Nov 21, 2013

Dear Target, you always seem to surprise me with deals... and spending a shit ton of money that I wasn't going to spend

Guys, let's just talk about this whole Target store.
I am convinced there is some subliminal message that is within the music when you are there to make you spend way more than you originally thought of.

Yesterday we went in to get a few stuff for our trip.

  • Deodorant
  • Razors
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Gel
At the end, my bill was $125.  MFMAFJFJAFJKAFDAK ;.A DAFJDA JFKDJAF;OIEDA ;!!!!!!!!

I have no idea how that happened... but on the plus side, I walked out with a bathing suit. 

I wanted to get one more bathing suit for our trip, but it's November in NJ so that means all the Christmas shit is out and summer clothes gone.  I was afraid I would have to go to a swimsuit store and pay over $100 for a bathing suit.  But lo and behold Target surprised the heck out of me.  As I was walking through I saw clearance and figured I'd check to see if they had shorts or tees.  And that's when the pot of gold was found at the end of the red Target rainbow.  In all its glory, a whole rack filled with bathing suits.  Some were full price but then some were on clearance.   So I frantically start searching through.  Now we all know how much bathing suit shopping sucks major balls and ass, especially when you are not a size 6 with an effin flat stomach.  But here I am searching and I found some options. I run into fitting room to quickly try them on.  AND GUYS I FOUND A FREAKING WINNER,  I know, I'm still amazed that I actually found a bathing suit that I....
  • Liked
  • and the best part, FIT MY BOOBS
I have big boobs and bathing suit makers tend to forget that us big busted woman need to have those baby squeezed in AND supported.  But I found one that supports them, doesn't make me spill out and also makes them look fabulous.  

I paired it with a black bikini bottom, which was also on clearance. 
Merona® Women's Tankini Swim Top -Black/White Print

Guys, this literally took me 15 minutes to find a bathing suit... why on earth it can't be like that all the time is beyond me.  But yesterday, I won... BIG TIME. 

Except for the $125 bill at the end.... that is NOT winning. 
How do you that Target, how?!?!?!?!

P.S. We leave tonight to Florida for our cruise vacation. YIIIIPPPPEEEEEEE! 


Julie said...

I always have the boob problem with suits. Ugh. Glad you found one, at target nonetheless. I seemto never have luck there.

Mary Long said...

I love this top piece. They didn't have it in my size back in July which was a bummer.... Boob support typically means old lady looking for YAY that found a cute one!

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

target, huh!? i'm leaving for Barbados in a few days and could use a good new swim suit, I might have to stop in ;)

Nichole @ said...

Hahaha, I love Target so hard. I also hate it. I always spend way too much!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I went in for Tylenol pm today and left with $80 in stuff. The Target curse!

Jen said...

Hahaha! I went to target today for labels and printer ink. I walked out with everything for thanksgiving and more christmas decorations. Guess what I didn't get?! Haha! :)

MarlaJan said...

I have this talent of going into Target for one thing, and leaving with ALL THE THINGS! Except, of course, the one thing I went for. Congrats on finding a bathing suit!

I know I'm a couponing loon, but make sure you download Target Cartwheel and Target Mobile apps to your phone. Saves a ton of money.

I'm still laughing over you IG blowup horse pic from this morning.

Tori said...

OMG it is impossible to go into target and not get atleast three extra things you had no intention of buying! They are geniuses

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Target is now 3 minutes from my house .... I am not even lying when I say that I go there 6 out of 7 days of the week. And I always buy something extra than what I need! YAY for a clearance bathing suit top though! Have so much fun on your cruise. Get a tan and drink lots of fun stuffs for me!