Aug 21, 2013

30s Have Nothing on Me!

Good morning and most of all happy HUUUUMMMMPPP day!

I am so tired from such a great day yesterday that I can't wait to drink my coffee this morning to perk up a bit.  But today I am here to tell you that the 30s have nothing on me.  I never felt better than on my 30th birthday yesterday.  I am sure that had to do with all the love my friends and family showed me yesterday but it was truly such a great experience and thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

It started off that morning at work when I walked to my desk and saw this:
 photo IMG_20130820_083742_zps0e57e930.jpg

My team members were so awesome! Considering I have been here for a short time, it was SO sweet of them to show me some birthday love.  I wasn't expecting it at all even though I knew they do this for other people.  I felt like a team member yesterday and was nice to share a milestone birthday with them yesterday.

 photo IMG_20130820_083752_zpsefcb5a14.jpg

 photo IMG_20130820_085324_zpsffa841f4.jpg

And seems that when you turn 30, a walker is appropriate! Love it.

Then I get a call that I have a package waiting at the lobby for me.  First of all, it took me about 5 minutes to FIND the lobby.  I got lost in the building.  I still can't get over how big this place is.  When I finally found the lobby, this was waiting for me:

 photo IMG_20130820_134413_zps0230008c.jpg

The husband sent these to me at work.  It was HUGE!!!!  I couldn't believe it and loved it.

Then when I got home, the hubs had another surprise for me:

 photo IMG_20130820_202127_zps05fa4d95.jpg

Tiramisu cake!!!!!  Now, we do food shopping at Stop n Shop here.  One day, I decided to try their tiramisu which they sold by individual pieces and fell in love.  Their bakery makes the best one I have tasted yet.  Well, the hubs was able to get a WHOLE cake!!!!!  Cue the freaking excitement. We had my parents and sister over with the kids to share in some birthday cake goodness.

Then I was finally able to clean up a bit and assemble my keyboard!!!!
 photo IMG_20130820_213522_zpsf7889cc0.jpg

I was up late playing so today I am EXHAUSTED.  But at least my morning commute was super clear!
 photo IMG_20130821_081153_zps7bd4aa3e.jpg

Happy Hump Day!


Ashley said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday! Your surprises were so sweet.

Jen said...

I love everything about this post! :) So glad you had a wonderful birthday.