Jul 14, 2014

Everything is better with a list

Because my brain is fried from the migraine I have had since yesterday... list it is.

  • Had my 3 hour glucose test on Friday and just praying for good results.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Time went by pretty fast. 
  • Got hit with a major migraine yesterday and had to cancel our World cup finale game party. I felt horrible reaching out to friends 2 hours before cancelling but I knew I couldn't handle sitting up let alone entertaining people. And my whole body hurt from throwing up all morning too.  Baby girl must have felt the stress I was under because she was kicking like a maniac yesterday. 
  • It's Monday morning and my head still hurts, though not as bad as yesterday, but I am pretty sure I won't get full relief until tomorrow. 
  • I am excited to see two friends get married on Friday.  And here's to hoping I don't feel horrible in my dress considering I am 7 months pregnant too.  
  • My brother is coming over on Sunday to help the hubs paint the baby's room.  Shit is getting real guys! Next on baby list is to get crib from my parents house and put it together in room.
  • Only good thing about getting a migraine is that I can indulge in a cup of coffee since the caffeine should help some with the migraine.  I made the personal decision to not have coffee during my pregnancy unless I needed to for migraines.  I realize how much I miss coffee. Ha! 
  • I won a blog giveaway gift card and instead of looking for something for myself, I have scoured the baby section and pretty sure baby girl is going to the get the cutest dress ever.  
  • We are halfway through July... where the heck has time gone?
That's all I have for you.  My brain is literally still not working and I just want to go back home to bed. 
Hope you are having a better Monday than I am. 

Peace out my bloggy peeps. 


Britt said...

Fingers crossed for good results on the glucose test! My husband gets migraines so I totally feel for you. He gets so incapacitated and it's really hard to see him in that much pain. And i'm sure you will look beautiful for the wedding :)

Jen said...

I really hope you get good results!!! Fingers crossed.

shay said...

I've given up caffeine for this pregnancy too and its totally hard!! LOL glad you're feeling better from your migraine, that sucks. :(

Good luck with the glucose test! I have another 2 weeks til i have to do mine i think!

lil desiqua said...

Wow I can't believe you're 7 months already- time really does fly! But I'm sure you will look gorgeous as usual! Hope you're feeling better too!

Nikki said...

7 months! time is flying!