Sep 18, 2013

So Over It - #BloggerProbs

These are a few things I have seen over the past couple of months in good ole blog land.

Group Giveaways
Just stop with these.  I have seen way too many bloggers complain about not receiving all the gifts and the hell it is to track down each person.  Not worth it. Trust me. Even if you host it and have nothing to do with the specific people who are part of the giveaway, you will still look bad in the end because you hosted.  I have had "got lost in the mail", "so sorry I will do it soon it's been crazy busy", "I emailed egift card already and it says you got it", etc.  Get my drift.

Big Time Blogger Turn Into Sponsoring/Review Robots
We have all had that one "big time" blogger who we loved because they wrote funny and awesome blog posts. Then BAM, every other post is a sponsored post.  It starts to seem that the Blogger LOVES everything... from a type of shirt to a wreath from an etsy shop.  You are not fooling us big time bloggers, we know you don't REALLY like all that stuff.

Bloggers who buy EVERYTHING
Unless I happen to be following a lot of super rich blog followers, how in the hell do some of you have money to buy every single monthly subscription along with designer clothes, necklaces, etc.  Seriously, if you have found some money pit that continually gives out money, let me know.  I can use some of that to pay off some bills.

Bloggers who Love Starting Twitter Drama
We ALL know who these bloggers are.  They seem to always put up controversial/mean/rude/stupid tweets and then personally attack other tweeters.  Then it blows up to followers attacking every one who happens to reply.  The start of the twitter war where some of us partake in, and some just grab the popcorn while laughing at how grown adults become the high school "mean" girls.  Classy I tell you.

Bloggers Who Fluff Up Their Life
The beauty of blogging is being able to meet other awesome bloggers.  We all say we are true to our blogs and honest.  But let's face it, if all of your blog posts are about how awesome your  marriage is, how awesome your child/children are, how awesome your job is.... we know you are lying.  Life is never great.  Life has it's up AND downs.  If you claim to be "real" on your blog, then let me see a post where you hate your husband for not putting the toilet seat down and telling us how your problem child ate crayons for the 13th time.  It's OK.  We read to know about your life and how you handle it...that includes the bad times.  And I will say, when I post about things not going so great, the support and motivation I get from comments is beyond awesome.  So, let your hair down and truly be you.

Any other type of #BloggerProbs you face???  Let me know, let's just get it out there!


KT said...

I heart you. Like for real. I can't tell you how many blogs i've read and thought at least one of the above points. Giveaways are cool...if you're organized and know what the hell you're doing. Most people don't! Oh and the people who seem to have endless supplies of cash are probably stupidly drowning in debt. No thanks! Here's to keeping it real :)

Ashley said...

I guess I'm lucky... I unfollowed most of the bloggers who did these things several months back. I check their blogs sometimes but only once every few weeks. No need to clutter my feed.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! There is a big blogger in particular that I still follow but I just skim at this point. Everything is sponsored or "I LOVE..." and I swear the money that gets thrown around on the clothes and jewelry and decor is insane. Seriously, throw me in the money pit and never come find me.

Britt said...

OMG I read one blog of a person who literally gets every type of "box" subscription you could ever think of! Birchbox, the pet one,'s INSANE. I have no idea how they afford it.

I'm guilty of #1 but this is the first time I'm doing it and hosting. I haven't heard a lot of horror stories, plus I support doing something where you don't have to follow 8 trillion people on every form of social media just to MAYBE win something. So, here's hoping it goes well and gives group giveaways a better name!

Julann said...

Just finished reading through my daily blogs and was wondering the same thing... everyone is SOOO in love, has a love story or a product to share!


Anonymous said...

BEST POST EVER!!!! I also wonder where bloggers get the money to buy every. single. thing. they. see.

You just made my day.

P.J. said...

I can totally see your point in regard to group giveaways. While I love giveaways, I won something (still shocked) and didn't get everything. I got the most important things, which rocked, but one of the "ads" on a blog never appeared. I didn't lose sleep over it, but could see where people would get upset.

It seems like if you are doing a group giveaway that everything should be lined up -- especially the physical things -- so they can be mailed out by one person. If it's coming from several people, something is bound to go wrong!

As for some of the other things, I'm glad I haven't seen them (twitter stuff etc.)

But the fluff, I am so with you. It's amazing how perfect everything is. Though I try and remain positive and upbeat on my blog, being it's a personal blog, I do keep it real. I'm not afraid to talk about my unemployment status and my mental state with things. It's real life. Just because I blog doesn't mean I can hide reality.

Excellent post. Well done!

Dollface said...

YES! Bloggers who fluff their life, haha

Mary Long said...

My thoughts exactly! I have a few blogs I have followed for a while that are now suddenly all about sponsored reviews and giveaways. I think it's ok in moderation and I get that they are making extra cash by doing it...Good for them! But it takes away from the human element of blogging in my opinion if it's all "I love this" "go buy that"...PS I don't care what you ate on Wednesday.
Open, skim, move on...

Kathryn said...

Yes, agreed 100%!

Jen said...

YES to every single one of these. This post just proves to me that you are even more awesome than I thought.

The Peanut Program said...

Heck freaking YES TO ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow. Do I feel out of the blogging loop. Not only do I have no idea who said bloggers are, but I also can't believe that the concept has changed so drastically in the time that I've been gone. I think that sometimes people have a hard time transitioning from fun to business and that's probably where things get lost in translation, but it's still not cool.

Well, I feel honored that you read my blog!