Dec 16, 2013

Hello Snow Storm

I hope you are all warm because it was a cold and snowy weekend here in NJ.

Saturday the snow started in the morning and didn't stop until overnight... which then changed over to sleet.

But the snow storm didn't stop us from meeting up with Nikki and Mr. Big Truck and sis-in-crime for some good food.  We braved the storm and I am so glad we didn't because we had so much.  Also,we ate at Stage House Tavern and the food was delish!!!!

By the time we got home, the roads weren't so great and everything was covered in snow.  When I woke up Sunday morning, the snow was covered with a layer of ice.  I was out walking the dog in the cold but couldn't get over how beautiful it all looked.  I took the opporutnity to grab my camera and walk around in the ice and cold to take some pictures.

 photo snow1_zps0c1ee3d0.jpg

 photo snow3_zps54fccebf.jpg

 photo snow4_zpsd3666f43.jpg

 photo snow2_zps19e2b172.jpg

Mother nature can be so beautiful.


Nikki said...

So glad we didn't cancel!

Ashley said...

Those pictures are really pretty. Glad you had a good weekend!

MarlaJan said...

Love LOVE those pics! Are they real camera pics or iPhone pics?

Jen said...

I would love to experience a snow storm at least once but the west coast girl in me is scared haha.

Anonymous said...

I love when ice encases leaves like that! Glad you all had fun!