Aug 27, 2013

Drinking my 30s away and the Pictures Prove It! No Shame Here!

The 30th birthday party where I was drinking enough to forget that I was even in my 30s.

Oh please, I damn well knew I was in  my 30s but hell I did not let that stop me. Clearly.

First let's relish in the fact that I got rid of the crap blonde, brown, ombre look I had with my hair after not retouching it for months.  Instead, I welcome this new hair do which is actually pretty close to my natural hair color which people haven't seen for a VERY long time.
 photo menewlook_zps6eaca777.jpg

Then I finally jumped on the blogger bandwagon and tried Angry Orchard beer.  Holy freaking moly was it good!  We also have about 3 bottles left and I want to crack it open, but then I want to save it.... for when??? I have no effin clue.
 photo angryorchard_zps3e158409.jpg

Then sis-in-crime brought over this baby and started making me a cocktail that was DELISH.  Hello ginger come into my tummy.
 photo gingerliqour_zpsa7bc05f5.jpg

Me and sissy are just plain awesome.  Enough said.  And yes, you should be jealous of us.
 photo meandsissy_zps2a198a18.jpg

Sis-in-crime and I... also the girl who brought me that ginger alcohol.  I love her like a fat kid loves cake.
 photo meandsisincrime_zpsa867d93b.jpg

 photo meHELLO_zps9c3800e5.jpg

Best. Cake. Ever.  Dominican cake was up in my house and you have no idea that I can actually probably sit there and eat the 1 pound cake by myself if you really let me.  And shut your mouth about calories and that's a fatty thing to do... you know who you are.  Shut it. It's a freaking joke. Calm your ass down.
 photo 66775_10100508421351554_1289046575_n_zpsf4448b65.jpg

I'm 30!!!!!!
 photo yay_zpsb86257d0.jpg

Making a wish before I blow out my candles.
 photo candlescake_zps184274ac.jpg

BOOZY mini red velvet cupcakes from All Kinds of Whoopie.  HOLY FREAKING GOODNESS IN MY MOUTH.  And they have booze in them which is a super plus!
 photo miniboozy_zps9802cee4.jpg

My brother and sister from another mother. LOVE THESE TWO TO DEATH. They get me, they always do and they never judge me.
 photo besties_zps852572a2.jpg

I'm so loved. My friends and family are awesome.
 photo kisses30_zpsee8e21ec.jpg

To all those who came to the party to celebrate such a momentous and joyous occasion, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  I love you guys so much and you all truly made my night special.  You showed up and showed me that I can always count on you.  I am so grateful to have friends and family like you in my life.

And on ANOTHER note, I was drunk and woke up with no hangover the next day!!! How you ask?  Well, I chugged about 3 bottles of gatorade and 3 glasses of water right before I went to bed.  I also did get up about 5 times to pee but it was totally worth it to feel like a human the next morning.

Kenya = 1; 30th Birthday = 0.



Nikki said...

LOVE the hair color!

Jamie Hirujo said...

LOVE the new color on you!

Jen said...

I love these pictures, and you look gorgeous my friend!

Mary Long said...

I love the hair and your makeup was perfection! Love the shadow! Beautiful :0)

Julie said...

Cute hair and great pics :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, once again. I'm joining the 30 club in January. I'm scurred!

Monica said...

Looks like a great time and your hair is so pretty!!

Monica said...

Looks like a great time and your hair is so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya, you look absolutely gorgeous in that first picture! I'm glad you had an awesome birthday. I'm so excited for 30 myself. Another year to go :)

Shanny said...

Your hair looks FAB!
And happy belated 30th birthday ;)