Aug 27, 2013

Drinking my 30s away and the Pictures Prove It! No Shame Here!

The 30th birthday party where I was drinking enough to forget that I was even in my 30s.

Oh please, I damn well knew I was in  my 30s but hell I did not let that stop me. Clearly.

First let's relish in the fact that I got rid of the crap blonde, brown, ombre look I had with my hair after not retouching it for months.  Instead, I welcome this new hair do which is actually pretty close to my natural hair color which people haven't seen for a VERY long time.
 photo menewlook_zps6eaca777.jpg

Then I finally jumped on the blogger bandwagon and tried Angry Orchard beer.  Holy freaking moly was it good!  We also have about 3 bottles left and I want to crack it open, but then I want to save it.... for when??? I have no effin clue.
 photo angryorchard_zps3e158409.jpg

Then sis-in-crime brought over this baby and started making me a cocktail that was DELISH.  Hello ginger come into my tummy.
 photo gingerliqour_zpsa7bc05f5.jpg

Me and sissy are just plain awesome.  Enough said.  And yes, you should be jealous of us.
 photo meandsissy_zps2a198a18.jpg

Sis-in-crime and I... also the girl who brought me that ginger alcohol.  I love her like a fat kid loves cake.
 photo meandsisincrime_zpsa867d93b.jpg

 photo meHELLO_zps9c3800e5.jpg

Best. Cake. Ever.  Dominican cake was up in my house and you have no idea that I can actually probably sit there and eat the 1 pound cake by myself if you really let me.  And shut your mouth about calories and that's a fatty thing to do... you know who you are.  Shut it. It's a freaking joke. Calm your ass down.
 photo 66775_10100508421351554_1289046575_n_zpsf4448b65.jpg

I'm 30!!!!!!
 photo yay_zpsb86257d0.jpg

Making a wish before I blow out my candles.
 photo candlescake_zps184274ac.jpg

BOOZY mini red velvet cupcakes from All Kinds of Whoopie.  HOLY FREAKING GOODNESS IN MY MOUTH.  And they have booze in them which is a super plus!
 photo miniboozy_zps9802cee4.jpg

My brother and sister from another mother. LOVE THESE TWO TO DEATH. They get me, they always do and they never judge me.
 photo besties_zps852572a2.jpg

I'm so loved. My friends and family are awesome.
 photo kisses30_zpsee8e21ec.jpg

To all those who came to the party to celebrate such a momentous and joyous occasion, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  I love you guys so much and you all truly made my night special.  You showed up and showed me that I can always count on you.  I am so grateful to have friends and family like you in my life.

And on ANOTHER note, I was drunk and woke up with no hangover the next day!!! How you ask?  Well, I chugged about 3 bottles of gatorade and 3 glasses of water right before I went to bed.  I also did get up about 5 times to pee but it was totally worth it to feel like a human the next morning.

Kenya = 1; 30th Birthday = 0.


Aug 26, 2013

Oh Hello There Monday

It's Monday today!!! Woooooo.  I know that some of you may not be happy but I am because it means I have to get up early, dressed and off to work which means I am so grateful to have a job.  When you're unemployed for 6 months, you learn to appreciate Monday mornings a bit more.

As some of you know from my twitter and Instagram, I had my 30th birthday party this weekend.  Let's just say I had to end up getting somewhat drunk so I wasn't a total bitch to my friends since you know, most of them showed up about an hour and half after the start time.  Um, my biggest pet peeve... BE ON TIME.  If you call me and let me know you're late, then you're good.  But nothing drives me more crazy than lateness.  This is no secret about me either. So, how do you fix that so you can still enjoy your 30th birthday party that you slaved over all effing day to try to make perfect?????  You crack open a bottle of wine by yourself and start drinking by yourself.

Needless to say, by the end of the night I was drunk and happy.  Liquor = best medicine.  I have a shit ton of pictures to share with you in tomorrow's blog post.  The thought of going in there and editing the pictures for the blog was so scary to me yesterday that I was like, it can wait.  I spent the whole day yesterday RELAXED and not doing anything which was glorious considering I was on the go all day Saturday.

Oh, and never again will I throw a party.  Eff that... "ain't nobody got time for dat."

Aug 22, 2013

On the Whole Forbes and GOMI Thing

Here are my thoughts about the "outrage" that I see in my dam twitter feed about this Forbes and GOMI crap.

