Jan 31, 2014

A weekend filled with food and laughter. Win in my book.

First of all, Happy Friday!!!!!  This week was a long one for me due to learning some new stuff at work.  I always hate the learning curve at first because I feel like I am all over the place, but hopefully next week will better.  I am just excited the weekend is here.  We have plans for game night at our friends house on Saturday and then we have a super bowl party at my bestie's on Sunday.  It's going to be a fun weekend filled with food, laughter and good times.

I watch football and kind of love it.  I use to be that girl that never watched and didn't understand it, but one day I decided to actually sit down and watch a game and start asking questions, now I'm that girl that is glued to the TV on Super Bowl Sunday hoping to see some awesome plays.  Now, I am a Giant's fan but clearly they are not playing this Sunday.  So I will be rooting for Seahawks for a win!  Hopefully this game a good one.

 Also, fun fact, the Super Bowl is taking place literally 20 mins from my house.  It is in NEW JERSEY (not NY!!!!) and it's at the stadium where my beloved Giant's play.  I am dreading going anywhere near route 3 because traffic is going to just be insane.  And then add the dealing with tourists, ugh.  Let's just say road rage is going to be a problem for me.  But I sure as hell ain't going to the stadium.  The only way I would have thought of MAYBE doing that was if the Giant's were playing.  But I will be in a house with a huge HDTV in WARMTH.  Best of all, I'll be with my best friends enjoying a good time.

What plans do you guys have for super bowl?

Jan 29, 2014

I confess.....

Joining Vodka and Soda for Humpday confessions because my brain is shot and it's much easier to write in bullet points.  And also because her button has great eye candy too.  Just keep staring and pretend he's yours.


  • Our office mate who use to nap all the time at his desk is no longer here because he found a new job.  These past two weeks I have not had to use my headphones (both of them) because it's been so quiet in here with the two other people I share an office with.  It's been glorious and I am so happy Mr. Nappy aka Douchebag is gone.  Good riddens.  I secretly hope he also gets caught at his new job sleeping and get fired.  
  • I made a banging steak last night for dinner.  So banging that I don't think I took a breath while shoving it down my throat.  Classy girl right here.  I confess I am a damn good cook (NOTHING FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY,  HUSBAND!)
  • This morning it was about 10 degrees when I left for work and Mother Nature decided to dump an inch of snow out of nowhere so I had to clean my car off.  Which would have been fine if I was wearing pants.  Now wait a minute, get your mind out of the gutter.  I had a short dress on, with NO TIGHTS.. because tights are for old people.  So my legs were numb for a good hour after.  I confess I was not wearing pants so again, get your mind out of the gutter.  
  • Work has been crazy busy.  But a good busy since my manager has given me A LOT more responsibilities. I truly am one of them now and not just their temporary contract worker who does the leftover easy shit.  Feels good to have the recognition that I'm doing a good job. But because work has been crazy I have been slacking off on my blog here.  I'll be changing that real soon. 
  • I have been an emotional wreck this week and a raging bitch at times.  I confess that sometimes I would rather be a man as to not deal with Aunt Flo. Stupid bitch. 
  • I really want to punch people who throw their problems in the air just waiting for anyone to come by and pity them.  Why do some people think it's OK to tell a person EVERYTHING??!?!?!   Geez, if I am not your best friend, I don't really want to hear about every single dam problem in your life just so you can hear me say "oh that sucks."  NO. Shut your mouth before I punch you. 
  • I wish I was humping Ryan Gosling now.  
  • For the hubs: that bullet point before this one, just erase that from your memory. Kay thanks love you bye
  • This morning I used up the last of coffee that was made at work.  I totally didn't start a new pot either because I didn't want to.  Take that co-workers! 

What are y'all confessing to this hump day? 

Jan 27, 2014

10 douchy things people do

I have been making notes for this post probably for a few months.  Every time I see someone do a douchy thing, I would add it to my notes on my phone.  I figured that I would finally write down the top 10 things to entertain you all on this Monday morning. So let's get this shit started....

  1. Power Trips.  Nothing drives me more crazy when people are walking around on their power trip thinking that they are above everyone else.  What makes it douchy is that they are probably at your level or below you.  I laugh at you power trip people because I know you think you're all cool and awesome and feel like the King, but what you don't realize is that you just made yourself look like the biggest douche.  Congratulations on losing even more respect from people. 
  2. "I'm fat".  People who are a size 2 and like to tell you that they are "sooo fat".  Just stop it.  Stop fishing for compliments.  Douche. 
  3. Drop and Go.  This is the douche who could be at a store and drop something, but continues to keep walking and doesn't even bother to pick up what they dropped.  
  4. Interrupters.  So you are telling everyone a real good story and then the "interrupter" comes in and totally steals your thunder with a "better" story.  What makes it douchy?  Their story is 20 mins long and the people can care less about what your good story was, if they even remember you initiated story telling time.  
  5. Indoor sunglasses.  Yep, that one friend who wears sunglasses indoors throughout the whole party. 
  6. Handicap abusers.  Oh look you have a handicap tag but you don't need assistance walking from your car to the store.  How much did you have to lie to get that sticker when clearly there is NOTHING wrong with you. What's sad is that someone out there who ACTUALLY needs it doesn't have a spot and has to walk father because you are lazy.  DOUCHE.  
  7. Summer Uggers.  Uggs are NOT meant to be worn with shorts.  
  8. Fakers.  These people come up with these extraordinary stories of stuff they have done, but what makes them a douche is when their stories don't add up.  Stop faking a life just because you want to be on a power trip. 
  9. Leave shitters.  These people walk their dog and let them shit anywhere and don't pick up after them.  You make the rest of us look bad.  PICK THE GOD DAM DOG SHIT UP, it's not that hard. 
  10. Two Space Parker.  If you are so worried about people scratching up your precious car, then you shouldn't take up two parking spaces because then it becomes fair game. Douche. 

