Nov 25, 2014

So happy for good news

First of all, I want to start this post out by just asking for those who do, please pray for everyone involved in Ferguson.  It's a sad situation.

Now onto a positive note.  This past week I got some good news.  You all know my work situation and how sad I was when I left before I gave birth.  Honestly, we didn't really have a plan for when I gave birth.  I thought I would be home with her and job hunting all at the same time, which I am still currently doing.  But by the grace of God the people I worked with before actually asked me to come back.  Clearly I must be doing something right.  But seriously, I was happy that they asked me to come back.  This whole job situation was on top of the list of things to worry about.  I will be back on contract so as always, I will still be actively job hunting during because nothing is guaranteed but am so happy that come next week, I will be back at work. I will miss being with Sophia all day a lot, but I also knew from the beginning that I wanted to go back to work.  I actually like what I do so maybe that's why it's easier for me to go back unlike other moms who rather be stay at home mom.  It's just not for me at this moment.  If we were super rich, then maybe it would be a different story.. but we're not, so I feel more comfortable having a job because you just never know what can happen.  And again, I want to work.  We are also very blessed that my mother in law will be taking care of Sophia while we work.  So I don't have to drop her off at some strange place with strangers where she won't get 100% attention.  That makes it easier to go back to work as well.  So to start off my lists of things I am thankful for...

  1. I have a job!!! Woop Woop
  2. The 70 degree weather we had yesterday.  Sophia and I got out of this house an enjoyed a full day at the park taking in the breeze. I also brought my camera along and took some fantastic pictures.  
  3. Pancakes... because they make my belly happy.
  4. When Sadie cuddles up against me while I feed Sophia. 
  5. For the people I work with... because of them I was offered a job again and that right there I am super thankful for. 
  6. For our friends and family who have been so supportive when Sophia was born to this day. Y'all are amazing and I don't know how else I would have gone through each day without you. 
  7. Bacon... because DUH. And now I want some bacon. 
  8. My family... without them, I would be lost.  
We should be thankful everyday and not just around Thanksgiving.  I feel like people forget that.  I have in the past. But ever since Sophia was born, I find myself waking up every morning and reminding myself what I am thankful for.  Life is too precious. 

And remember my post about my first online shopping experience with clothes, well that package is suppose to arrive today so I am praying that the pants fit.  And if they do, I will be back on amazon ordering more. 

Nov 20, 2014

Dam you Amazon

I don't know about any of you, but I use to barely check Amazon for anything.  Hubs on the other hand, he buys all the time because let's face it, it is much cheaper for a lot of stuff.

Well, I was perusing through Amazon the other day and thought to myself I need some new clothes. Shopping online for clothes is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me because 1) I'm fun-sized, 5 feet tall and 2) I'm not skinny.  These two things equal a disaster for shopping in the store so online shopping is like a dream.    But the other day I took a chance since being home with a newborn when it's 25 degrees outside is not a great time to go out and shop so instead I spent way too many hours reading reviews and sizing guidelines and ordered two pair of pants.  Let's hope when they get here that they are usable and I don't have to end up returning or giving them away to someone else.

But while shopping, of course I started checking out other things.  It's like an addiction clicking on all the departments.  It's so easy to put a shit ton of stuff in your cart until you look at your cart and realize you put about $1,000 worth of stuff in there.  That didn't happen to me because that's just ridic but you get the point.

Any who... I now sit here and wait for my purchase to get here and PRAY that these pants fit.  Oh and I can't wait for the ring I bought too.

ugh.... I am going to stay away from Amazon until the package gets here.

So do you shop online?  What's your fave shops??? Help... I need clothes!!!!

Nov 17, 2014

Help me save other preemie babies

 photo worldpreemiedaypic_zpscfee634e.jpg

Today is World Prematurity Day.

As you know, I am a mom to a preemie baby.  Sophia was born at 33 weeks.  We were very lucky that she only had to spend a month in the NICU and as of right now, she is 100% healthy.  I thank God every day for her.  But unfortunately, not all preemie parents can say the same.  Some preemie parents have lost their child and others now face the challenges of a preemie who has complications with their health.  It's heartbreaking and not easy.  If it wasn't for our family and friends support during the time Sophia was in the NICU, I have no idea how we would have gotten through it.  But I also have to thank our wonderful hospital who gave us so much support both physically and emotionally.  NICU nurses and doctors are angels.  They stand by your side and answer all your questions, but they also stood by my side while I cried at Sophia's bedside because I felt so helpless.