  • We are bloggers.  We put our lives out there for everyone to see.  If you can't handle the negative feedback that WILL come to you at some point, then don't blog. Simple.  It's no secret that this will happen. 
  • Who cares that Forbes decided to put GOMI as one of the best websites for women in top 100.  If you are going to sit there and say that you don't pay mind to it, then shut it.  Stop pretending to not care when you do, which is perfectly fine as well. But don't be a hypocrite. 
  • Yes, I agree that people say some mean stuff on GOMI and sometimes it can get out of control.  But that also happens in comments.  
  • You have to  have THICK SKIN to be a blogger.  The minute you let the negative break you down, step away and re-group then decide what YOU want for YOUR life and sanity. 
  • On our blogs, we say what we want to say.  It is our OPINION.  When you voice your opinion you are sometime also "bullying" other people without really knowing it.  So who are we to classify someone else website?  No one, that's who we are, we are no one. We are just bloggers who blog about what WE THINK is perfect for this world.  
  • If you don't like it, stop giving it more attention then. SIMPLE. You in turn are just creating more awareness of the site.  Stop it. Go back to blogging about reviews and life. Do what YOU do best. 
  • When you say shit on twitter and bash other bloggers about things you may not agree with, it's THE SAME EXACT SAME THING AS POSTING ON GOMI. We have all done it once.... it's OK, we are only human with a brain that sometimes doesn't function to be best of it's ability. 
  • If you aspire to be a big time blogger and leader in this blogging world, then you need to learn how to use your status to encourage other bloggers, not make them afraid of what we all love as blogging society. 
  • Get over yourself.  The people at Forbes are making the big bucks and I am sure they did research and knew the implications of listing GOMI. But don't go bashing their decision when you ARE NOT INVOLVED AT ALL and don't even know the background to how this article came about.  Remember, you think you MAY know, but you know nothing at all unless YOU ARE THE PERSON who is DIRECTLY involved. 
So when do you all think twitter and blog land will resume to the normal because quite frankly, it's sickening to see this crap! 


Aug 21, 2013

30s Have Nothing on Me!

Good morning and most of all happy HUUUUMMMMPPP day!

I am so tired from such a great day yesterday that I can't wait to drink my coffee this morning to perk up a bit.  But today I am here to tell you that the 30s have nothing on me.  I never felt better than on my 30th birthday yesterday.  I am sure that had to do with all the love my friends and family showed me yesterday but it was truly such a great experience and thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

It started off that morning at work when I walked to my desk and saw this:
 photo IMG_20130820_083742_zps0e57e930.jpg

My team members were so awesome! Considering I have been here for a short time, it was SO sweet of them to show me some birthday love.  I wasn't expecting it at all even though I knew they do this for other people.  I felt like a team member yesterday and was nice to share a milestone birthday with them yesterday.

 photo IMG_20130820_083752_zpsefcb5a14.jpg

 photo IMG_20130820_085324_zpsffa841f4.jpg

And seems that when you turn 30, a walker is appropriate! Love it.

Then I get a call that I have a package waiting at the lobby for me.  First of all, it took me about 5 minutes to FIND the lobby.  I got lost in the building.  I still can't get over how big this place is.  When I finally found the lobby, this was waiting for me:

 photo IMG_20130820_134413_zps0230008c.jpg

The husband sent these to me at work.  It was HUGE!!!!  I couldn't believe it and loved it.

Then when I got home, the hubs had another surprise for me:

 photo IMG_20130820_202127_zps05fa4d95.jpg

Tiramisu cake!!!!!  Now, we do food shopping at Stop n Shop here.  One day, I decided to try their tiramisu which they sold by individual pieces and fell in love.  Their bakery makes the best one I have tasted yet.  Well, the hubs was able to get a WHOLE cake!!!!!  Cue the freaking excitement. We had my parents and sister over with the kids to share in some birthday cake goodness.

Then I was finally able to clean up a bit and assemble my keyboard!!!!
 photo IMG_20130820_213522_zpsf7889cc0.jpg

I was up late playing so today I am EXHAUSTED.  But at least my morning commute was super clear!
 photo IMG_20130821_081153_zps7bd4aa3e.jpg

Happy Hump Day!

Aug 20, 2013

It's my Flirty and Dirty 30th Birthday Today!

Today is the day that most people dread... the day I turn 30.

But I am not dreading it all.  I welcome it with open arms.

And to make my birthday even better, I posted my birthday wish list and another one of those items came true. The Rock tweeted me and I almost fainted at work.

 photo IMG_20130819_120647_zpse42c280c.jpg

I was freaking out for the rest of the day, because he tweeted ME!!! And gave me cyber hug, and called me honey, and winked at me. He knows how it goes. :)

Then this was my husband's response.

 photo IMG_20130820_070216_zps52044983.jpg

I love that man.

