Oct 22, 2013

Pumpkin Hard Apple Cider with a side of Superpooch!

It's no secret that I like to watch football and am a NY Giants fan.

But as most of you know, even if you don't watch football, the Giants have had such a horrible start to the season that it made me very sad, anxiuous, and angry.  It's hard when you're a fan to see your team struggle.

But yesterday that all changed. They actually won a game.  I was beside myself.  I didn't think I was actually awake, more dreaming.  But I pinched myself and there it was, 23-7, Giants win.

Thank goodness because I wasn't sure I could handle another loss.
But I did prepare myself with drinking this GOODNESS in a big ass bottle:

 photo pumpkincider_zpsbd787f78.jpg

That right there is heaven in a bottle.  HEAVEN. It is so freaking good that I drank the whole thing by myself, minus a little bit that the hubs had.

And because I can, let's just enjoy this picture of Sadie as superpooch.

 photo superpooch_zpsdf5a8f22.jpg

We are such awesome fur parents.