Sep 3, 2013

Labor Day at the Pet Hospital is Always Fun! NOT

I sure do hope you all had a great labor day weekend.  Our weekend started off with my mom and dad getting a new car!

 photo momdadnewcar_zps9f3092ac.jpg

Then on Sunday we headed to my best friend's house in PA for some relaxation.  It was great relaxation until Sunday night when Sadie decided to sneak into their basement and mess around with some rat poison.  We were not sure if she ate some pellets or not, but I induced vomiting within the hour.  The next morning I called Banfield hospital that was close to where we were staying at and told them the situation.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the meds needed in stock.  So we packed up and headed home so I can go to our Banfield hospital where I called before to make sure they had the medicine.  We got to the hospital and considering we weren't 100% sure if she ate some or not, the doc said it would be best to start her on the treatment because if left untreated, she can get really sick and die. Truth. So, Sadie now has to take a Vitamin K pill twice a day for 4 weeks and then a test at the end to make sure her blood is clotting as it is suppose to.  I was scared shitless ESPECIALLY after googling what can go wrong when dogs eat rat poison.  It is not pleasant.  If you have a dog, don't ever buy that stuff because you simply don't know.  And when away, make sure you are aware of surroundings and what people may have in their house.  We should have checked to make sure there was no way for her to get to basement, but she snuck by when the gate wasn't up and door was open.  Luckily, we took the precautions needed.  Here's hoping Sadie doesn't have any side effects and handles the Vitamin K regimen well.  I am just glad to say that she is going to be OK.  I was worried about the meds if she hadn't eaten the pellets but the doctor said it wouldn't hurt her either way, so we went with the regimen to be safe.  She is currently knocked out next to me on the couch and I am pretty sure she didn't eat those dam pellets, but I will not gamble with her life because as you all know, she is my daughter and I will do everything for her to be safe.

Clearly Sadie is feeling perfectly fine.

 photo sadiesleep_zps58134bde.jpg

So while driving home, the hubs told me about the news of the casting of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.  HELLO Mr. Christian Grey!

At first, I didn't recognize who it was because I know this hotty from Sons of Anarchy show where he looks like this:

He is super duper hot in that show.  Now I really can't wait to see this movie with him.

I hope your Labor Day weekend was a bit better than ours!

And it is also the "unofficial" first day of Fall which means hello to hot cocoa with marshmallows and football! 


Ashley said...

Awwww! Poor Sadie! I hope she didn't get into those pellets either.

The guy I'm dating had a scare with his dog. Luckily, the rats really did eat the whole block and Bruno didn't get into it. It was a case of someone left the door open to the garage. He only uses sticky traps now.

Julann said...

Poor little Sadie! I hope she feels better.

Ashley said...

I hope Sadie is doing well. That's quite a scare.

Jen said...

Poor Sadie, I'm so glad she is ok though!

Oh and yay for Charlie Hunnam!!!! :)

Arina said...

That is so scary! I hope that Sadie is okay and the Vitamin K treatments work well for her.

Arina said...
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Arina said...
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Arina said...
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