Jun 25, 2014

Stopping and smelling the roses

So can I just tell you how wonderful this past weekend was?

It was great, we had awesome weather, bbq with friends and family and the World Cup games = perfection.

Friday started off with me instagramming this picture:

That totally looked like fallopian tubes to me so of course I had to confirm what I thought and so glad that some of you thought the same thing.

I woke up with a migraine on Saturday morning and wasn't too happy, but then again I woke up and was just grateful to live another day.

And then on Saturday right before we were walking out the door to my parents house for dinner, a freaking clock fell right on the bridge of my nose.  No joke, for about 30 seconds I was freaking out that I probably broke my nose and was in tears from the pain.  It's still a bit painful today but happy to report, no broken nose, just nasty cut and endless headaches.

Thanks to pre-natal vitamins, my nails grow like crazy.  Which means I was able to go out and buy a whole bunch of nail polish and have been painting my nails every week.  Pink is the color choice for this week along with pink lipstick.

World cup games along with a good dinner equals pure bliss.

Also, I am not the only one who likes to take selfies.

At 24 weeks preggo, baby giggles LOVES to kick and move around A LOT.  I sent this text to the hubs and I almost peed myself.

So, I can definately say that this weekend I did stop and smell the roses and it was such a great thing to do.

We also cleaned out the baby's room, it still looks like a hot mess with totes and bags all in the middle that need to go up to the attic and dresser that needs to be moved out while we get a new one in this weekend. Oh yeah, and we still have to paint the room too.... cue anxiety.  But it will all get done somehow.

Have you stopped and smelled the roses recently?


shay said...

Sounds like a good weekend! We're cleaning out the room too, figure we can paint over the summer sometime...

Jen said...

The picture of the headphones crack me up!