To honor Sophia's battle in the NICU and to help other parents going through what we went through, we have decided to participate in the March of Dimes walk.  I have created the team "Baby Life With Giggles" and ask that if you are able to, please make a donation to my team page and help us reach our goal.  Even if you donate $1, it's $1 more than what we had before.  If you are in the northern NJ area, please feel free to join us in our walk which will take place April 26, 2015 at Brookdale Park in Bloomfield.  You can donate and/or join our team in the team page.

Thank you for all of my blogger friends who were also there for us during our time in the NICU.  Words can't describe how grateful we were for all the prayers and words of encouragement.  You all played a big role during that time.

Thank you for those who are able to donate.
Sophia sends her love as well.
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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And to those parents who have/going through what we went through, I have you in my prayers.  Have faith and don't lose hope.

Nov 16, 2014

Six years.. it's been six years

Here we are on this very cold Sunday morning in Jersey.  I am currently sitting on the couch writing this while Sophia takes a nap next to me.  She slept for 7 hours... yes you read that right, my almost 3 month old slept for 7 hours last night.  Praise the lord! But what's even better is that today hubs and I celebrate 6 years of being a married couple.  It's insane how time has flown by!

Some of you may be thinking "you've been married for six years and just had a baby?"  Yep.  We waited a long time becuase we wanted to truly enjoy being a married couple and doing all those things such as travelling and going out at the drop of a hat.  We were selfish that way and happy with our decision to wait as long as we did.  And now, I can't imagine life without Sophia.  She's a blessing and I can now say that at 6 years of marriage, we are now a family of three.

Marriage isn't easy at all and let me tell you, to this day I still struggle.  But then again, marriage will never be easy.  You always have to work hard becuase life changes everyday.  You have to go with the punches which means you need to adapt which means change.  If you don't change along the line, then you will be trapped.  Hubs and I have changed a lot and continue to do so.

We have our ups and down, but in the end we love each other.  And that's the only thing that matters.

Happy six year anniversary hubs.  You have been a fantastic husband and now you are an amazing father.  Sophia and I are truly blessed to have you as the guy in our lives.

Love you more than tiramusi cake.... and that says A LOT.

Nov 14, 2014

So many happenings

How is it Friday already???

Anywhooooo.... we have been pretty busy this past week here in the Giggles household. So I am just going to word/picture vomit because it is 500 times easier.

  • Seeing my niece and nephew with Sophia makes my heart melt.  And this picture... too much cuteness.

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  • My bestie's baby shower was this past Sunday and I was so happy to get out of the house.  Hubs stayed home with Sophia so I was able to fully enjoy the shower.

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  • Sis-in-crime and I cheated on a couple of baby shower games (shhhh) and we finally ended up "winning".    Also, the favors were small bottles of wine and a couple of the ladies in our table decided to open those babies up and start drinking them.  Sis-in-crime did not hesitate...

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  • Have I ever told you about my obessession with jordan almonds?  I can't get enough of them.  So naturally, I stalked the table at the shower and took all the jordan almonds for myself.  No shame here.

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  • I am also a lucky furmama to Sadie as well.

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  • SOA - if you don't watch this show we can't be friends.  I kid.  I really am not kidding.  Seriously, it is the best show ever and it breaks my heart that this is the final season.  But let me tell you, this season is freaking awesome and my jaw is usually to the floor after every episode. And I get to see Charlie Hunning all the time... hello hotness.
  • I finally was able to spend a few hours at the hair salon.  I couldn't dye my hair at all throughout my pregnancy which makes it the longest I have ever gone without dying my hair. That was a freaking record for me.  So naturally, I go all out on this visit.  I didn't cut it this time which is pretty odd... but I am now a red head and am LOVING it.  I am not afraid to experiment with hair color/cuts so every time I go, I come out a completely different person.

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And to end this post, I just want to say how sad I am with mother nature.  It was a beautiful 60 degree day on Wednesday and here we are the high being mid 40s.  Fall come back! 

Nov 7, 2014

Giving birth to a preemie means I missed out on things

This is going to sound crazy, but I have had so many people come to me and say "Oh you gave birth at 33 weeks, that's great you didn't have to finish your whole pregnancy especially at the end."
That statement right there makes me cringe.  C-R-I-N-G-E.

