May 19, 2014

Frizzy hair, Top Gun and Sunshine

Can I just tell you how much I am loving summer Fridays at work???  LOVING IT, especially when we have such a beautiful weekend.   Well, Friday it wasn't so beautiful as it was raining all day, but getting out of work at 1pm after a long frustrating day was a great welcome into the weekend.  I went home and relaxed for a bit then took Sadie to the groomers so she just doesn't look like a black mop walking around the apt.

Then, I relaxed even more.... actually I did nothing all day.  It was great. What made it even better was that the movie Top Gun was on.  Score!  Best movie ever and I was home laying on the couch watching it.  Then this scene came on and thanks to my preggo hormones, I was crying like a baby.

After I got over my sob fest, I relished the rest of the movie and pumped up the volume when the music was going.  It was as if I was flying the plane.

Oh and thanks to all the rain and humidity, my hair looked like this:

Curly hair and rain just don't mix.... if you can even believe it, my hair was much bigger by the end of the day.

Then on Saturday I went to a bridal shower where it was great to catch up with old friends who I haven't seen in awhile.  I had such a great time and food was delish! It was a beautiful day out with the sunshine beaming down.  Spring has really made an appearance on Saturday.  So nice to welcome it.

Then Sunday we visited friends who just had their first baby boy in March.  Fail on my part for not taking a single pic of adorable little Chad Jr.  But he was so freaking adorable, and his light eyes automatically make him a heart breaker when he grows up!  I was giving some advice on things not do such as don't sneak girls in at night, date only one girl at a time, etc.  You know, important stuff.  We had a great time hanging out with them on Sunday and getting a baby fix in always makes my heart happy.

Then Sadie labeled Sunday's as nap day.
Go ahead and die of cuteness overload:

I just can't with her cuteness.... gets me everytime.

Hope you all had a good weekend, did you do anything super fun?


Its All Geek To Me 27 said...

When Goose dies I pretty much lose it and cry my freakin eyes out! He's my favorite character in Top Gun.

On a side note, I heard "You Lost That Loving Feeling" in the grocery store this weekend and totally pictured the scene in Top Gun LOL!!!

Jen said...

Oh Top Gun! That movie never gets old.

lil desiqua said...

Can you believe I've never seen Top Gun?! Guess I should get on that! Your hair looks cute! And ohhh babies- they get me every time! Seems like everyone I know either has a baby or is pregnant!