Sep 3, 2014

I gave birth at 33 weeks

First of all, I want to thank you all for the prayers and support.  Words can't describe how grateful I am for this blogging community that has poured out with so much love and support for us during this difficult time.  I am just so grateful.

On August 21st, I had a regular doctor's appointment and then an ultrasound appointment.  My plan was to go to both appointments in the morning then head into work for a half day.  Plans didn't happen that way.  At my OB appointment, my blood pressure was a little high so the doctor was concerned.  Since I had an ultrasound appointment right after that happens to be next to the hospital, he told me to go to the ultrasound appt and let them know my blood pressure was high.  So I came home, took care of the dog and made myself some breakfast. Then I headed over to the ultrasound appt.  By the time they saw me, my blood pressure was even higher and the doctor there said it would be best to admit me to hospital since they were worried about preeclampsia.  This way, they can run some tests and keep an eye on me.  I called the hubs who happened to be at a supervisor training and hour away.  Of course it would happen that way!  I told him he needs to come to hospital because I am being admitted.  I have read up on preeclampsia so I knew exactly what could happen and that things can get serious.

I get admitted and they start checking my blood pressure every 15 minutes.  My blood pressure just kept going up to a point it was so dangerously high that 8 nurses/doctors came rushing into the room.  I have no idea what exactly happened in those 10 minutes but everyone was frantic and yelling out orders.  They had to get magnesium meds in my FAST because my blood pressure was so high they were afraid I was going to have a seizure/stroke any second.  Now, being on magnesium is no joke. As soon as they pushed the high dosage to start with, I felt like my body was on fire.  I am literally asking them if it's OK that I feel like I am on fire because that started to freak me out.  They told me yes, it's normal because they had to push in the meds fast.  They kept an eye on me and baby all of Thursday night into Friday morning.  My blood pressure was still too high and not resolving itself so on Friday they made the decision to induce and get Baby Sophia out since the preeclampsia wasn't getting better.

The induction started around 2pm on Friday.  The only thing on my mind was making sure Baby Sophia was OK.  Throughout the whole induction, they kept a close watch on her and she was fine.  By 10pm on Friday night, I started to feel the contractions really coming on and the pain from the contractions wasn't helping my blood pressure so the decision was made to give me the epidural in hopes it would bring down my pressure.  I was so thankful for that epidural.  High five to all you moms who have gone natural.  Contractions are no joke.  That epidural felt like HEAVEN.  Finally I was able to relax a bit throughout the night into Saturday.  During the morning on Saturday, the epidural must have been going to one side because I started to feel contractions on my right side only.  The thing is that with the blood pressure, I wasn't allowed to lay on right side so we couldn't let gravity work it's magic.  They up my dosage because the pain started to kick in and blood pressure started spiking again.  It helped for a bit.  By 2:20pm, the doctor said I was ready to push. Ironically, we were suppose to be in the hospital that same day for a child birth education class.  Clearly we missed it.  I had no idea what to do.  No clue how to push, what to feel for, etc.  Doctor's were great in giving me a quick intro. hahaha.  15 minutes later and 5 pushes... Baby Sophia came into this world.  She was born on 8/23 at 2:40pm weighing 3 lbs and 11 oz, 16 1/2 inches long.  The cord was wrapped around her neck twice.  She didn't even cry when she came out which of course sent me in a panic. But thank God, she was OK.  I think she was just confused on why she was out of my belly so early. Unfortunately, the hubs wasn't able to cut the cord and we have yet have a family picture.  The NICU doctors and nurses whisked her away so fast to make sure she was OK.

Baby Sophia was doing great.  They only had to give her oxygen through her nose the first day more because of the magnesium meds I was on which made her lethargic at birth.  After that she was off oxygen and breathing on her own. She is still in the NICU but we are hopefully that maybe next week she will come home.

This birth has been crazy with emotions.  Nothing prepares you for when the doctor tells you that you have o give birth at 33 weeks to ensure the health and safety of you and your baby.  I kept thinking in my head that she wasnt' suppose to come out, it's too early.  My due date was October 11th.... it was only August.  But we had to do what had to be done.  As of now, she is doing good so for that I am thankful.

I wasn't able to see Baby Sophia until Sunday night.  Since I was on the magnesium meds, I had to stay on them for 24 hours after the baby was born.  I was on bed rest and couldn't move.  I had people come and visit who got to see her before me.  Of course I saw her when she was born, but it was for literally 2 seconds before they ran off to NICU with her.  I saw pictures of her that the hubs would take for me.  It killed me to not be able to see my daughter but I knew I had to get better for her. Nothing prepares you for the first time you see have to see your baby in an incubator. I tried to be strong, but as soon as the hubs wheeled me over int he wheelchair to see her, I started crying.  I couldn't hold it in.  It hurts to not be able to hold your daughter as soon as she is born.  To see her with wires all around her killed me.  But I knew she was getting the best care.  That's what has gotten me through this past week and half.

And here we are, our life has been drastically changed.  We weren't ready for her yet.  We haven't even had our baby shower yet!  We have no crib mattress, we have no bassinet, we have no diapers, we have nothing!  Talk about something else to worry about and stress us out.  Our baby shower is this Saturday so we are hopeful that we will get most of the thing we need right away which will be a HUGE help.  Then we have to run out and get whatever is left that we absolutely need before she comes home. And we also need to get everything set up for her when she comes home.  It's hard since the hubs is still working and I am at the hospital every day.  By the time I come home, I need to relax since my blood pressure is still high. They say it will take at least 6 weeks for my blood pressure to go back to normal.  I am on two different meds and have a blood pressure machine to check to see the dosage I need to take for my meds.  It's hard to relax when you have a baby in the NICU but I am trying my best.  Yesterday was a bad day for me.  All the stress and emotions caught up to me.  I was being a bitch to the hubs and just lost it. Ugly cry and all.  I am hoping today is better.

So that's my story.  We are parents to a preemie girl who is being strong in the NICU every day. She is truly a blessing and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I thank God for allowing me to have her safely.  Now comes the time to learn about parenthood.  I think we got this. :)

And I am happy to introduce to you #babylifewithgiggles aka Sophia.

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