Oct 15, 2013

Breaking and Entering, Pumpkin Pies, Pina Coladas and Shenanigans All In One Weekend

Long title huh?
I know, but I had to somehow squeeze all that in there so you can understand how random this weekend was.

Let's start off with Saturday night going out to celebrate our friends birthday.  Sis-in-crime and I were together which means we took about a gazillion pictures that look like this:

 photo meandalexasurprisedface_zpsfddc79a0.jpg

Needless to say we had a great time Saturday night.  But Sunday is when shit got real.  I decided to make my first pumpkin pie of the season from scratch, besides the dough.  You may have seen the tweets and instagrams of the process.  Sis-in-crime DEFINETLY saw them and hauled ass over to my place so she can get a piece of goodness.

 photo pumpkinpie_zps7f9aaca1.jpg

Since she was coming over, she decided to bring over some rum.  Pumpkin pie for rum.... #winning.
So I decided to start making some pina coladas...

 photo pinacoladasunday_zps521e5021.jpg

We then decided to deem it #pinacoladasunday.  We created a new hash tag and are dam proud of it.  This may be a weekly occurence so feel free to join in on the fun.

Then we knew that our friend had ice cream cake from his birthday Saturday.  We also knew that he went away on Sunday to Mexico on a business trip.  Hence where this bitstrip started....

 photo bitstrip_zpsf20891e4.jpg

Side note: Have you all installed the app called "Bitstrips"???? If not, I will wait for you to go download it now.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.  It is hilarious and we had such fun with it which it is now addicitng.  Hey, at least I warned you.

Anywho, the best part of this stealing ice cream cake is that I have my friends spare key to his apt, since he lives in the same apt building as us.  #WINNING.  We grabbed the keys and dog and went running to "break" into his apt and take pictures INSIDE his apt to then post on FB later and tag him in the photos.  Because that's what friends do.  Evidence:

 photo alexacakekeys_zpsbc9e8294.jpg

 photo mecakekeys_zpsd4e82414.jpg

Even Sadie was part of the stealing.

 photo sadecakes_zpsa63fe4fe.jpg

That cake sure did hit the spot Sunday night.

Oh, and to top it off this morning I was sitting down eating my waffles before leaving for work watching the news.  All of a sudden I see this come up:

 photo alexafamous_zps50d4d2e1.jpg

THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE, THAT IS SIS-IN-CRIME!!!  A few weeks back she told me about a segment she recorded but I totally forgot about it.  I see her on TV and am like "holy shit that's sis-in-crime!!!!"  I immediately text her and tell her she is on TV and she had no clue.  The news station never called her to tell her when the segment was going to air.  Luckily I was watching the news and was able to tell her!!!!

My sis-in-crime is famous.  Try to one up that!


The Peanut Program said...

ok this weekend is all sorts of awesome. i love that she brought you rum in exchange for the pie. and pinacolada's sound great right about now!! (even though its 8:50 in the morning!)

so hysterical you actually went to your friends apt to eat that cake !

and how EXCITING for her to be ON TELEVISION!!!!

Ashley said...

I wish my weekends were as exciting as yours! PS your pie looks amazing!

lil desiqua said...

That is so awesome that you broke into his apartment. I can't even imagine actually going through with it!

Also, you should probably try a pumpkin pie martini. Seriously, it's one of the best drinks I've ever had!

Mary Long said...

I wish someone would visit me and bring rum!
Sounds like a fun weekend. The pie looks delish!

Kathryn said...

If I remember the pictures, you roasted the pumpkin yourself for the pie right? That's hard core. My homemade pumpkin pie would involve the pumpkin in a can.

Jen said...

Bahaha I love that you stole the ice cream cake. Priceless. :)

ME! said...

I just love that this post was about pumpkin pie, booze and stolen ice cream cake and then she's featured in some "health & wellness" bit on the news. LOL PRICELESS!!!!!

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