Feb 26, 2014

Things you should NOT do at work

Fall Asleep....
As you know I have personally witnessed head snapping with a guy who I shared an office with when he worked here.  The worst is when the snoring started to get really loud. 

Clip your toe nails....
Because that's just gross

We all do it, but just be weary that it will come back to you and bite you in the ass.

Twist co worker's words...
Nothing more I hate than when I say something to one person and they twist my words to someone else.  In the end, you look like an idiot because guess what, the person will always come back to me and ask what I said.  And that is how you find out number five below.

Trust everyone...
Let's face it, there are some shady ass people who get all crazy when it comes to work.  Don't go around telling everyone your professional status of potential opportunities because they may get jealous.  Which may cause them to sabotage your success.

Be an underachiever...
I dont' know about you, but I'd rather be known as an overachiever than an underachiever because over achievers are usually remembered for when new opportunities come up.  Plus, it makes you feel good about yourself.

Complain all the time...
There are good days and then there are bad days.  On those bad days, you can complain.... but for the love of God, don't complain every damn day.  It's annoying.  Take the energy you are using to complain and put it towards finding a job you like.

Paint your nails...
I get it, you want to look all pretty but the smell of nail polish is pretty strong and can be distracting.  

Be bossy to someone who you are NOT the boss of...
Just get off your high horse now and settle down.  With that attitude, no one is going to like you. Fact.

So, are there any points you would like to add about things you should NOT do at work?  Also, any super weird or funny stories that you have encountered during your career???

and happy Hump Day! 

Feb 24, 2014

Where in the world is Kenya in NJ

This blog title was a little spinoff from "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego" but I quickly realized when I changed it around to my name that you most likely wouldn't get it.

And then I just wasted two minutes of your time writing out the explanation.  I'm sorry y'all.

So, I have been MIA which I apologize for.  Let's just say last week I wasn't not feeling so hot the whole week.  By the time I would get home from working long days at work all I wanted to do was to sleep.  I am hoping this week whatever I had last week has left my system and I get some renewed energy.

I do have the most hilarious story to tell you about the time we attempted to go snow tubing, but I have pictures that need to go along with that story so I am hoping I can upload this today and bring you this shit show of a blog post tomorrow.

But for the mean time, I just want to say I hope you are doing good, I am catching up on blog reading.  Also, we had fantastic weather this weekend here, it was a spring weather teaser, but today the high will be 32.  So there's go that. Winter is really sticking to its guns and staying around squeezing every last ounce it has before Spring comes.  It's OK Winter, you win.  I am raising my white flag and surrendering.  Let's just say that when Spring does come, I am going to enjoy it the fullest before you make your ugly appearance again.

On that note, Happy Monday... I have a shit ton of work to do so off I go being productive and all that jazz.

Feb 12, 2014

What the what!

This morning I woke up to an alert on my phone about the Winter Storm warning.  It told me that I should expect 10-14 inches of snow/ice starting Thursday at 1AM through Friday morning.  Freaking wonderful. I have been trying to work later/earlier to make up some of the hours I will assume will be lost to an off day tomorrow.  I'm a contract worker so I don't get paid if the office is closed. Womp Womp.  But, safety first.  I am just praying that tomorrow isn't super horrible and that we don't lose power.  Also, I am praying for a miracle - that someone will come shovel my car out Thursday night.

I thought of coming up with a list of things you do on a snow day as an adult:

  • Wake up in morning and call your job's emergency line to see if work is closed.
  • When they say it's closed, you attempt to go back to bed.
  • You wake up 15 minutes later and are wide awake and cursing the world for not being able to sleep in when you actually could since there is no work. 
  • Get up, look out window and look in astonishment as if you have never seen snow before. 
  • Eat some breakfast
  • Look out window again and estimate how many inches of snow is outside.
  • Watch the morning news that is repeating the same snow stories over and over again and laugh at how excited the weather people are because this is the one time that all air time is with them and not the news anchor. 
  • Look out window again at the blowing snow and wonder when snow will stop.
  • Walk the dog out in the snow which is not fun when dog refuses to go one step. 
  • Look out window when you start to hear snow blowers/people shoveling.
  • Look out window and curse out the snow for not stopping.
  • Watch more news about accidents all over the place and weather people standing outside knee deep in snow in the freezing cold.
  • Look outside again and try estimate how much more snow you got.
  • Go outside and spend hours shoveling. 
  • Look outside at the snow while taking 3 Motrin to help with the back pain from shoveling for 2 hours. 

This is what happens on snow days.  Exciting huh?

Feb 11, 2014

It's Cruisin' Time....as the hubs says.

I have been sitting here for the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to start this blog post.
I am still thinking of what to say as I type this sentence out.
The blogging rut has kicked in.  I don't know if it's because I have been so busy with work that by the time I come home I just can't take a look at blogger or if it's because when I am home I am out enjoying life and have put this blog of mine on the back burner.  I know we all go through this blog rut a few times but man they never do get any easier.  So let's see how this goes with the thoughts that are running through my head.

This past weekend hubs and I went on a cruise to nowhere.  For one night, we got to go on the Norwegian Gem cruise ship for one night.  We left Friday and we're back home Saturday morning.  It was a lot of fun and as I have kept saying, date night brought to a whole new level!  It was a great chance for us to check out Norwegian since we never cruised them before and let's just say that I am happy with Royal and Carnival.  I just felt like their ship wasn't very well maintained.  But we enjoyed a dance show, comedy show, lots of food and a great time with another couple that came with us.  I have some awesome pictures but will post those later since I'm too lazy at the moment to upload them from the camera.  I am so glad hubs booked this cruise to nowhere.

Sunday I got to go with sis-in-crime and my other friend Bimary to go wedding dress shopping!!!!  Bimary and my good friend Jesus are getting married next month.  We went to one store and Bimary said yes to the dress!!! She looks like a bombshell in the dress too!!!  I have a feeling we are going to have to hold Jesus back when he sees her in her dress because he may want to skip the reception and take her right to the bedroom.... that's how hot she looks in the dress!  We had such a great time shopping and hanging out.  I am so happy for them and just so excited that they have each other.  Love them both so much.

This week is a busy one at work since we are suppose to get even more effin snow on Thursday, so I am trying to make up hours starting now in case we are closed on Thursday or open late/leave early.  I didn't get home till about 7 tonight.  I understand that we are in winter, but I am over this snow.  I am over shoveling my car out every dam day and praying I don't get stuck.  I am over having to dress up my dog in boots and sweaters so she can go outside and play.  Dressing her takes about 10 minutes!  I am over all the dam salt being tracked into the apartment.  I am over constantly battling the ice and me walking so I don't bust my ass.  I am just over it.  Let's hope this snow that is suppose to come isn't the 4-8 inches of snow/ice they are saying.

So, what are you so over with?

Feb 4, 2014

Mother Nature sure is playing a game with us

I am sure that by now you have all seen the 8 inches of snow Mother Nature dropped on NJ via tweets and instagram.  It is brutal.  What's even worse is that tomorrow we are suppose to get another 4-8 inches of snow with an inch of ice on top of that.  AND THEN, they are predicting 10 inches this weekend with yet again another snow storm.  It's crazy but this morning as I was driving to work, I couldn't get over how beautiful everything looked snow covered with the sun glistening.

So as I work my ass off today in preparation that tomorrow we might be closed, I'll leave you with some pictures of Sadie in her snow attire.

And this morning, I woke up went to wash up and when I came back into the room, this is how I found Sadie.


Did you get any snow?  Because if not, and you want some, I'll gladly send you some. I've had enough of it.