Aug 15, 2013

Birthday Wish List

I will be turning 30 very soon.  I am relishing in the fact that I have 5 days left to walk around and say I am still in my 20s.  But seriously, I am not freaking out about turning 30 even though it may seem like I am.  I feel like people tend to make you freak out, but I am just so blessed that He has given me a wonderful year and is granting me with another year to live my life to the fullest.

As we get older though, the whole getting presents to unwrap on your birthday is gone.  At least for me.  As an adult you don't really get showered with birthday presents like you did when you were kid.  But I was thinking if my 30th birthday was treated like my 5th birthday, I would have a birthday wish list.  As a kid growing up, I didn't get everything I always wanted because my parents worked their ass off for us and there was no extra money to spend on extravagant or multiple gifts.  We would get one gift. That was it.  None of this "let me give my kid 10 birthday presents" crap.  Sorry, but most of the time, you are teaching your kid to like and demand materialistic things, I FEEL.  It may be different for you. Totally understandable. Anyways, since I am comparing my 30th to my 5th, because you know normal people always do that, I figured I would come up with a birthday wish list, the adult version.

30th Adult Birthday Wish List

  • The Rock.  As in the celebrity who is so freaking hot that I would probably faint if I ever saw him up close.  I want someone to pay him a gazillion dollars so he can show up at my birthday party and give me a birthday hug.... and a kiss... and anything else he would like to share with me.  ;)  A tweet from him would be great also.  So, if you really love me, you should tweet him and tell him to wish me a Happy Birthday on August 20th because I am his biggest fan and he would definitely make my 30th memorable!  And if you are reading this Rock, OMG I love you and think you are so freaking awesome. 
  • A piano.  I am a piano player and always will be.  My piano is at my moms house since we live in an apt and can't have it with me.  But these past few months, I have been wanting to sit down and play my heart out.  It's probably the only way you will ever see me show PURE emotion. I put my all when I play piano.  It's my world and no one else sees me.  Clearly a piano wouldn't be doable in our apt, but a full size keyboard would.  Why on earth do they have to be so damn expensive is beyond me.  Feel free to donate some money to me if you'd like. 
  • A Christian Dior bag.  I have always wanted one but I can not justify paying over $1,000 for a bag.  That's just crazy.  But doesn't change the fact that I want one. I have told myself I will own one before I die. 
  • A boat.  This is for the hubs.  I know, why on earth am I putting something on my wish list for him.  Well because he always wanted a boat and if I can get one, I want to give it to him.  He deserves it. Especially since he has been so patient with me. 
  • A whole new wardrobe that comes along with a stylist who will force me to go to the store and actually shop for things that look good on my body.  That would be so divine. 
I don't think I am asking for much, right?  Well, I can always re-use my 5th birthday wish list, then I may just have myself a big wheel that I can ride down our block.  That would be fun too. Someone buy me a big wheel. 


Britt said...

Woot Woot! Dirty 30!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Hahaha this is awesome! Love it!

Mary Long said...

What color Big Wheel would you like? LOL

Jen said...

I love your birthday list but let me say that you certainly DO NOT look like you are about to turn 30!