First of all, there are no pros to giving birth early.... it is the most stressful thing anyone has to go through.

I missed out a lot on the life cycle of pregnancy and it makes me sad.  There were certain things that I didn't get to experience that are special moments that other woman have. I wanted that.  I wanted to experience pregnancy to the end.   Here are some things that some people take for granted that I wish wasn't taken from me.

  • I wasn't able to feel kicks anymore or even see my belly move in weird ways with an elbow sticking out.  I know this freaks some people out, but I was looking forward to the day I can take a video of a limb protruding out of my belly.  Weird I know.  
  • I don't have any bump pictures pass 30 weeks.  That's a whole 10 weeks of bump pictures that won't be in the baby album. 
  • We didn't get to have our first family photo when Sophia was first born with me in the hospital bed holding the baby and the hubs next to us.  Instead, Sophia was rushed to the NICU.  We only currently have one family photo... which is a selfie we took with the both of us looking exhausted... and this is when she came home from NICU.  That classic picture that most people have, we don't have. 
  • Hubs and I didn't get to enjoy our last moments as husband and wife before baby comes.  Sounds selfish, but everyone always takes some time to do something special before baby comes and we simply didn't. 
  • We didn't get to experience the whole "my water broke!" scenario.  I don't know what it feels like to go into labor naturally.  I can't tell you the story of me calling the hubs and being like "It's baby time!"... instead I had to call hubs to say something is wrong and they are admitting me.  Trust me, that phone call was not me excited about possibly giving birth and meeting our baby girl.... it was more of "I am scared shitless and don't think this is going to turn out well" type of call. 
  • I didn't have that time before baby comes for me to reflect on this new journey our life was about to take.  
There are so many things I didn't get to experience.  People say "you didn't miss anything..."  but I did.  I missed out on 7 weeks of pregnancy... 7 weeks of experiences that a mother has with her unborn child.  I will never get that back.  

So if you are ever in the situation... don't tell a woman who gave birth early that she didn't miss anything.  Because you have no idea how many times all the things she "missed" has gone through her head.  Just give support and reassure them that everything will work out the way it's suppose to.  

Nov 5, 2014

One of many firsts

First of all, I can't believe it is November already.  Freaking insane.
Secondly, Sophia had one of her "first" moments this past week.  Thanks to my sister, Sophia was Snow White for her first Halloween!

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She slept throughout the whole thing.  But I can't tell you how freaking adorable she was in that costume.  Which also brings me to that this time next year,she will be walking.... crazy!

Sophia also had her first blate!!!!  Nikki who blogs over at From My Life to Our Life paid us a visit yesterday.  It was so great to see #babybigtruck as she has grown so much from the last time I saw her.  So adorable and she has the most beautiful eyes ever!!!!  Who would have known that when Nikki and I had our first blate, we were bloggers and here we both are now blogger friends and both first time mamas.  Gotta love this blogging community.  I just realized that Nikki and I failed to take a single picture together but we did manage to get one of the girls.

Sophia's face cracks me up every time.  Clearly she wasn't ready for pictures. We also took about 5 pictures and her facial expression is the exact same in all of the photos. Ha!

Besides these "firsts" we have experienced, everything else is going good over in these parts.  We have been lucky with some good fall weather days.  The hubs is home for three weeks with Sophia and I which is great for him to bond with her.  Sophia now weighs 6lbs and 15ozs!  Doctors are very happy with her weight gain.

Overall we are surviving as first time parents.  Hubs and I also celebrated an anniversary... our proposal anniversary!

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Can't believe that he proposed in 2007, and here we are now with our first child.  Amazing.

Sadie also has been adjusting very well to our new family dynamic.  She loves Sophia and just wants to lick her from head to toe.

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One of the perks of me being home is that when my niece and nephew have off from school we are able to babysit.  Can I just tell you that we truly are the coolest aunt and uncle ever.  Case in point:

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We had these inflatable chairs for years up in a box in the attic.  Finally we thought yesterday it would be great to bring them down for the kids to use.  They loved it!  But those damn things took FOREVER to inflate.  But it was well worth it to see those smiling faces.

Happy first week of November.... now let me see if I can actually attempt to get ready without a crying baby interruption.