Jul 22, 2014

How we chose our baby's name!

Some of you have asked me how we came to the name Sophia for our baby girl.  Well, it's a funny story.

Before the hubs and I were even thinking about settling down together we came up with the name.

Yep, it sounds crazy, but this name was chosen when we were dating.... about 8 years ago.  We weren't even engaged, just boyfriend and girlfriend.  I don't remember exactly how we got into the conversation but we did and started thinking of names for a girl that we both liked.  Sophia was it.  The only prerequisite I had was that it needed to flow with our last name.  And Sophia flows perfectly.

Now, for the two of us trying to figure out a boys name took us YEARS. Literally.  We always threw names out there and just couldn't agree.  Then one time we came up with such a great boy name.  We both agreed and were super happy.  Then one day, I was thinking.. "What was that boy name we liked so much?".  I asked the hubs, and he couldn't remember.  FAIL.  We both couldn't remember the "great" boy name we picked out.  So back to the drawing board.

Then about 2 months before we got pregnant, we were sitting down with my sis-in-crime Alexa and talking about boy names. We were telling her how hard it was for us to nail a boy name down.  So she hopped in on the fun of throwing out names.  And that's when a name was mentioned and we all looked at each other and said, that's it!  Alexander is our boy name.  It goes perfectly with our last name and hubs likes the strong first name for his son.  So luckily before we were even pregnant we had two names picked out. Now just came the time to wait and see what we were having when we found out we were pregnant.

So fast forward a few months and we were just excited to find out.  The funny thing is that when we found out we were pregnant, the hardest part was done... names picked out for either boy/girl.  Everyone couldn't believe it, except our close friends who knew our name choices, especially the Sophia one since we have had that picked out for so long!  What made it even more fun was that when we went to tell family and friends what we were having... it all started with "Is it a Sophia or Alexander?".

And as you know, Sophia was the winner this round.

I always wonder that we are having a girl first since that name was picked first before the boy.  This may give hubs hopes that our second child will be a boy and he can finally have a his boy, Alexander.

So there you have it, the easy way to pick a name. LOL.

Now let's hope our second one is a boy because I can't imagine trying to pick out another girl name! hahaha.


Its All Geek To Me 27 said...

Alexander is a great name! My son's middle name is Alexander :)

And who doesn't like the name Sophia these days... it's very popular :D

Bryna said...

Was the middle name as easy to come up with? LOL

Jen said...

She has a beautiful name!!!

shay said...

Both great names! We had so much trouble with boy's names... and took forever for us to agree on one. However, we had about 4 girls names lined up, and wouldn't ya know, we're having a boy.

MarlaJan said...

LOVE the name Sophia!!! ALways makes me think of the Golden Girls, and I mean that in a GREAT way. Not cause it reminds me of old people. LOL

lil desiqua said...

I think they are both great names! My ex wanted to have a boy with the same name (different middle name, so he wouldn't be a III). I didn't like that idea at all- good thing we're not together anymore!