Nov 14, 2013

Signs You Are Not A Parent

Signs you are not a parent include...
  • You can make last minute plans
  • You can curse whenever you want
  • Your phone/tablet/computer is in one piece
  • You can enjoy a meal without any interruptions
  • You don't carry snacks in your purse
  • You don't trip over toys in your home
  • You can have a glass (or five) of wine without having to justify it. 
  • You can have sex with the bedroom door unlocked
  • You can have sex ANYWHERE in your house
  • You don't need to by a SUV just to fit strollers and car seats
  • You can go on vacations to adult only hotels
  • You can watch TV shows at any time regardless of the violent/sexual nature
  • Your Netflix queue is filled with new releases and not kid TV shows
This list is just a part of what it is to not be a parent.  I am not here to say that parents lead a horrible life. I can't wait to be a mom.  That path in life is something that I pray to God is in my future.  But I also know that being married for 5 years, I have had the best time enjoying life with my husband as a family of 2.  We made the choice to not have kids right away.  It was OUR choice. Why some people think they can call us selfish is beyond me.  A woman did just that yesterday to me, but you know what, I tried to brush it off. Because ignorant people are just that, IGNORANT.  

Cheers to those who chose to be parents and cheers to those who chose to wait.  

And remember, you ALWAYS have a choice, so don't use that as an excuse.  


The Peanut Program said...

YES! With you 100%. I enjoy my family of 4 (me and Mike and our 2 kitty babies). I don't know when we'll be ready but I know for certain that time isn't here yet!

Ashley said...

Some people aren't meant to be parents - like me. I never plan to have kids. And for a long list of reasons. People call me selfish all the time when it fact I'm being self-less. I wouldn't be a good parent nor would I be able to provide a child with a great life due to my finances and health. I think its selfish to have kids if you can't afford them or aren't willing to give up everything for them. I think you did the best thing by waiting. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Its your life.

Nikki said...

Go you! You already know how I feel about this. Love you!

Julann said...

Love this and it is so true. I love my kids, but I waited for seven years after we got married to have them. And am so happy I did and let me tell you, I love when they go to their dads also! Sometimes being single has its benefits!

Mary Long said...

Having my daughter at 20, I think everyone expected us to have more babies. For YEARS I put up with people asking when we are having more and that one day I will regret only having one child. I have no regrets. My reasons are a lot of what Ashley said above. I had to wait 18 years to get the life you describe! Live it up while you can!
Ask me now if I have any regrets of only 1 child and I say, "HELL NO!" Empty nesters at 38? Why would I regret that?

Anonymous said...

I love being kid free, but I do still always have snacks in my bag :) My niece is kid enough for me.

Jen said...

I don't understand why there always has to be pressure to have kids. Sometimes people choose to wait it happens or some people just don't have a choice.

MarlaJan said...

I can completely relate to this one. Steve and I had plans to wait a few years before having kids. When I got sick, we had no idea that my getting pregnant would never be a reality. And when people who don't know I'm sick ask why we don't have kids and we've been married for 5 years, well, I get an earful. Until I put them in their place, of course! You do children when it's right for you and your husband. It's not a race, enjoy this time!