Dec 11, 2013

Am I old?!?!?!

Y'all, I was excited to learn that I was getting something from Influenster to try out!

Then when they told me what it was, I was all like "Are they saying that I'm OLD?!?!?!?!?!?"... cue freak out moment. I said that because they sent me Meaningful Beauty's Creme de Serum by Cindy Crawford.  This is classified as an anti-aging cream.  I was all like, I am not OLD Influenster, I'm only 30 and can't believe you are sending me ant-AGING cream.

But then I tried it and fell in love and read up online that you should really start using the anti-aging stuff now to prevent it from even happening.  So, I owe a sorry to Influenster, I realize you are not telling me I'm old and that you just want me to keep my beautiful face wrinkle free.  I get it.

But seriously, this stuff is amazing.  It goes on smooth and is perfect underneath makeup.  It doesn't make my face oily at all.  And the biggest win for me is that it doesn't flair up my rosacea.  Hallelujah Jesus!

I actually think I may go buy this to add to my daily routine.  Totally worth it.

So for you YOUNG 30 year olds, grab one of these bottles and let's stay wrinkle free together!

*This product was received complimentary from Influenster, but all opinions are my own.


Julann said...

I got this also and LOVE it!!! But I am old and totally need it. Amazes me how light it is on my face and silky it makes me feel!

Princess Burlap said...

Ok, A - You go with your bad self, gettin' free stuff. And B - I totally agree. I am about to turn 32 and I swear on Frosty Lemon Cookies, my skin is starting to not look as perfect as it did even a few years ago. I'm going all crazy with the cheese whiz and applying the anti-aging stuff daily now, and sunscreen, oh mah gawd sunscreen. I'm obsessed. I wish Influenster and Cindy Crawford would have called me old at say, 27.

MarlaJan said...

So jealous you were asked to try this. I'm ALWAYS watching the infomercial for Cindy's face care products! That woman looks amazing,

I ma have to try this out! You are never too young for anti-aging skin care!

Jen said...

Super jealous that you got to try this.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling myself to add some anti-aging stuff to my... stuff, but I never do. I mean, I JUST started using moisturizer with sunscreen. Yeah....