Now I know you guys can add to this list.  SPILL IT.  Let's make this a fun game of douchy people suck major donkey balls.  Go ahead and vent, I'll listen. 

Have a happy douchless Monday! 

Jan 22, 2014

Snow everywhere I go

Hola my peeps.

I am currently defrosting on my couch since we got slammed with 8 inches of snow.  Work has a delayed opening so I had to shovel my car out thanks to the street plows.  Oh and it feels like -8.  Pretty sure I was thisclose to getting frostbite.  But, my car is shoveled out, I had some breakfast and hubs brought me coffee. So here I am catching up on blog reading from the weekend since work doesn't open until 10am.

What's funny is that this snow seems to be following me.  This past weekend we went to my bestie's house in PA and when we woke up on Saturday morning, we had about maybe about 2 inches of snow on the ground.

 photo snowPA_zpsa25aa808.jpg

It was a beautiful sight and I was cursing myself out for not bringing my camera.  But the snow didn't stop all of us from going to the outlets to do some shopping.  Then we came back and celebrated my niece's 7th birthday with some good food and ice cream cake.

Sadie enjoyed her time as well this weekend.

 photo sadieprofile_zps90c9effe.jpg

And finishing off the weekend with some football and a Lime-a-Rita equals perfection in my books.

 photo footballlimearita_zps9b75058a.jpg

This weekend hanging out with my close friends who are like family to me, let's say framily, I couldn't thank God enough for bringing these wonderful people into my life.  We are close and even when there is time apart, when we are all together it is as if there was no time that ever separated us.  That to me says that they are real genuine friends.  Some of them read my blog so I want to thank you guys for always making me smile and being great framily members.  This past weekend reminded me of what my life is about.  So blessed to share it with you guys. Love you like a fat kid loves cake.

OK, now I need to continue to defrost a bit and then get ready for work.  Be safe everyone and as always, thanks for reading this blog of mine, it truly means a lot to me.

xoxo bloggy peeps.

Jan 16, 2014

I dated one guy for 10 years.... holy shit that's a long time!

This day, 10 years ago, hubs and I decided to make it official and be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Who knew that we would come from being boyfriend and girlfriend
 photo 81_506450701832_2377_n_zpscc6c03b2.jpg

To making it through 4 years before we got engaged
 photo 168_508526212454_1844_n_zps8166d034.jpg

To then going through a year of planning to make sure we had the best wedding ever
 photo 26918_571728754054_1307297_n_zpsad4e7d76.jpg

To today living life to fullest.
 photo 1452564_10100554429181494_1620596101_n_zps8b5809bc.jpg

If you would have told me 10 years ago that all this was a possibility, I wouldn't have believed you.  But let me tell you, this is the best dam path of life I could have taken with the best guy possible.

We may argue, we may have flaws, we may disappoint each other, we may strongly dislike each other at times... but we also make each other laugh, we support each other, we have fun together, we travel together but most of all... we LOVE each other no matter what.

Dear Hubs,
Happy 10 years of dating your corny wife who laughs more at her "own" jokes and will gladly fart in front of you.

Your wife who tolerates when you fart and when you take over the bed when you roll from your side onto me with your hand in my face.


So, I seriously thought it was 11 years until the husband told me it was 10.  I then reached out to my bloggy buddies Nikki and Celia and they also told me 10.  Have I ever told you that I'm not good at math?  Yeah, simple math at that.  At least I'm keeping it real here on the blog. 

 photo IMG_20140116_103418_zpsi1rzdqee.JPG

Jan 15, 2014

Married People vs. Single People

The competition that people don't think they are competing in, but they are.


I took one look at my Facebook feed the other day and BAM... this blog post idea came racing through my brain.  It is amazing how life is so different for married people and single people.  I feel like the married world is far far far far away from the single world.  So I wondered who wins in this situation.  Is it better to live the single life or better to live the married life?  What if both suck major balls?  What if both are the best things ever?   Well, let's have a look at how some people may view this competition.  Place your bets people, this is going to be a good one.

Let the games begin....

