Sep 13, 2013

Crazy Weekend Up Ahead

Hey you bloggy peeps!

Let me just tell you that it is 4:57pm here which means we are getting pretty darn close to 5:30 which means I am out of work and off to enjoy a packed weekend.

I believe hubs and I are going to see a movie tonight but I do have a couple of errands to do before.
Tomorrow I am hitting the gym in the morning to a cycling class because the instructor who is fun will be subbing it tomorrow.  Since I am now working, I don't get to take his class anymore but tomorrow should be a good workout.  Plus, I have slacked off and need to get back into the groove of things.

Then I have a million other errands to run since next weekend I won't be home because I will be at a bachelorette party for the bestie!! WOOP WOOP.

Then Sunday, hubs and I are heading with my parents to CT to visit family.

Told you it was super crazy.

But I want to first talk about something that I really contemplated on letting you guys know.  This HURTS me to say, but I found a chin hair a few months back. That's right, a CHIN hair.  I almost flipped a shit because what 30 year old get s a chin hair?!?!?  ME, THAT'S WHO.    Today, that chin hair decided to make another appearance.  I plucked that thing out and said some pretty mean words to it.  I don't want it to come back, but I have a feeling it will.  I texted my bestie Raff and told her.

Her response: "told you 30 everything gets worse"

BUT I DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE IT RAFF!  But she is totally right.  Damn it I hate it when she's right.

So, anyone know of a secret potion that will rid me of this chin hair forever and ever?????


Kristie W. said...

If you find the secret to getting rid of chin hairs, please share! Have a good weekend!

Julie said...

I'm going to be 32 and have yet to get a chin hair...but then the hair on my face is blonde so there may be one there somewhere ;) Have a great busy weekend!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

So jealous you are in CT. Oh... and I have a teeny tiny chin hair. That is gross. And I pluck it every 3 weeks.

Jen said...

Oh I found a chin hair too!!!!! What the hell?!?! Haha.

Dollface said...

Awe. Dont worry! Pull it and move on :)

Laura Darling said...

Hope you had a great weekend! Without any chin hairs!