Mar 31, 2014

Where in the world is Kenya?

Happy Monday to you all!

I am super excited because this weeks marks the last week of work before we head to vacation!!! Woop Woop.

I can't wait to get out of this weather so I can stick my toes in the sand and wear a bathing suit in Bermuda!

I haven't written on here for awhile, simply because there are so many things going on in life that I have been soaking in every moment. Let me just throw out some random thoughts about my time away from this blog of mine.

  • This past weekend I went to a birthday party... for my friends bunny.  It was awesome. He even had bunny ears for all us to wear AND he had chocolate covered gummy bears.  If you have never had chocolate covered gummy bears, you are MISSING OUT!  Please get yourself some ASAP.  Trust me, you will thank me later. 
  • These last two months have kind of been a whirlwind, but I am happy to report that the end result is a great one.  
  • I put way too much water in my oatmeal this morning.  It's still good but dam that consistency can throw you off. 
  • We are finally getting spring like weather this week.  I am starting to believe that spring is really here! 
  • I am way too excited about my vacation... but then again, who wouldn't be?  
  • I have had a lot of doctor visits these past two months that I am pretty sure I can be my own nurse and draw blood myself.  But I trust in God that everything will turn out good so prayers would be appreciated. 
  • My husband is a saint for dealing with me everyday. Seriously.  But don't get me wrong, I'm also a saint for dealing with him.  :)
  • I did some shopping this weekend with my sister and we both actually bought stuff.  We are not big time shoppers so the fact that we both found stuff we liked was as if we won the lottery!
  • I am meeting two friends for dinner this week that I haven't seen in a long time and am so excited to see them.  I thank God everyday for allowing me to have so many good friends surrounding my life.  
  • I am enjoying life.  I don't understand why other people can't do the same.  People are so negative, mean, and bossy to other people and it makes me sad.  Sad for said person who is being mean.  Why is there so much damn negativity in this world.  Drives me nuts. 
  • My best friends are amazing.  They are just simply awesome.  I don't label just anybody as "best friend" because I take that shit seriously.  I have a handful of best friends who are my family.  Best thing ever. 
Happy Monday and remember, someone out there doesn't have what you have now... even if it's a little bit, so be grateful. 

Mar 20, 2014

Kicking THOSE people to the curb

Happy Spring and Happy International Happiness Day!!!

Most of my friends know me as the one who is constantly trying to stay positive.  It's not easy, but with a little bit of work it can be done.  Then I learned that today was International Happiness Day and I was like, BOOM... a day made for me.  Smile people, it won't kill you.  Did you know that a smile is contagious as well?  Just by smiling at a complete stranger you can lift their spirits up.  So this brings me to THOSE people in your life.  You know, the ones who

  • Complain all the time
  • Think negative about everything
  • Are so unhappy that they make other people feel miserable
  • Are mean
  • Are bossy
  • Think the world evolves around them because in their mind, it's all about them and no one else.
Yeah those people.  We all unfortunately have one in our life.  But the important thing is what you do with that person and how you let them affect you.

I personally know a handful of people in my life that are like this.  But I sure as hell don't let them get to me.  There are many ways to deal with a person like if you have to deal with them.  Here are some of my tips that maybe you can use. 
  1. When they are talking about negative stuff, put a positive spin as your answer.
  2. Don't become close friends with them because they will drag you down with them like a shark eating a seal. 
  3. Don't believe everything they say, because I bet you that 70% of their version is completely false and twisted around. 
  4. Ignore statements/questions that you feel are too personal where the person comes up as ready to judge.  We all judge people, but there is a certain amount of judging that is not OK.  Usually negative people are super judgy.  Stay away from it. 
  5. Don't give in to their shenanigans. 
  6. DO NOT LET THEM OVER POWER YOU.  They are not your boss, and you are not their boss.  Keep it equal and pull yourself away from the situation. 
  7. Make sure other people in your circle understand that your relationship with said negative person is not a "we are besties and will live in a unicorn world".  Because if people around think you guys are super duper close, they will then get the same reputation of negative person as your reputation as well. Be mindful of who you surround yourself with. 
  8. Be yourself.  Don't let them give you an image of who you are.  You are unique, make sure it stays that way. 
  9. Keep your guard up at all times, because negative people tend to be very jealous people.  
  10. Always... ALWAYS remember that negativity shuts down the party. So make sure the party keeps going by limiting those people in your life.  Party on!
Any other advice you guys think would be helpful?  Have you had to deal with a negative person in your life?