Happy Birthday to me!

Aug 19, 2013

Beer, Slip n Slide, Football and Birthday Wishes Coming True

How about this past weekend.  I don't know about you but we had fab weather and I sure did have a good time.

Saturday started off with celebrating my nephew's 5th birthday party which included a DIY slip n slide.  The kids AND the adults had a blast.  Nothing is better than drinking some beer while there are a whole bunch of kids running around and screaming, then making the sound decision to go down the 50ft slip n slide.  Let's just say that the next morning, my whole body was bruised and sore. But it was totally worth it.  And my nephew of course is the cutest, as always.

 photo birthdayboy_zpsf884c498.jpg

And remember when I talked about my birthday wish list, well one of those dam wishes came true!  No, The Rock didn't show up in my house even though he still has time to, but my wonderful husband surprised me by bringing me a to music store so I can pick out a keyboard.  This isn't your Casio let's play for fun keyboard, this a legit full size Yamaha keyboard that has weighted keys so it feels just like playing on a piano.  I was totally surprised and super excited.... of course after I asked about a gazillion time "are you sure babe?? Are you sure??"  He said I wanted to get you something that you have wanted for the last two years.  I can't wait till we set up and I can start playing!

 photo keyboard_zpsebb08d62.jpg

And to end this weekend off even better, NY Giants had a pre-season game.
Thank goodness football is back.

 photo giants_zpsf6ff29e6.jpg

How was your weekend?

Aug 15, 2013

Birthday Wish List

I will be turning 30 very soon.  I am relishing in the fact that I have 5 days left to walk around and say I am still in my 20s.  But seriously, I am not freaking out about turning 30 even though it may seem like I am.  I feel like people tend to make you freak out, but I am just so blessed that He has given me a wonderful year and is granting me with another year to live my life to the fullest.

As we get older though, the whole getting presents to unwrap on your birthday is gone.  At least for me.  As an adult you don't really get showered with birthday presents like you did when you were kid.  But I was thinking if my 30th birthday was treated like my 5th birthday, I would have a birthday wish list.  As a kid growing up, I didn't get everything I always wanted because my parents worked their ass off for us and there was no extra money to spend on extravagant or multiple gifts.  We would get one gift. That was it.  None of this "let me give my kid 10 birthday presents" crap.  Sorry, but most of the time, you are teaching your kid to like and demand materialistic things, I FEEL.  It may be different for you. Totally understandable. Anyways, since I am comparing my 30th to my 5th, because you know normal people always do that, I figured I would come up with a birthday wish list, the adult version.

30th Adult Birthday Wish List

  • The Rock.  As in the celebrity who is so freaking hot that I would probably faint if I ever saw him up close.  I want someone to pay him a gazillion dollars so he can show up at my birthday party and give me a birthday hug.... and a kiss... and anything else he would like to share with me.  ;)  A tweet from him would be great also.  So, if you really love me, you should tweet him and tell him to wish me a Happy Birthday on August 20th because I am his biggest fan and he would definitely make my 30th memorable!  And if you are reading this Rock, OMG I love you and think you are so freaking awesome. 
  • A piano.  I am a piano player and always will be.  My piano is at my moms house since we live in an apt and can't have it with me.  But these past few months, I have been wanting to sit down and play my heart out.  It's probably the only way you will ever see me show PURE emotion. I put my all when I play piano.  It's my world and no one else sees me.  Clearly a piano wouldn't be doable in our apt, but a full size keyboard would.  Why on earth do they have to be so damn expensive is beyond me.  Feel free to donate some money to me if you'd like. 
  • A Christian Dior bag.  I have always wanted one but I can not justify paying over $1,000 for a bag.  That's just crazy.  But doesn't change the fact that I want one. I have told myself I will own one before I die. 
  • A boat.  This is for the hubs.  I know, why on earth am I putting something on my wish list for him.  Well because he always wanted a boat and if I can get one, I want to give it to him.  He deserves it. Especially since he has been so patient with me. 
  • A whole new wardrobe that comes along with a stylist who will force me to go to the store and actually shop for things that look good on my body.  That would be so divine. 
I don't think I am asking for much, right?  Well, I can always re-use my 5th birthday wish list, then I may just have myself a big wheel that I can ride down our block.  That would be fun too. Someone buy me a big wheel. 

