Apr 30, 2014

Hearing my baby's heartbeat for the first time is simply PRICELESS

Yesterday, hubs and I got up extra early for a 7:15am docs appointment.

We were both simply exhausted but we somehow managed to get our asses out the door in time.  I was most excited about this appointment because I knew it would be the first time we would hear the baby's heartbeat.  I was so nervous and just kept thinking, what if we don't hear anything.  Silly to even think like that, but these are the thoughts that go through your head!

So the doctor comes in and we chit chat a bit.  I asked him about my migraines because they haven't gone away since being pregnant and for those who suffer through migraines, well I have to suffer through without ANY medication at all... which pretty much makes you want to kill yourself.  So I wanted to see what options I have in case these migraines get worse.  Needless to say hormones are suppose to be at their highest these next two weeks so let's hope I maybe just get one more and that's it after that.

Then he proceeds to put the device to my belly and for the first 5 seconds you don't hear anything but white static noise and the doctor immediately tells me, don't freak out.. it takes a few seconds to start hearing.  Then, I hear the swooshing sound... my baby's heartbeat and the biggest smile comes across my face.  I look at hubs and we are both just amazed that finally we hear the baby's heart beating like a runaway train.  A good healthy 153 beats.  It was so cool and also super weird at the same time.

I then ask the doctor that when we go for our second trimester screening at 20 weeks, if they will be able to tell us the sex of the baby.  He says yeah but if we wanted to try now we could.  I look at hubs and he says "I don't mind.".... hahahaha. So we go over to ultrasound room and the doctor starts looking.  Unfortunately, the doctor couldn't confirm since baby kept closing it's legs.  I don't think it was happy that we were interrupting the cozy space it has in my belly.  The doctor did give us an idea of what it looks like, but again, we couldn't confirm so we will have to wait till our 20 week to have a better look and hopefully baby cooperates with us.  We did get one more ultrasound picture which was a close up of the baby's face... which at this point looks like a Transformers.  Super freaky.  I told hubs we should call it Bumblebee.

Apr 28, 2014

Speedy life round

So a whole week has passed without me paying attention to this blog of mine.  But I have a good reason. This was my past week

Monday - Went food shopping
Tuesday - Went to a meeting
Wednesday - Went to Red Bulls soccer game
Thursday - Went to the NYC auto show
Friday - We were suppose to go to Costco, but ending up staying in.
Saturday - Went to Costco, then headed to Philly for a Cinco de Mayo/Going Away party.
Sunday - Went shopping at the mall since hubs had a few things to pick up, then came home and food prepped for this week which took me HOURS.

 To top it off, work was a shit show that week too.... I was so freaking stressed out and so far, it's already spilled into this Monday morning.  Fun.

Needless to say I am exhausted beyond belief.  Never ever again will I do that much during a work week.  It was insane and doesn't help that the whole "feeling super exhausted" phase in my second trimester has kicked in full gear.  I would literally take 15 minute naps in the car going to and from places.  I am pretty sure I fell asleep multiple times while the hubs was having a conversation with me.

I am hoping this week is much more low key.  I just have dinner plans with the besties on Tuesday night and as of right now, our weekend is completely open.  Thank you Lord!

I have yet to put up my vacation pictures too... which hopefully i'll get to share some with you this week.

And, tomorrow morning we have a doctor's appointment and hopefully (fingers crossed) we will get to hear the heartbeat of our baby!!!!  Here's to hoping I don't cry like a little kid when I hear it.

How was your week and weekend??

Apr 16, 2014

When the First Trimester Doesn't Go As Planned

I wanted to share with you my story about how I found out I was pregnant and the ups and downs that came along with it.

When hubs and I decided to start trying, we simply left it at me stopping birth control pills and see what happens.  I didn't track or plan for the perfect moment to have sex to conceive a child.  That is not how we wanted this to happen.  The doctor told me, give it up to a year as it can take my body a while to adjust after  being on birth control for many years.  I was OK with that.  Hubs and I thought that maybe by the end of this year something would happen.  We went along life as usual.  Then comes February and my body was all out of whack. Breakouts like I was 13 again, boobs were so sore that I couldn't even walk because when they bounced it felt like someone was taking a hammer to them.  I started realizing that this symptoms were out of the ordinary for me.  They got worse and worse.  So a day after my period was late I decided to take a pregnancy test.  It came out negative.  I was devastated. I had convinced myself that I was pregnant and was so happy.  I didn't even tell the hubs I was taking the pregnancy test because I wanted to surprise him.  A couple of days after I ended up telling hubs that I took a test and it came out negative.  I was sad for me and him.  I then just chalked it up to my body was still going through changes that I haven't felt for years so that it must be it and my schedule must be irregular.  A week later, I decided to take another test because I still didn't get my period and my body was telling me something was not right.  And then bam, positive pregnancy test.  Hubs knew I was taking this test, I got to wake up him that Sunday morning to share the news.  Cue excitement!

