Aug 9, 2013

Wine and Chocolate Always Wins

First of all, it's Friday which I am excited for because it means we are leaving tonight and headed to PA for the weekend.  Woop Woop.

I made it to work even earlier today so I can leave earlier for summer Fridays.  How I was able to do that today is beyond me since last night I was at wine night with my two friends Shawn and Justyna.  As I get closer to that 30th birthday (about a week and half away!), I realize that my tolerance for wine has diminished.  Cue sad face.

I think I may have had two glasses of wine yesterday and it did me in.  I just swallowed two Motrin with some Powerade and I even bought breakfast this morning.  Nothing like good greasy bacon and eggs to help soothe this headache I have.  Soon it will be chased down with some coffee so I can wake up and NOT be a zombie at work.

Best part of last night is just hanging out and laughing so much.  And because my friends are super awesome, they brought chocolate cupcakes and a candle and surprised me and even sang the full verse of Happy Birthday to me.  Made me feel like a million bucks!  Love those two so much and can't wait till our next wine night.

But yeah, me and lots of wine just makes me have a super crappy annoying headache.  Here's to hoping it goes away soon.

We are off this weekend to a water park and then a wing festival on Sunday.  I am so excited to try all different types of buffalo wings.  Stay tuned for the shenanigans that will occur this weekend!


Ashley said...

Yum! I wing festival sounds amazing!

Jamie Hirujo said...

Have fun. That wing festival sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

For some weird reason my Friday has been happy, at work no less. Have a great weekend away!

Jen said...

Have soooo much fun! :)