Oct 11, 2013

It's the Weird Things

We all do some things are weird.  I was sitting here in my office thinking that I have a ton of weird things I do. Let's see....

  • I hate mayo spread on a sandwich, but I love tuna fish with mayo in it. 
  • I never watched Sesame Street when I was a kid
  • I was never a girl scout
  • I don't eat sushi
  • I go to WWE events
  • I listen to opera music
  • I also listen to rap and hip hop music
  • I LOVE drinking flat soda.  
  • I can't sleep with socks on, no matter what season it is
  • I don''t laugh or giggle, sounds more like a cackle
  • I can't drink a glass of milk... gross. 
  • I don't like pumpkin spice lattes
  • I don't like eggplant
  • I have never gone camping
I'm sure there are more things.  What are some of the weird things you do?


KT said...

I can't sleep with socks on - they end up OFF at some point in the night anyway!

Nikki said...

No me gusta mayo nada!
I watched Sesame Street -you arer weird.
I wasnt a girl scout
I LOVE sushi -you are weird
I dont go to WWE events
I listen to opera music in the car when I am with my dad
Mr. Big Truck likes "gangsta rap" - lol
He also loves flat soda - you both are weird
I sleep with socks on when my feet are cold
You do laugh and it is a giggle
I dont drink milk
I am with you on the PSL thing
Eggplant is the bom.com you are weird
Camping is awesome -you are weird.

Conclusion: YOU ARE WEIRD but I still love you!

Julann said...

I love mayo on EVERYTHING!
Total Sesame Street kid
Hate Sushi
Can't sleep with socks
hate eggplant
Love camping!!

It is what makes us... US!

MarlaJan said...

This made me smile. I always fall asleep with socks on, but I wake up every morning with them at the bottom of the bed!
And I hate milk.
I hate milk SO much that I eat my cereal dry.

lil desiqua said...

Ohmygosh, I am totally with you on the flat soda! And I'm gonna have to agree with Nikki here- you do giggle! I think you should try camping- it's really fun!!

Mary Long said...

I like mayo on tuna and turkey - that's it. Ham or other deli meats require mustard.

I listen to Metallica when I am stressed - it soothes me.

I will not eat left over pizza if it was refrigerated first.

Jen said...

I thought I was the only one who does not enjoy mayo on sandwiches!

Kate @ Classy Living said...

Samsies on the mayo thing - LOVE chicken salad, but HATE any mayo touching any part of a sandwich. I also can't stand milk or PSLs :)

Ashley said...

Now I'm trying to think of things I do that are weird. Well one is that rap music gives me anxiety. Another is that John and his family think I'm weird because I use a knife to cut up my pork chops, they usually pick it up with their hands. (I personally think eating it with your hands is weird though)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Nikki's comment cracked me up and I've got to agree with her. PSL, eggplant, camping, milk, and socks are all awesome. I despise mayo, on anything. K likes flat soda too, I think it's gross. No me gusta sushi. I wasn't a girl scout either but I'll go to town on those cookies.

ME! said...

- I always sleep on the side of the bed closest to the doorway.
- I fix other people's toilet paper that is put on the "wrong" way. (must be paper hanging over the top)
- I don't like to be picked up, yet thrown around on a roller coaster is just fine. LOL
- I don't like to walk over the grates in the ground in cities OR the trap doors to basements.
- I dislike black olives, but all others are yummy!

So, yeah, we all have our "things". HA!