I went to doctors for confirmation of pregnancy and when they did the ultrasound, it was amazing to see the tiny kidney bean on the screen.  According to my dates,  I was two weeks off. Instead of being 8 weeks like they thought, I was 6.  Made sense since my periods weren't regular after stopping birth control.  That same appointment they did all the blood work.  I get a call from doctor's two days later saying my progesterone level was a little low and they sent my pharmacy a script for progesterone pills.  I needed to start taking those immediately and come back in two days to get blood work done to check levels.  I had to do this for 2 weeks.  Every 2 days back at docs office to see if my levels were doubling like they should.  As a first time mom and not ever hearing of anyone else go through something like this, I was freaked out.  The night before I was waiting for results yet again, I had a complete breakdown in front of hubs. Ugly cry and all. I kept saying why isn't my body doing what's it made it do.  What if my body rejects this baby.  Why is my body never ever normal.  He calmed me down and said not to stress because it would make it worse. I felt a little better after venting to him.  Literally the next morning doctor calls and says "Your levels are great! Keep taking meds till 10 weeks and all is fine."  Cue excitement and relief.

Then, one night the hubs was out with his mom doing some shopping at Costco. I stayed home because I felt like crap and just couldn't fathom walking around a store.  I wake up and go to the bathroom.  Now, during your first trimester you are very aware of the miscarriage possibility, so I was accustomed to checking the toilet bowl after I peed every time.  Well, this time there was blood. I freaked out and called the doctor right away.  He told me I can either go to ER or wait till Monday to see him in office.  I texted the hubs to see where he was.  He was at his moms house helping her with some computer stuff.  I told him we needed to go to ER because I was bleeding. Within 5 minutes he was home and ready to grab me.  For those 5 minutes, I cried and every single thought came through my head... "I'm having a miscarriage and at this point, there is nothing I can do to stop it."  After spending 7 hours in the ER, I am happy to report that I came out of there with a baby that was still growing inside of me.  But those 7 hours were hell.  We didn't know anything for the first few hours until after all the blood work and ultrasound tests came back.  When we had to go for ultrasound, I refused to look at screen.  I didn't want to know.  I didn't want to look at the screen to see nothing.  I just couldn't. I just keep deep breathing and was praying for it to be over.  Finally the doctor comes back with the good news and says it happens.  People bleed sometimes.  I had strict instructions to go home and REST, no heavy lifting, no straining.  They even told me not strain at all when it was time to poop. It was that serious.  I had to do this for the rest of the first trimester.  I was only at 9 weeks during this time.

And here we are, at 3 1/2 months still going strong.  Baby is doing fine.  I am feeling much better.

Our first trimester was a tough one and for weeks I was walking around more like a zombie than anything. Every twinge I felt I thought something was wrong.  I couldn't pee without getting anxiety that I will maybe see blood again.  But I just prayed that God knew what he was doing.

This is real guys.  I have yet to meet one mom who has told me the shitty of side of pregnancy, besides of course the morning sickness.  This stuff happens and I just wish I was aware that it COULD happen.  Of course no one likes to talk about this scary stuff, but I sure did wish I was able to reach out to someone who was went through the same thing I did. I am sure it would have made me feel a little more comfortable.  So for those of you who have gone through ups and downs, I hear ya.  I feel for ya.  Keep the faith and all will work out the way He sees it to.

Apr 14, 2014

It's here!

Spring that is.  Spring has finally made an appearance that has lasted more than two consecutive days in a row.  We have waited for so long!

Today I woke up with such renewed energy.  If you missed my big announcement on Friday, click here to find out.  I'll wait...

Now that you're back, this whole renewed energy is great because I am no longer walking around as if I want to hurl every minute and I actually have an appetite to eat food again.  Also, on Friday I had a meeting with my manager for a review on my job performance and I am so happy that I have met and went above and beyond their expectations.  I was really glad that she took the time to sit with me and let me know how happy they are with me.  And this also tells me that I am actually doing several things right so that's a huge win.

So this week is starting off great and let's hope it stays that way.

Tune in tomorrow so I can talk a little bit more about the first trimester and how we coped with the ups and downs that were thrown our way.

Happy Monday!!!!

Apr 11, 2014

Shit just got real. We're having a baby!!!!

Just got back from a great cruise vacation.... which will be the last vacation for at least another year because as you can tell we are having a baby!!!!

I've been MIA from this blog these past three months because it was the dreaded first trimester, and let me tell you, it was filled with ups and downs.  But for now, we are happy to announce that Baby Giggles will be here around October 11th!

We are beyond excited and feel so blessed.

We also can't believe we are actually in charge of raising a human which we decided to bring into this world.  That right there is very daunting and I'm still wrapping my head around it.

I have LOTS to fill you in, but please enjoy this pic that we took while on vacation.
More to come soon!!!!

 photo blogannouncementwithhearts_zpsbb5d9dd6.jpg

Apr 4, 2014

It's Cruisin' Time

That's what the hubs says when we go to vacation on a cruise.

And that's exactly what is happening tomorrow morning.

I can't wait till we meet up with our friends and family and get on that cruise ship because it's officially vacation time!

I have tons of stuff to do at work today.  Why is that work blows up with emergencies right before you leave for vacation?  Today may be a long day but it will be worth it in the end.

And from Saturday to Thursday, we will be cruising under the sun and I get to stick my toes in Bermuda sand!

I can't wait.  And this cruise is going to be something even special, I just know it.

So, I hope you all have a wonderful week and trust me, I will have a pina colada in your name!

Don't be too jealous.

Who am I kidding... be jealous!

At least Spring weather is somewhat making it's way.