Dec 20, 2013

Expressing our Opinions and Chuck Norris

I've been in a blog rut for a while. It sucks when you want to write, but the words don't reach your fingers from your brain.

But I wanted to touch upon some things that have been in the news.

First of all, do you all remember the epic split commercial fro Volvo with Jean-Claude Van Damme?  If not, see below:

Awesome sauce right?  Well, Chuck Norris and Lockheed decided to one up that one and showcased this commercial:

I couldn't stop laughing!  How hilarious is that?  

Also, did you know that Brad Pitt is 50 years old?!?!?! That man has some fantastic genes. 

Oh and about that whole Duck Dynasty crap, who cares what the guy BELIEVES in.  He is allowed to share his opinion.  I don't know why people are getting so mad because let's face it, no one in this world will ever agree with what we want to do our life.  Just because he is a "celebrity" doesn't excuse him from not voicing his own opinions. 

Christmas is literally around the corner... so I hope you're all ready.  I just have to wrap up my niece and nephews presents and that's it!!!  We only buy gifts for them for Christmas which makes it WONDERFUL and stress free.  And that's when we get to really spoil them which is always fun as well.

Y'all have a good weekend.... I'll be at our friend's annual Christmas dinner on Sunday so I can't wait to spend some time with my loves with good food and laughter.  



Mary Long said...

Enjoy your holiday! Merry Christmas.

MarlaJan said...

I still have so much to freaking do for the holidays. Steve & I are having Christmas here. Baaaaahhh.

About the Duck Dynasty thing... I don't get why people are so upset or surprised. He's an older, Bible toting man from the south. Really?? It's the same thing with the CEO of Chick-Fil-A... Why is anyone shocked??

I do believe that everyone has a right to voice their opinion, but you have to be ready for consequences. I hate that everyone is saying his freedom of speech was violated. It was not. If you are going to say controversial things like that in a public forum from which you are getting paid (A&E in this case) and they don't want you associated with their brand because of what you said, be ready to be dropped.

Anonymous said...

I kept hearing about the Volvo commercial but this is the first time I've actually watched it. I'm just ready for all of this holiday season stuff to be over. Bring on 2014.

Jen said...

Oh Chuck Norris lol. Love! :) Merry Christmas.