Mar 3, 2014

Hubs birthday dinner

Let me just say how HAPPY I am that I didn't wake up to the 2-4 inches of snow they said we were suppose to get.  It was glorious to see not a flake of snow stuck to the ground.

This weekend was the hubs birthday!

 photo hubbday_zps9c9665d3.jpg

We had dinner plans on Saturday night to go to a Aki sushi restaurant.  Well, when I got the final number of how many people were coming, I called up the place around 2pm to make the reservation.  When the lady asked how many people I said "13 and a high chair."  She PROMPTLY said "No, we can't take a big group like that."  Are you freaking kidding me?  I have been to your place and know for a fact that you can take a big group.  I have been there before with a big group.  She didn't even ask what time so it's not like she can say she was booked with other big parties.  So of course I have to start frantically looking for another place which I then remembered, Ah' Pizz in Montclair.  They were FANTASTIC as always.  I have been there before and when I called last minute, they were able to accommodate us for dinner at 7pm.  When we arrived, our table was ready so we all got to walk in and sit right down.  The place was super busy so I was so glad I made the reservation.  They even took the cake I baked in the back while we ate and brought it back out for us for dessert and let me cut the cake and pass around.  They are also a BYOB place so it was just perfect.  We had a great dinner with friends and was able to share some good times with them.  The friends who showed up are our closest friends who we consider family so it was nice to be all together and share some great things with them.

But not one pic was taken.  I don't know how I did not end up taking any pictures but I guess that's what happens when you are with great friends and having a good time.  So thanks to all you guys who showed up. I know you were super glad to be there for that dinner. :)

Then Sunday, I literally stayed in my pj's all day on the couch because I just felt like crap.  It was nice to actually lay down.  I even took a nap with Sadie while the hubs was gone working his on call shift.

And here we are on Monday to start off a short week at work since I leave early tomorrow for a doctor's appt (why can't doctors be open late so working people don't have to take time off of work?) then Friday one of my best friend's is getting married!!! Woop Woop.  This will be a week of celebrations!

How was your weekend?


MarlaJan said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby! Steve's birthday is next Saturday. I'm glad you found a place to accomodate you, and by the sounds of it, a good time had by all. Sometimes I like those times when I'm not stressing to get photos, and just ENJOY the night with my friends.

Julie said...

Do'nt you hate excuses like that for big groups? Its like you're going to get tips from everyone, and a lot of service, why would you turn it down?

This coming weekend is a big birthday weekend for my hubby and for one of my friends. Friday night is a little karaoke for my hubby (he's not turning a milestone this year so its simply just getting our friends together) then on Saturday is throwing my friend a 30th bday then more celebrating on Sunday & Monday for Keith. It shall be fun!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to your hubs!!! :) They couldn't take a big party like that?! That's crazy!

DanielleASB said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! It sounds like everything worked out after all. As far as the pics go, that happens when you really are having a good time…like before social media blew up, right? Just know you'll have the memories in your head :-)

For us in DMV, we got more snow today…another 5 inches for us. I'm SO ready for Spring…and schools are out again tomorrow. It's been a hard Winter.

lil desiqua said...

Ahh you were like 10 min away from me! I've never been to that restaurant but sounds great- especially since they were so accommodating and it's BYOB!! Happy belated to your man!

lil desiqua said...

Ahh you were like 10 min away from me! I've never been to that restaurant but sounds great- especially since they were so accommodating and it's BYOB!! Happy belated to your man!