Aug 13, 2013

A Black Bear Came to Visit Us for Breakfast

On Friday we packed up the dog and headed to my best friend's house in PA.  Sadie decided the car ride would be a perfect place to take a nap

 photo sadiesleepingcar_zpsc4fd8316.jpg

Saturday we headed to the water park and boy did my feet hurt.  I had water shoes on but we did at least about 8 hours of walking up hills while dragging tubes with us.  Talk about a freaking workout.  But it was totally worth it.  We came back to the house and fired up the grill and ate some good grub along with some pina colada that yours truly whipped up!

 photo pinacolada_zps34927ce7.jpg

Those pina coladas were so freaking good that I have decided to make those my signature drink at my 30th birthday party, that I have yet to finalize ANY details for which is also next week.

after a long Saturday night we hit the sack.  The next morning as we all got up we just lounged on the sofa while chit chatting.  Finally we decided to get off our lazy bums to make breakfast and as my friend turned into the kitchen she started yelling "THERE IS A BLACK BEAR, THERE IS A BLACK BEAR!!!!!"

We all go running into the kitchen and as we look through sliding doors, this is what we see:

 photo bearone_zps6e94e3bf.jpg

OMG we couldn't believe our eyes!!!  This black bear cub was just walking around on deck sniffing plates and cups that were left out.  Our fault of course since we didn't properly clean up.  Now we know for next time.  We are use to seeing deer but never a bear, a black bear at that!

We then told the bear that the bacon and eggs we were making were NOT for him, so he gingerly climbed over the deck and dropped down to the floor and was gone!

 photo beartwoclimb_zps5ca460c7.jpg

After the coast was clear, we headed out to see if we can see where the bear went.  We didn't see him at all so he must have went into the woods hopefully to tell Mama Bear that we were good people and not to come back to the house to make us shit our pants.

After this whole fiasco of the black bear, we packed up and headed to the wing festival.  It was fantastic and we ate so many different flavor sauces for buffalo wings.  It was such a fun event and the heartburn I had after was totally worth it.  Can't wait to go back to it next year again.. Up next is the Garlic festival which we have gone to before.  I always get awesome garlic salt seasonings there that are sooooo yummy.

So, that was our weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours? Did you happen to see a black bear?

Aug 12, 2013

Sometimes It Is What It Is

Because today is Monday... let's get random.
  • We have to go food shopping today because I don't even have any meat in our freezer.  This is very rare.
  • We went to a wing festival yesterday and my tummy is paying for all the different types of sauce I shoved down my throat.  Blog post to come tomorrow for wing festival. 
  • Even though I slathered on SPF 50 on my face multiple times on Saturday, I still ended up getting sunburned on my face. Rosy cheeks and  nose for the win.  
  • Still don't have a desk at work.  They thought I did, but turned out it's not mine. Talk about embarrassing situation first thing on a Monday. So over it. 
  • It's a gloomy rainy day here in NJ and I kind of like it because it reminds me Fall is just around the corner!
  • Football is back. Enough said. 

Aug 9, 2013

Wine and Chocolate Always Wins

First of all, it's Friday which I am excited for because it means we are leaving tonight and headed to PA for the weekend.  Woop Woop.

I made it to work even earlier today so I can leave earlier for summer Fridays.  How I was able to do that today is beyond me since last night I was at wine night with my two friends Shawn and Justyna.  As I get closer to that 30th birthday (about a week and half away!), I realize that my tolerance for wine has diminished.  Cue sad face.

I think I may have had two glasses of wine yesterday and it did me in.  I just swallowed two Motrin with some Powerade and I even bought breakfast this morning.  Nothing like good greasy bacon and eggs to help soothe this headache I have.  Soon it will be chased down with some coffee so I can wake up and NOT be a zombie at work.

Best part of last night is just hanging out and laughing so much.  And because my friends are super awesome, they brought chocolate cupcakes and a candle and surprised me and even sang the full verse of Happy Birthday to me.  Made me feel like a million bucks!  Love those two so much and can't wait till our next wine night.

But yeah, me and lots of wine just makes me have a super crappy annoying headache.  Here's to hoping it goes away soon.

We are off this weekend to a water park and then a wing festival on Sunday.  I am so excited to try all different types of buffalo wings.  Stay tuned for the shenanigans that will occur this weekend!

Aug 6, 2013

"Those" People at Your Job

Since I am new at this job place I got to thinking that it seems that every place you ever work in has the "same" type of people.  How about we take a closer look:

The Gossip Queen
This person has such sensitive hearing she can hear Gossip three floors down.  She is the first one who jumps out of her seat and is spreading the news around to her gossiper friends.  She will always say she won't tell anyone, but don't fall for it.  While talking to you she has probably already secretly texted the info to another gossiper friend who is gathering everyone in the lunchroom to talk about the secret.

