Dec 13, 2013

Working Hard or Hardly Working??

Guys, I have been WORKING HARD as it is super duper busy at work.  I am surprised I can come up for air to breathe.  To top if off, it took me an hour to get home on Wednesday from work and yesterday it took me an hour and half becuase of traffic due to accidents.  Not pleasant at all, but I am grateful for a job and I am learning a lot from my team members, which are awesome, and getting even more responbilities.  Guess showing them I can handle my own and asking for more really does pay off becuase in the end, I know it will help in the future.  But that doesn't mean I don't get to complain of how much work is kicking my ass. Ha!

Wednesday I was my mom's hot date for our work holiday party.  It was at Westmount Country Club, which my senior prom was held there in 2001... holy crap time flies by, and the food was delish and the open bar was even MORE delish.  Hello white wine that I had way too much of Wednesday night.  You were fantastic in softening the blow of such a stressful day.

I came home a bit typsy and let me tell you, I was in my apt laughing and giggling.... by myself. Just me and the dog... which means = selfie time!  We were sending selfie pictures to the hubs who was out on call working.

 photo sadieselfi_zpsd74681cd.jpg

Tomorrow we are suppose to be getting some snow so let's see if the weatherman is telling the truth this time.  If he is, we are going to get slammed with about 3-6 inches of snow. I am just happy it is happening on the weekend and not during work week.  I can stay home and enjoy the view this time around and not slip and slide all over with my car attempting to get to work.

And tonight, my God daughter turns 5.  HOLY CRAP I FEEL OLD. Can't wait to squeeze her so tight tonight at her little birthday celebration.

But seriously, I feel like she was born yesterday. Cray cray.

OK, off to start a super busy day at work... hope I make it out alive.



Princess Burlap said...

Nothing is better than a dog who can pull off the selfie.

MarlaJan said...

Drunk selfies rock. Drunk selfies with your fur baby?!?!?! Even better! I was laughing at your monring after the holiday party tweets! Glad you weren't too hungover! <3

Kathryn said...

Stay safe and warm if it snows!

Jen said...

That picture is awesome!!! :)

Tranae said...

Cute puppy. And we graduated in the same year. That makes you awesome in my book :)