May 12, 2014

I married my hubs for his humor

This weekend was beautiful.  Besides some downpours on Saturday, it was great spring weather weekend and boy was I happy to welcome it.

Yesterday was even more beautiful out.  My sister and I both cooked dinner and had our parents over at her place. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the great weather.  The kids were running around playing in the backyard while we chatted all night long while eating some good food and dessert.

I also received my first Mother's Day card from the hubs.  And after reading it, it made me realize that I really did marry him for his humor.  A snippet of my card read like this:

"I have planted my seed in you which now means my plan for world domination is in effect.  Hahaha"

I'm the luckiest gal ever guys to be with that man.  And watch out, because apparently we have plans for world domination.

Baby Giggles = World Domination


Unknown said...

HAHAHA ... world domination?! I love it! Happy first mothers day :)

Jen said...

Bahahaha that card is priceless!

Nikki said...

bahahahaha thats funny! Happy Belated Mothers Day! XOXO