Jul 28, 2014

Bumpdate - 29 Weeks! Holy freaking moly!!!!!

Happy Monday my peeps!

Here we are at 29 weeks!  Time is FLYING by.  I just can't handle how close we are till baby time.  It's freaking me the EFF out. But anyways, let's get on with a bump date.

How far along: 29 weeks!

How big is baby?  I just had an ultrasound this past Thursday and they are telling that baby girl weighs around 3 pounds and measuring PERFECTLY!  Woop Woop.  I technically was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes after failing my 3 hour glucose test, but ever since I have been tracking my food... and I really haven't been following the diet plan... my levels are normal.  So they think that my body just reacts way differently to the influx of sugar in so little time that made me fail the test but processing sugar for me during the day is not a problem.  But because they slapped the diagnoses on me I get to go again for an ultrasound in 4 weeks so they can keep a closer look on baby girl which is fine with me so we can get some more pictures!

Weight gain: I have gained a total of 6 pounds as of Thursday this whole pregnancy.  Woop Woop.  And before you jump down my throat, my weight gain is perfectly normal and right on track.  I think some people think preggos need to gain 30-40 pounds, but that is NOT the case.  I am very content with my weight gain and that baby girl is measuring perfectly. Doctor says I am good so I am good.

Symptoms:  Back pain is a killer! I cleaned up yesterday and paid for it big time. I can barely walk my back hurt so much.  Heartburn is also back with this third trimester underway. Not pleasant. But so far I have been able to minimize feet and ankle swelling which is a plus!

Sleeping:  I only get up usually once to pee in the middle of the night.  But besides that, sleep has been good as it's going to get.  I think my body got used to the back pain.

Food cravings/aversions: Nothing very specific.  Sometimes I can eat a full meal and sometimes, I only have a little bit and lose my appetite thanks to heartburn.

Miss anything?:  Coffee!  And the other day I wanted a frozen pina colada loaded with rum.  womp womp.

Gender: It's a girl, Sohpia!

Wedding rings on or off?:  Off.. which makes me super sads since I am obsessed with my wedding rings.  I bought a stainless steel wedding ring set to wear in the meantime because I legit have a panic attack everything I felt my fingers naked thinking I lost my rings. LOL. And for those preggos, stainless steel is a great option for hypoallergenic and doesn't irritate your skin and stays shiny.  The fake rings look so real it's kind of ridiculous when you think about people spending so much money on real gold. Don't tell hubs I said that though. LOL

Maternity Clothes?:  Best thing about being pregnant in the summer = Maxi dresses!

Movement:  Baby girl moves around so much!  Especially first thing in the morning when I wake up and while I am sitting at work.

What I did/got for baby:  The baby's room is painted and we have most of the furniture in.  We just have to pick up the crib from my mom's house and put together.  My goal is to have the room finished before our baby shower since once that happens, the room is going to be filled with LOTS of stuff from the shower that will need to be organized.

What I'm looking forward to: My surprise baby shower that my mom and sister are throwing me.... and of course when it's baby time so I can give my sweet baby girl kisses on her head and hold her and thank God for his blessing to us.

Best moment of the week: Realizing that we are about 10 weeks away!!!!  Holy Moly.

I still can't believe that we are almost near baby time but I am just getting excited... and also having frequent panic attacks.  But that comes with being an expectant parent right? LOL.

And baby girl got to attend her first wedding.  Here I am at 27 weeks at our dear friends wedding!

The hubs and brother worked hard to paint the baby's room too!

Jul 22, 2014

How we chose our baby's name!

Some of you have asked me how we came to the name Sophia for our baby girl.  Well, it's a funny story.

Before the hubs and I were even thinking about settling down together we came up with the name.

Yep, it sounds crazy, but this name was chosen when we were dating.... about 8 years ago.  We weren't even engaged, just boyfriend and girlfriend.  I don't remember exactly how we got into the conversation but we did and started thinking of names for a girl that we both liked.  Sophia was it.  The only prerequisite I had was that it needed to flow with our last name.  And Sophia flows perfectly.

Now, for the two of us trying to figure out a boys name took us YEARS. Literally.  We always threw names out there and just couldn't agree.  Then one time we came up with such a great boy name.  We both agreed and were super happy.  Then one day, I was thinking.. "What was that boy name we liked so much?".  I asked the hubs, and he couldn't remember.  FAIL.  We both couldn't remember the "great" boy name we picked out.  So back to the drawing board.

Then about 2 months before we got pregnant, we were sitting down with my sis-in-crime Alexa and talking about boy names. We were telling her how hard it was for us to nail a boy name down.  So she hopped in on the fun of throwing out names.  And that's when a name was mentioned and we all looked at each other and said, that's it!  Alexander is our boy name.  It goes perfectly with our last name and hubs likes the strong first name for his son.  So luckily before we were even pregnant we had two names picked out. Now just came the time to wait and see what we were having when we found out we were pregnant.

So fast forward a few months and we were just excited to find out.  The funny thing is that when we found out we were pregnant, the hardest part was done... names picked out for either boy/girl.  Everyone couldn't believe it, except our close friends who knew our name choices, especially the Sophia one since we have had that picked out for so long!  What made it even more fun was that when we went to tell family and friends what we were having... it all started with "Is it a Sophia or Alexander?".

And as you know, Sophia was the winner this round.

I always wonder that we are having a girl first since that name was picked first before the boy.  This may give hubs hopes that our second child will be a boy and he can finally have a his boy, Alexander.

So there you have it, the easy way to pick a name. LOL.

