Apr 30, 2014

Hearing my baby's heartbeat for the first time is simply PRICELESS

Yesterday, hubs and I got up extra early for a 7:15am docs appointment.

We were both simply exhausted but we somehow managed to get our asses out the door in time.  I was most excited about this appointment because I knew it would be the first time we would hear the baby's heartbeat.  I was so nervous and just kept thinking, what if we don't hear anything.  Silly to even think like that, but these are the thoughts that go through your head!

So the doctor comes in and we chit chat a bit.  I asked him about my migraines because they haven't gone away since being pregnant and for those who suffer through migraines, well I have to suffer through without ANY medication at all... which pretty much makes you want to kill yourself.  So I wanted to see what options I have in case these migraines get worse.  Needless to say hormones are suppose to be at their highest these next two weeks so let's hope I maybe just get one more and that's it after that.

Then he proceeds to put the device to my belly and for the first 5 seconds you don't hear anything but white static noise and the doctor immediately tells me, don't freak out.. it takes a few seconds to start hearing.  Then, I hear the swooshing sound... my baby's heartbeat and the biggest smile comes across my face.  I look at hubs and we are both just amazed that finally we hear the baby's heart beating like a runaway train.  A good healthy 153 beats.  It was so cool and also super weird at the same time.

I then ask the doctor that when we go for our second trimester screening at 20 weeks, if they will be able to tell us the sex of the baby.  He says yeah but if we wanted to try now we could.  I look at hubs and he says "I don't mind.".... hahahaha. So we go over to ultrasound room and the doctor starts looking.  Unfortunately, the doctor couldn't confirm since baby kept closing it's legs.  I don't think it was happy that we were interrupting the cozy space it has in my belly.  The doctor did give us an idea of what it looks like, but again, we couldn't confirm so we will have to wait till our 20 week to have a better look and hopefully baby cooperates with us.  We did get one more ultrasound picture which was a close up of the baby's face... which at this point looks like a Transformers.  Super freaky.  I told hubs we should call it Bumblebee.


Jen said...

Aww yay what a wonderful experience to hear your babies heartbeat!

Nikki said...

I totally remember that freak out second with the transmitter hits the belly for the first second and you do not immediately hear something. After one of our apts Mr. Big Truck said to me "I have to remember we wont hear the heartbeat right away when they put that thing on your belly." Ha! It is such an awesome experience! Enjoy it!

Britt said...

So awesome! Are you planning on divulging the sex to your dutiful readers? :)

Unknown said...

So exciting!!!:)

Anonymous said...

I am so, so late with this but....

I'm so excited for you and the hubs!!!