Nov 20, 2014

Dam you Amazon

I don't know about any of you, but I use to barely check Amazon for anything.  Hubs on the other hand, he buys all the time because let's face it, it is much cheaper for a lot of stuff.

Well, I was perusing through Amazon the other day and thought to myself I need some new clothes. Shopping online for clothes is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me because 1) I'm fun-sized, 5 feet tall and 2) I'm not skinny.  These two things equal a disaster for shopping in the store so online shopping is like a dream.    But the other day I took a chance since being home with a newborn when it's 25 degrees outside is not a great time to go out and shop so instead I spent way too many hours reading reviews and sizing guidelines and ordered two pair of pants.  Let's hope when they get here that they are usable and I don't have to end up returning or giving them away to someone else.

But while shopping, of course I started checking out other things.  It's like an addiction clicking on all the departments.  It's so easy to put a shit ton of stuff in your cart until you look at your cart and realize you put about $1,000 worth of stuff in there.  That didn't happen to me because that's just ridic but you get the point.

Any who... I now sit here and wait for my purchase to get here and PRAY that these pants fit.  Oh and I can't wait for the ring I bought too.

ugh.... I am going to stay away from Amazon until the package gets here.

So do you shop online?  What's your fave shops??? Help... I need clothes!!!!


Dawn said...

My husband got me sucked into Amazon and I've always used his login but I had to start my own last week because he is always trying to surprise me and I can't be surprised if I log in with his account. lol

I haven't purchased clothes from Amazon yet but he told me that have some pretty good deals on clothes.

Jen said...

I am obsessed with Amazon! It's ridiculous haha.

Emelia at Dream Big & Buy the Shoes said...

Amazon is SO dangerous...I feel ya! I like H&M...they have a lot of variety at a good price point!

Ali Arnone said...

I have a weird obsession with shopping online at Forever 21; a store I am too old for. But the store itself gives me anxiety so I choose to go online and CANNOT resist the cute clothes/prices.