Oct 8, 2013

I Finally Had A Fat Sandwich

Guys... it happened.
A couple of weekends ago I finally was able to have a fat sandwich.  For those who don't live in Jersey, there is this phenomeon called the fat sandwiches which are housed in food trucks that reside down in Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

Well, we were in the area and we hunted down a truck.
I present to you my fat sandwich:
 photo 1267323_10100528285059524_1879469872_o_zps97fd5dae.jpg
Get in my belly

That baby is jam packed with french fries, mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers smothered with marinara sauce.

It was super yum.
 photo 1276672_10100528284929784_452597494_o_zpsc7ef6585.jpg
Excuse my face as I stuff a giant sandwich in my mouth (that's what she said)

They have so many different combinations it's ridic.  But thank you to RU Hungry food truck, I can say I had a fat sandwich.
 photo 1268466_10100528285144354_682192550_o_zps6e59a1e1.jpg

Then of course since sissy and I were together, WE MUST take selfies and have some fun in the car ride home while hubby patiently deals with us for 45 minutes.  He loves it. He loves us. He's stuck with us. Ha!
 photo 1265118_10100528289954714_104896266_o_zps415143a3.jpg
love sissy

 photo 52019_10100528288332964_2003109536_o_zps857b118b.jpg

 photo 1273181_10100528290927764_110415025_o_zps946d6080.jpg
Sissy taking pics with the hubs.... and me photobombing.

Just another day in my life.... all while giggling. 


Indiraa said...

They're delicious. And horrible, but oh so delicious. I haven't had one in years. The Fat Mojo was always my favorite though, which is what you got but with honey mustard instead of marinara sauce. :D

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

I had a few bites of one a few years ago when friends from all over NJ all met up in New Brunswick for a night at the Laugh Factory. it's like having 3 meals at once, in every bite. fries, chicken fingers, burger, whatever you want... if it's on the menu it can go in a sammich!

The Peanut Program said...

i never had a fat sandwich from RU!!! i really should try that. urs sounded great!

Mary Long said...

I have seen these sandwiches on Man vs. Food but never had one. I would file it under a YOLO food.
The picture of you photo bombing is hysterical. Your husband is a good man :0)

Ashley said...

That looked like a fun trip! While I was in Jersey, my friends took me to what they called the Grease Trucks near a college. Maybe it's the same place? I'm not sure but it was like midnight and I refused to eat a burger that late, but the bite I had was amazing!

Jen said...

Oh that sandwich!!! YUM!!!!!

lil desiqua said...

I had my first fat sandwich experience last year, but couldn't eat it! It was just too big-- I did have a few bites from my bf's though- and I will agree it was delicious!