Mar 10, 2014

Weddings, Soccer and Relaxation

Happy Monday morning to you all!!!!

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did this past weekend!

One of my best friends got married on Friday and boy was it so much fun to be a part of their special day.
Don't they make an absolutely beautiful couple????

 photo bridegroom_zps50b40b45.jpg

We had such a great time at the ceremony and reception after.  It was perfect.

Then Saturday rolled around and we got to enjoy one of our benefits of being season ticket holders for the Red Bulls.  They had their first soccer game of the season which was in Vancouver so we got to go to the stadium and hang out in the club lounge with fantastic food being served while we watched the game on TV. It was great and we also got to pick up our red track jackets that we received for free since we are Red cardholders.  We saw those same jackets in the store going for $115.00.... we totally win!

Sunday my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins were here visiting from CT so we got to spend some time with them.  It was so great to be able to see them and share some fun exciting things going on.  Then after we headed over to our favorite steakhouse place with the besties for a Sunday family dinner.  I stuffed my face with food and it was great.

And in 25 days we will be cruising to Bermuda for vacation.... I. CAN. NOT.WAIT.
 photo explorer-of-the-seas-640-8_zps2fa7da97.jpeg

What have I missed in blog world???  I have been so MIA... my bad.

Mar 3, 2014

Hubs birthday dinner

Let me just say how HAPPY I am that I didn't wake up to the 2-4 inches of snow they said we were suppose to get.  It was glorious to see not a flake of snow stuck to the ground.

This weekend was the hubs birthday!

 photo hubbday_zps9c9665d3.jpg

We had dinner plans on Saturday night to go to a Aki sushi restaurant.  Well, when I got the final number of how many people were coming, I called up the place around 2pm to make the reservation.  When the lady asked how many people I said "13 and a high chair."  She PROMPTLY said "No, we can't take a big group like that."  Are you freaking kidding me?  I have been to your place and know for a fact that you can take a big group.  I have been there before with a big group.  She didn't even ask what time so it's not like she can say she was booked with other big parties.  So of course I have to start frantically looking for another place which I then remembered, Ah' Pizz in Montclair.  They were FANTASTIC as always.  I have been there before and when I called last minute, they were able to accommodate us for dinner at 7pm.  When we arrived, our table was ready so we all got to walk in and sit right down.  The place was super busy so I was so glad I made the reservation.  They even took the cake I baked in the back while we ate and brought it back out for us for dessert and let me cut the cake and pass around.  They are also a BYOB place so it was just perfect.  We had a great dinner with friends and was able to share some good times with them.  The friends who showed up are our closest friends who we consider family so it was nice to be all together and share some great things with them.

But not one pic was taken.  I don't know how I did not end up taking any pictures but I guess that's what happens when you are with great friends and having a good time.  So thanks to all you guys who showed up. I know you were super glad to be there for that dinner. :)

Then Sunday, I literally stayed in my pj's all day on the couch because I just felt like crap.  It was nice to actually lay down.  I even took a nap with Sadie while the hubs was gone working his on call shift.

And here we are on Monday to start off a short week at work since I leave early tomorrow for a doctor's appt (why can't doctors be open late so working people don't have to take time off of work?) then Friday one of my best friend's is getting married!!! Woop Woop.  This will be a week of celebrations!

How was your weekend?