Nov 14, 2014

So many happenings

How is it Friday already???

Anywhooooo.... we have been pretty busy this past week here in the Giggles household. So I am just going to word/picture vomit because it is 500 times easier.

  • Seeing my niece and nephew with Sophia makes my heart melt.  And this picture... too much cuteness.

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  • My bestie's baby shower was this past Sunday and I was so happy to get out of the house.  Hubs stayed home with Sophia so I was able to fully enjoy the shower.

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  • Sis-in-crime and I cheated on a couple of baby shower games (shhhh) and we finally ended up "winning".    Also, the favors were small bottles of wine and a couple of the ladies in our table decided to open those babies up and start drinking them.  Sis-in-crime did not hesitate...

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  • Have I ever told you about my obessession with jordan almonds?  I can't get enough of them.  So naturally, I stalked the table at the shower and took all the jordan almonds for myself.  No shame here.

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  • I am also a lucky furmama to Sadie as well.

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  • SOA - if you don't watch this show we can't be friends.  I kid.  I really am not kidding.  Seriously, it is the best show ever and it breaks my heart that this is the final season.  But let me tell you, this season is freaking awesome and my jaw is usually to the floor after every episode. And I get to see Charlie Hunning all the time... hello hotness.
  • I finally was able to spend a few hours at the hair salon.  I couldn't dye my hair at all throughout my pregnancy which makes it the longest I have ever gone without dying my hair. That was a freaking record for me.  So naturally, I go all out on this visit.  I didn't cut it this time which is pretty odd... but I am now a red head and am LOVING it.  I am not afraid to experiment with hair color/cuts so every time I go, I come out a completely different person.

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And to end this post, I just want to say how sad I am with mother nature.  It was a beautiful 60 degree day on Wednesday and here we are the high being mid 40s.  Fall come back! 


Jen said...

OMG! SOA is killing me! Haha, I cannot wait until Tuesday. It's about to get real!

MarlaJan said...

None of your photos are loading!! WTF??? I want to see Sophia and your red hair. Must be my stupid computer.
Ugh, SOA. I literally gagged at the one scene with Jax and Moses. Shit is going DOWN.