!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Oh boy, yes. The shovel and salt thing I have to agree on. Get prepared, and stay prepared I guess...no last minute stuff. hahaha.

Stay warm.

Melissa Blake said...

i think the constant posting of photos is my favorite part! Feel free to send any of that snow to the midwest lol

lil desiqua said...

Have you seen the milk and bread video?! SO funny! I don't understand the shovel thing either, but then again I live in an apartment and the super is actually really good about taking care of that and salting everything down. The only thing I stocked up on was wine!

Jen said...

Stay warm friend!!!!