Now let's hope our second one is a boy because I can't imagine trying to pick out another girl name! hahaha.

Jul 14, 2014

Everything is better with a list

Because my brain is fried from the migraine I have had since yesterday... list it is.

  • Had my 3 hour glucose test on Friday and just praying for good results.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Time went by pretty fast. 
  • Got hit with a major migraine yesterday and had to cancel our World cup finale game party. I felt horrible reaching out to friends 2 hours before cancelling but I knew I couldn't handle sitting up let alone entertaining people. And my whole body hurt from throwing up all morning too.  Baby girl must have felt the stress I was under because she was kicking like a maniac yesterday. 
  • It's Monday morning and my head still hurts, though not as bad as yesterday, but I am pretty sure I won't get full relief until tomorrow. 
  • I am excited to see two friends get married on Friday.  And here's to hoping I don't feel horrible in my dress considering I am 7 months pregnant too.  
  • My brother is coming over on Sunday to help the hubs paint the baby's room.  Shit is getting real guys! Next on baby list is to get crib from my parents house and put it together in room.
  • Only good thing about getting a migraine is that I can indulge in a cup of coffee since the caffeine should help some with the migraine.  I made the personal decision to not have coffee during my pregnancy unless I needed to for migraines.  I realize how much I miss coffee. Ha! 
  • I won a blog giveaway gift card and instead of looking for something for myself, I have scoured the baby section and pretty sure baby girl is going to the get the cutest dress ever.  
  • We are halfway through July... where the heck has time gone?
That's all I have for you.  My brain is literally still not working and I just want to go back home to bed. 
Hope you are having a better Monday than I am. 

Peace out my bloggy peeps. 

Jul 9, 2014

Bumpdate - Week 26! Holy shit time flies by fast!

How on earth I have made it to 26 weeks pregnant is beyond me.  It feels just like yesterday that I looked at that test that said "Yep, your life is about to change."

But here we are and so far, doing good.  I am excited because this month we have an ultrasound appointment. I am hoping baby girl cooperates so we can get a 3D picture of her!  Also, I failed my glucose screening test so this Friday I have to go in for the 3 hour test.  Prayers that the test comes out good!

On with the bumpdate:

How far long?
26 weeks!  I can't believe it.

Maternity Clothes?
I have a couple of maternity jeans that are amazing comfortable.  I also bought a pair of maternity shorts which is a MUST when pregnant in the summer.  I need to go buy more.  And maxi dresses galore! They are super comfy, adjustable, cheap and great for during and after pregnancy.

Baby Giggles moves around a lot during the morning and while I'm at work.  Not sure if it's because I"m sitting at my job for the most part and she feels squished or something, but sometimes it's distracting.  I have also noticed that she has moved her kicks/jabs/headbutts farther up my belly.  This tells me she is growing!

Food cravings/aversions?
I literally went to Stop & Shop food store and bought a WHOLE Tiramisu cake.  They make the best tiramisu I have ever tasted and I crave it even more now that I'm pregnant.  Besides that no weird cravings. This week I had to go out and buy some steak because I am sick of eating chicken.  We always primarily ate chicken before but this week I have had it.  Yuck.

I have started feeling more round ligament pain and my belly has been itching.  I know that my belly is going to really start growing much faster now.  Hopefully the round ligament pain doesn't last too long.

It's a girl!  Can't wait till we meet Sophia.

Sleep has surprisingly gotten better.  I don't know if it's because I'm getting used to the back pain or I'm just too exhausted to even notice.  I haven't really slowed down my life which I pay for by the end of the night, but at least I am getting some sleep in.  I wake up once a night to pee.  I consider that a win in my book.

What I'm looking forward to:
I have the biggest anxiety of getting the baby's room done.  Hubs and the bestie will be painting on the 20th which means we will move out the desk into our bedroom and get rid of a table we have in there that we don't have room for.  Then after we paint we can get the crib from my parents house and set that up.  Then organize with some of the stuff we have and done!  Then I'm sure when we have our baby shower, it will be a mess again. hahahaha

Jul 7, 2014

A Whole New World

Is that song stuck in your head now?  You're welcome.

Any who, lately I feel like my life is a whole new world.  Being preggo really changes your whole mindset on life.  Hubs and I are entering a whole new world called parenthood.  That IS scary as shit and I don't care what anyone tells you, it's scary.  It's different and a change of how you do things.

This weekend we were walking around a fair at the Pocono Raceway and I looked at hubs and mentioned how this was our last Fourth of July as a family of two.  MIND BLOWN. Crazy that next year we will be tugging along our little girl while I dress her up in a red white and blue dress ordained with stars on them.  Amazing how life changes in a blink of an eye.  But I am excited, even though still scared shitless, I am so excited for this change.

This weekend we enjoyed our "last" 4th of July.  We had amazing weather and great friends to spend it with.

Sadie had so much fun the first day running around the woods off leash that when I went looking for, I couldn't find her.  She retreated to the bed to take a well deserved nap. Ha!

And I think I may be the female version of the dog whisperer.

Good thing about staying in PA for the weekend is that fireworks are legal. So the boys racked up some goodies to give us a personal fireworks show.

Sadie loves coming to Poconos for all the sticks she gets to find and tear apart.  Even ones that are bigger than her.

Max, my brother's dog, was too tired to play with sticks.  I think he was looking forward to just relaxing the whole weekend.

We went to Pocono Raceway to watch the fireworks show.  Side note: This was my first time ever at a raceway.  Pretty cool considering how big the track really is.

And here we are, hubs and I... parents to be... living life to the fullest as much as we can.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!