The Slacker
This jerk doesn't do shit and gets paid more to not do shit while you take of his shit and your own shit.  He comes in late and always happens to leave early.  He takes a gazillion vacations and is always too busy to help you with something.

The Chit Chatter
This person has told you the same story about his cat who passed away when he was five because the cat got in a fight with a raccoon.  He talks and talks and talks as if he isn't there to do a job because clearly we all have two hours to kill during the workday.

The Douche
The douche is just that.  The biggest turd ever who thinks he is Donald Trump.  Enough said.

The Old Timer
The guy who has been at the job for 37 years and refuses to use Microsoft Word to create a document.  He insists on using a typewriter and has no idea what Google is.

The Stalker
The guy who makes a plan every day to be at every corner you turn.  He has your schedule down pack that he knows when you are going to get coffee, take lunch and even take a bathroom break.  He is always conveniently in your path and just has to stop and say hi.

The Brown Noser
The one who makes the rest of us look bad because she knows everything and does everything perfect every time.  You just want to punch her in the face.

The Mister Inappropriate
The guy who stares at your boobs when you talk.  He also makes the most inappropriate jokes that are part of the sexual harassment policy but clearly he hasn't read it.

Would you like to add any more types?  Who do you hate the most?

Aug 5, 2013

A New Week

Here we are on a Monday again.  This Monday starts the 3rd week at the new job.  I like it so far.  I have a couple of projects which is nice.  Still a lot to learn.  But some things are frustrating such as...

  • Still not having a desk
  • Still not having a phone, since I have no desk
  • Still not having a computer, since one I am using now is a loaner laptop because I can't get a desktop since I have no desk to put it on. 
This isn't something you think you would encounter your third week at the new job.  The first week I sat at someone's desk who was on vacation.  Then the week after, today and tomorrow I have been in an office with 3 other freelancers.  But the department that uses this office has a new freelancer coming on Wednesday so I am getting kicked out.  My manager is on vacation so Wed - Thurs. I will be sitting at her desk.  After that, I have no idea if I will even have a desk let alone if anyone knows whats going on considering my manager is gone this whole week.  

It's beyond frustrating because I can't even store the loaner laptop I have anywhere along with my notebook and pen.  I have been stuffing it in the other freelancers cube for the time being because we are not allowed to leave it out in plain sight without a lock and I sure as hell ain't dragging this laptop home with me every day.  

What makes it worse is that all of the other new hires who started the same day I did, all have cubes already with computers, phones and even their name plaque on their desk. 

But here I am, work homeless being bounced around.  I am the weird girl that people keep seeing sitting in different spots.  I can't even make friends with my desk neighbors because I don't have any. LOL

But they say I have to be patient.  We will see what happens next Monday when I come in at 8:30 and have no where to sit.  That should be loads of fun.

Stay awake my blog friends and be grateful you have a work desk. 

PS. Thank you to all who have sent out tweets, comments and emails with words of support for my uncles passing.  I am so grateful for all of your prayers.  Today is the funeral but because I just started this new job I was unable to be there this morning my family.  We paid our last respects yesterday and it was tough but also nice at the same time to be with family I don't usually get to see.  So again, thank you for all of your prayers.  My family and I greatly appreciate it.  

To Alexa, Raff and Tyren... thank you once again for being there for me and my family yesterday. I am truly blessed that God put you in my path.  It was so comforting to see you there and to feel at ease.  It helped so much. I love you guys with all my heart.  So glad that from friends you became my family. Love you. 

Aug 1, 2013

A Sad Day

Today I sit at work wishing I was home.

I had a post written out in my head for today about the Food Truck Mash event we went to yesterday.  But then I received a phone call from my sister letting me know our uncle passed away.

My heart broke. My uncle loved music.  Everywhere he went he would have his guitar and singing voice ready.  He always lit up the room with his smile.

And now he is gone.  But I know he is in a better place, with his other brothers and sister who have passed on.  They are probably having such a great time now that the singer has arrived.  :)

While the rest of us here will miss him dearly and grieve for him, we will somehow figure out that it's OK.  We will make sure to remember that God has a plan for all of us.

If you are of the praying type, I would appreciate prayers for my family as we go through a difficult time.  It is going to be hard, but I know in the end, we will get through it.

R.I.P. Tio Gin.
Te quiero. Aseg├║rese de decirle al resto de la familia que yo digo hola. Canta para todo el mundo para que puedan disfrutar de los recuerdos. Descansa en paz y que Dios los bendiga.