Oct 7, 2013

Non-Football Fans - Why we want to punch then in the face

As we enter the Fall season most of us start to love all things fall such as apple pies, pumpkins, leaves changing and football.  Well, football for me at least. I understand that not everyone is a football fan.  I was that girl once too.  I despised football and hated that it took over our house for a couple of months.  But then one day, I actually took the time to sit and learn with my husband, and now I am a NY Giant's fan.  I love football, and to this day I still learn more and more.  It's an invigorating sport and fun to watch.  It also gives me super anxiety especially being a Giants fan now as they are sucking balls pretty much.  Ha!  But through wins and losses, I am a Giants fan.

BUT there are some things that really tick me off for those NON-FOOTBALL FANS.  :::GASP:::  I know, there are some out there.  But let's talk about what they do and say that really tick us football fans off:

They complain on social media about their disgust of football MULTIPLE times
There is that one person who says, "I am going to sign off of my social media until football season is over because my feed is annoying."  So, go ahead and sign off.  We don't care. BUT WAIT, the next day they are on social media complaining about all the football statuses.  Didn't you say were going to stay off?  THEN STAY OFF.

The "My significant other doesn't watch football because he is spending time with his family on Sunday"
Eff you. That's what I have to say.  Just because we watch football with our significant others doesn't mean we aren't having quality time together.  Bonding over a sport or whatever your hobby is spending quality time. Stop trying to make other people feel as if they are ignoring family/friends by saying something like that.  Every person's definition of quality time is different.  Go check yourself.

The person who says they watch football but take no interest in learning the sport
There has to be at least one person you know like this.  They "watch" football but really don't.  Take the time to learn the sport and trust me, you will like it even more IF it's your cup of tea.  Don't feel like you need to watch football to be just like everyone else.  Stop pretending. Be yourself. You either like it or don't.

The person who bashes on people's team
This applies only to non-football people.  You will always find a couple of people on your social media channels that you KNOW FOR A FACT don't watch football and despise it but all of a sudden they post something like "oh where are all those fans now, so quiet huh because your team lost today."  SHUT UP.  If we know for a fact that you don't even care for football, then STOP TRYING TO BE COOL JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO ACT LIKE A DOUCHE.  Get off the bandwagon.  Go back to doing whatever you do and leave the trash talking to true football fans.  We're better at it than you.

I know lots of my blogger friends are football fans, so let's discuss any other things that those darn non-football fans do that drive you insane.


Jess said...

This made me laugh because I have one of person #1 on my friends list. It's so stupid. She's always like "I hate football season" "why do people care so much? its only a game" blah blah blah. It makes me angry because its like she berates everyone else for actually liking football.

and I agree with you on point #2 - it is quality time if you are doing something together! My husband and I will curl up on the couch together and watch the Steelers (who are currently in the same boat as your Giants :( ... boo!) I consider that quality time. We're bonding over one of our interests.

Mary Long said...

OMG - this is too funny. I wrote a post a few years ago about Phillies "superfans" and how annoying they can be if you are not a baseball fan. It's from the opposite point of view as your post but you know what? I totally agree with you on this. If you aren't a fan, sit down and shut up! Why say anything? AND If you think your husband is not spending quality time with you because he is enjoying the game, then honey, your marriage has deeper issues!

lil desiqua said...

I totally agree with these! I actually got into football to further bond with my (ex)bf, and once he taught me more about it, I got more into it and even joined an all-girls fantasy football team! We're not together anymore, but I still love football!

I would add females who dress UP, like they are going to a freakin club, to go to the bar to watch football. Girl- it's a bar. The guys are there to watch the game, not you (no matter what you're wearing, and usually it's pretty slutty). And if you know nothing about football, you just sound (and look) like an idiot.

Oh, and the girls who get on me for going to a bar to watch football, because ya know, I don't have Redzone and not all the games are on my regular cable. I was actually told "Don't lie, you're going to the bar for the guys, not the game." Got me SO heated! (Can you tell?!)

ME! said...

Go GIANTS!!! I am a fan, and although I don't like the constant banter of the play-by-play action in my FB feed, I get over it! The real reason I don't like it? Because they are SUCKING THIS YEAR!!! LOL

But anyway, Go Giants!