Married People (MP) vs. Single People (SP)

On Vacations...
MP: Books trip to All Inclusive resort and goes snorkeling.
SP: Books trip to Cancun and goes on booze cruise everyday (unlimited alcohol for a small fee, duh!)
On Thursday nights...
MP: "Can't wait to watch that new HGTV show that premieres tonight!"
SP: "Meet you at the bar at 11pm!!!" 
On home...
MP: Owns 3 bedroom house with backyard in a good school system town
SP: Owns overpriced condo overlooking the city skyline
On cars...
MP: Owns a minivan/SUV (um, it has a table for kids to play cards, winning!)
SP: Owns a sports car (two seater bitches!)
On alcohol...
MP: Has 2 glasses of wine (BUZZED)
On work...
MP: Organizes team building events
SP: Organizes all the happy hour events
 On children...
MP: They are pregnant with their second child. 
SP: Bought the sports car because it's a two seater.  No car seat allowed.  
On weddings...
MP: Needs to find a babysitter.
SP: Needs to find a hot date for their plus 1. (they will probably have amazing sex that night too)
On shopping...
MP: Goes to the supermarket. (It's white asparagus season!!!!)
SP: Goes to Forever21 (the shorter the skirt the better for the club!)

So, who do you think wins?

Stay tuned this week for.....  Couples vs. Couples w/kids!!!!!


Jan 13, 2014

Ain't Nobody Got Time for Golden Globes... but I do for Game of Thrones

I really hope you all had a good weekend.
I did not watch the Golden Globe awards since it seems that everyone and their mother did.  So, you won't be seeing any info about that on here.  But I did watch some TV, or shall I say a lot.  I watched two seasons worth of Game of Thrones.

 photo gameofthrones_zpsf8fcf80e.jpg

Everyone always talked about how great the show was and hubs was just dying for me to park my ass on the couch and watch the marathon that was on.  So I did.  I think the show is good, not the greatest show ever ::GASP::: , I know.  But at least I have some time to watch season 3 before the next season comes out so I can be all caught up.  Hubs told me season 3 get better.... I hope he is right.

Saturday, I went to the salon to get my hair done and got a keratin treatment to calm down my unruly curls.  Has anyone done this before?  I am hoping it helps since I have lots of curly hair.  Living a life with no frizz seems to not be a possibility but they say the keratin treatment helps so we will see in the next coming weeks.  But let me tell you, when a curly hair woman gets her hair straightened out, there will be a lot of pictures. For example:

 photo straighthair_zpsdddca799.jpg

 photo hair2_zpsf122db5b.jpg

We went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night and my meal was so dam good.  Plus side is that we found a new restaurant that does NOT disappoint and it's close to our apt too.

Yesterday I saw this picture floating around on facebook and I had to share.  Most dog owners go through this....

 photo dogbedhuman_zpsee8b07ca.jpg

The last pic is probably the most epic one.  The only thing I would add is the woman holding her cell phone camera and taking a pic of the adorable dog taking up the whole dam bed.
Oh wait, is that only me?  Am I the only one who does that?  oooopsies.

Jan 10, 2014

Polar Vortex

Weather people are calling this cold weather this past week as a polar vortex.  The only thing that means to me is that because of the polar vortex, I got hit with a nasty cold that kept me home for two days from work.  So big eff you polar vortex.

I haven't had a nasty cold like that in a long time, but just thankful that my body is successfully getting rid of the cold germs in time for the weekend.

Besides that, nothing much has happened this week.  I stayed at work late yesterday and it was nice to come home in no traffic at all. Then this morning I got here by 7:30 and again, it's nice not to sit in traffic in the morning either!

I hope you all had a fab week and I am still playing catch up on blog reading.  Also, I have had some blog inspiration hit me over this week which I have jotted some notes down so I'm glad to say that my mini blogging rut after the holidays is gone as well.

So glad the holidays are officially over too.  I love them but boy does it get overwhelming.

Cheers to the weekend!

Jan 6, 2014

Cold, Snow, Spring, Frozen

That  title up there sums up how these past couple of days have been.

Friday ended up being a snow day since my job actually closed the office.  I was surprised and it sucks for me because I don't get paid. But it is what it is.

On Friday I went over to my sisters house to go sled riding in her backyard since she has a huge hill.  Well, I made it for about a half hour because the cold air was really unbearable.  I don't know what I was thinking but at least I can say I had fun.  From there, I came home to shovel my car out since I park it on the street.  Thank goodness for my friend who helped out.  Then we headed to farmers market and supermarket to stock up on veggies.  All in all, it was nice to stay home, but the roads weren't that bad and I know I could have made it to work if they had a delayed opening.

Saturday it was COLD. Like beyond cold. It was just ridic.

Sunday, same thing as above.

Today, it started out as 50 degrees this morning with rain.  Tonight the low is going to be 9.

Yeah, that sucks major ass and to top it off, I am getting sick with what seems like a sinus infection.

Just great.


Hate you winter.